“Speak Up Against Your Traitors , Europe”

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Logically, as a socialist Villy Søvndal, leader of the Danish Socialist People´s party has to stop the immigration madness - although so far he is only opposed to radical Islam - because it is a bomb under the welfare state, the capitalist model of communism. In 2005 a [1] Wellfare-commission appointed by the government concluded that stopping immigration from just the "heaviest" countries would spare Denmark at least 50 billion kroner annually by the year of 2040. Some experts think it is rater a matter of 100 billion. [2] In Sweden immigration costs 30% of the public budgets.
Today about [3] 620.000 Muslims live in Denmark, or 11% of the population, and the money spent on them is ever more missing for the old, children, schools, hospitals , roads, railways, decent wages for teachers, nurses, police officers etc. The commission calculated that an immigrant from cradle to grave cost the Danish society 2.5 million kroner - whereas a Dane cost 0.75 million kroner!!! Whereas 77% of Danes  had an occupation this was only the case for 46% of immigrants - the latter figure even being raised by Eastern Europeans.

Villy Søvndal has the courage to tell us that we were right and he was wrong, when during the first Muhammad Cartoon Crisis he criticized the Muhammad cartoonists. Now he tells us the cartoons were necessary, and that [4] he will arrange a giant demonstration this summer against radical Islam.

The Danish  [5] government welcomes the change. And the Minister for Occupation  spurs Søvndal to ally himself with the Danish People´s Party on this matter. And he is well advised to do so if he wants a giant demonstration.

Is even the government awakening? Or is it just trying to catch this new rebel in its snares of globalism- as they did with the Danish People´s Party? Since our present government came into power in 2001 the Muslim immigration is steadily increasing. And during the latest round of riots, where hundreds of dustbins, flats and cars were burnt by Muslim teenagers and their autonomer Danish henchmen - as well as during the permanent  wave of violence caused by them - the Prime Minister had no suggestions as for how to stop them. He just said:"Society is not to blame for this!" Well no, certainly not. He is to blame, because he has not contained and constrained islam - but goes on importing it!!!

When a snowball is thrown it sometimes starts an avalanche. Søvndal is our last chance to stop the islamisation-madness that has caught Europe and to save our values which we have so dearly and bitterly won over the last century. But unless the people rise now and pressurize the politicians - this is going to end up as a blow in the air in accordance with the wish of the masterminds of the New World Order.
Therefore:Join the upcoming giant demonstration in Denmark.

Demand all radical islam-supporters to be repatriated!

No! this suggestion does not come from me - but from the defected former Hizbut-Tahrir VIP [6] Maajid Nawaz.
My suggestion would be to expatriate any one who professes a radical  antidemocratic
book, be it the Koran or Mein Kampf.

[7] Pat Condell, the British comedian and playwright, has the most relieving words to say about our traitorous politicians, media and intellectuals that I have so far heard spoken. See this [8] video on PI. His message is: "Speak up against your traitors now, Europe".

It seems that not we - but the misguided "leading" - or rather led - gang of the EU´s multiculturalism are the crooks, after all!

Of course we, the ordinary people, always knew. But now it appears that there are more and more outstanding people who dare say it openly: Pat Condell and Villy Søvndal are 2 of them. Mogens Glistrup said it many years ago - and was jailed for it! The Danish People´s Party said it a long time ago, did little - did not even inform us about the [9] Euromediterranean Project/Union - and now has acquieced.

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