This disaster scenario has been issued by the Supreme Commissioner of the EU for Foreign - and Security Policy Javier Solana and the EU Commissioner for External Relations,Benita Ferrero-Waldner: "In the very near future the West and Russia may  expect serious conflicts over energy resources in the Arctic , whereby  the EU may set NATO troops in over energy questions".

This emerges from a paper to be presented to the 27 heads of government at their summit in Brussels on March 13, 2008. "The rapid melting of the polar ice cap, in particular in the Arctic, leads to the arisal of new water ways and international trade routes. Access to enormous supplies of hydrocarbons in the Arctic will be easier, and this changes the geostrategic dynamics of the region" according to The Guardian.

And Solana and Benita continue their apocalyptic scaremongering: "Reduction of arable land, widespread shortage of water, diminishing food and fish stocks, increased flooding and prolonged droughts are already happening in many parts of the world," Solana and Ferrero-Waldner say"

And they go on:"Climate change will fuel existing conflicts over depleting resources."
Around one-fifth of the planet's population inhabits coastal zones which are threatened by rising sea levels and natural disasters. "An increase in disasters and humanitarian crises will lead to immense pressure on the resources of donor countries."

The report notes that major land mass changes are expected in the course of the century from receding coastlines, meaning countries will lose territory, while desertification could have a similar effect. Frustration and disenchantment breed ethnic and religious strife and political radicalisation.

Now, according to the EU's two senior foreign policy officials, Europe needs to brace itself for a new wave of migration with a very different cause - global warmingWithin a decade "there will be millions of environmental migrants, with climate change as one of the major drivers of this phenomenon," predict Javier Solana and Benita Ferrero-Waldner  

And where Solanas and Benita Ferrero Waldner´s imagination comes to an end, the Guardian continues:
The average European is currently aged 39 and Europeans, including Russians, make up some 11% of the world's population of 6.7 billion.

By the year of 2050 this figure will have shrunk to 7% ( as if this is an argument!!!) the average age being more than 47 years (Thanks to free abortion, wherewith the Mental Hygienics and politicians of the New World Order repayed Club of Rome´s Malthus-proposal for a reduction of the (white) population!! And the elder population will be twice as many as the children - an annihilation intended by the New World Order in its war on the white man.

North Pole ice 2005.
Disastrous reduction?
Can we do anything about it?

 The following comment was given:
"But the truth is, scientists on both sides of the global warming debate agree that the ice cap isn’t in “peril.” As Myron Ebell, director of global warming and international environmental policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute said, the Arctic is experiencing “natural cycles of warming and cooling.”

Environmental migrants may enlarge and rejuvenate its population according to the Guardian -like everywhere in the Islamic world!!!

Here is a NASA photo 2007 of the Antarctis. The violet zone is recent increase in the Antarctic ice cap.See this politically incorrect video.
Consequently, what has melted from the North Pole has been bound on the South Pole, this leaving sea level unaltered!!!

The EU prides itself on being a world leader on climate change.

Europe, the officials imply, needs to get its act together if there is to be any chance of managing the apocalyptic scenarios outlined.

And that´s the point:
1.The Mediterranean Union consisting of more and more European and Arab Countries under the sway of the New World Order. They are trying to tell us, that unless we allow them to unite mankind under a World government it is Apocalypse now.
2. Money for that Union
is needed : Because of the way the EU budget is organized there is no overall figure for spending on Mediterranean countries. But, for the period 2007-10, Algeria has been allocated €220 million, Egypt €558 million, Morocco €654 million, the Palestinian Authority €632 million, Syria €130 million, Tunisia €300 million and Israel - which counts as a developed country - €8 million.
Now it is suggested to take the money from the EU surplus. So, the very lucrative EU scheme for carbon emissions trading is being expanded to take in aviation for the first time. But plans to limit car emissions and switch to renewable energy are being hampered by objections from industries and some member states, which say they are being unfairly penalised.

Therefore the EU leaders are to be exposed to this bogey: In order to force the heads of government to accept the wider CO2 income, which they are trying to make believe will stop the melting!! unless the heads  are so irresponible that they will bring about  Apocalypse now, of course…  And the "heads" will probably believe it!! 

This horror scenario is a permanent feature of the New World Order. In 1973, the Club of Rome predicted mass deaths due to worldwide famine by the year of 2000 due to lacking resources for too many mouths !  Our only hope was a World Governance!

What they forget to telle us is that the real danger of a man-made apocalypse now lies in the  irresponsible EU Balkan policy against the interests of Russia.

And in the Middle East, where the EU is more and more pressurizing a nuclear power, Israel, and at the same time supports the forces who want to destroy this nuclear power.

Besides the EU wants to involve us in this insoluble conflict and its final nuclear Armageddon.

The dreaded radicalisation has already been triggered through the EU mass immigration.

Posts on reevaluation of  Nobel Prizewinners Al Gores and the IPCC´s  data and  the political and financial forces behind this fraud  are to follow on this blog.