Our Dhimmi Politicians Cringe to Islam. But Leftists Are Awakening

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Unexpectedly, relief is coming from the Danish leftists: In Denmark the parliamentary leader of the Socialist People´s Party ( 18 % of voters now)  wants to arrange a demonstration with an [1] expected 100.000 protesters against radical Islam. And so does Dansk Folkeparti (12 % of votes)!!! May they succeed.

For the centre of European policy is a tragedy

 Chief-Dhimmis of NATO (Jaap de Hoop Scheffer) and the Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende are now [2] warning against Geert Wilders´ Islam-critical film.

Geert Wilders
The following Koran quotations are from [3] Islam tc.
So far only part 1 of Wilders´film has appeared. Part 2 apparently will follow soon - and Holland [5] is bracing itself for new Muslim riots at home and abroad  - as is the lot of self-inflicted [6] dhimmitude. It has even been investigated if it would be legal to forbid the film!

"Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; ..." (sura 2:216). "Lo! those who believe, and those who emigrate (to escape the persecution) and strive in the way of Allah, these have hope of Allah's mercy" (sura 2: 218).

Right: Survey of the provisional "Mediterranean Union".

The excellent German[7] blog PI writes as follows:
"You can forsee that the EU will exploit to the utmost any episode ensuing from Islamic intolerance in consequence of Wilders´ film, by reducing our basic freedoms. To begin with, probably only morally and by self-regulation (which the EU has already been practising for a long time). They will pillory Wilders  in public  - not the intolerant criminals and so the intolerance of Islam, which confirms the rejection of a human right as "justified", because the Islamic feeling of being offended makes up a morally higher value to the servile eurocrats  - and therefore is also presented this way in the propaganda"
"...slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free"  (sura 9:5)

This is a consquence of  living under the "Religion of Peace".
Copt [6] dhimmi in intensive care after Muslim attack i Egypt 2006. 

"There is a method i this madness: If you stigmatize Wilders as the villain and focus on him you have immediately achieved that nobody talks about the hatespeech of the Koran.  Just about the feelings of offended Muslims which in a discriminating manner is presented to us  by the "EU-concerned" persons - as morons who simply cannot react in any other way than immediately rioting, if events do not please them. A mean disparagement of Muslims altogether by those who always  present themselves as friends of the Muslims - and none the less flatten them this way.
Thus, the EU absolves beforehand the emotions of the most intolerant Muslims and uses these feelings as valid limitation of our freedom of expression." (Think of [8] Lionheart).
"We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they ascribe unto Allah partners, for which no warrant hath been revealed. Their habitation is the Fire, and hapless the abode of the wrong-doers" (sura 3:151). " And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah… " (sura 8:39)

"Agitating against Wilders and his film you can make a first class precedent. For encouraged by the EU intolerant Muslims can present themselves as "offended" to everybody, thus morally bringing about further limitation of our basic values."
"Freedom from obligation (is proclaimed) from Allah and His messenger toward those of the idolaters with whom ye made a treaty." (sura 9:1). This Taqija ("legal lie") was confirmed at the 4.Conf. Acad, Islam. Res. Cairo, 1970.

In Germany the confused Minister of the Interior, Schäuble, apparently still believes in "cultural enrichment" by the "Religion of Peace", Islam. That´s why - according to the Bild - he arranged a [9] conference with politically correct dhimmis and "moderate" Muslims. This led to a farce comparable to the propaganda meetings of Joseph Goebbels - totally incompatible with the everyday experiences of the German population.

Schäuble now feels pressurized by the growing resistance against the Islamic ideology, a resistance, which is arising from the left in Germany, too: From an [10] interview with Die Welt on March 8, 2008: Schäuble: "I see the danger that populism (now a nearly invalid magic formula!!) increases. It has  occasionally - also in the Federal Republic - appeared on the extreme right of the political spectrum - and now on the left… Mr. Lafontaine has very deliberately used the term "immigrant worker". And one hears that Mr. Lafontaine is considering to start a petition against the accession of Turkey to the EU. It is quite obvious that part of the rightist electorate for the time being is being absorbed by the Left-Party."

"Actually a coalition does exist of our politicians with extreme  - if not even the most extreme  elements of the Islamic world as for adapting our culture to the norms of Islamic censorship and intolerance.
Only so a peaceful "integration of Islam" can succeed  - according to our politicians."

O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. .. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them… "  (sura 5:51). "The day when the Trumpet is blown. On that day we assemble the guilty white-eyed (with terror) (sura 20:102)". " And He caused you to inherit their land and their houses and their wealth, and land ye have not trodden." (sura 33:27)".

In  Jan. 2008 the EU Parliament had invited the [11] Grand Mufti of Syria as speaker to the Parliament. He assured us that there is no such thing as Holy War - but that we should suffer Hell with Wilders´film, should it insult Islam. How this may be consistent with peace remains one of the many illogical wonders of Islam!  In this manner he confirmed the "legal lie" of Islam, the taqija (sura 9:1, 4. Conf. Acad. Islam. Res, Cairo 1970)

"Beside the dictatorial endeavours of Islam there is a trend for dictatorial features in the EU when our contitutional rights of freedom of Expression are not being defended. Thus in a jiffy Europe is abandoning a central fundamental right, which was won over centuries, with difficulties, and often enough it cost blood. And that because of ambitions for power on the side of our centre politicians. It is a disaster."
"And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter… " (2:191).

The Dhimmi-Infestation extends  into the Churches: Global Unity Religion 

Danish bishops submitted to Islam during the 1. "Muhammad Cartoon Crisis".  Here such a Danish dhimmi-bishop is on a  [12] cap in hand visit to  Grand Mufti Tantawi in Cairo - mostly to  beg for the Danish export. We remember the recent suggestion by the [13] Archbishop of Canterbury to introduce parts of the Sharia in the UK.

Now we have the 2. "Cartoon Crisis". But this has finally opened  the eyes of our socialist politicians led by Villy Søvndal , which leaves some hope of a broad political resistance in Denmark against the Islamic conquest policy by the use of the cringing to Islam of cur-like "useful idiots". First and foremost against those politicians of the "centre" who want to sell us to Islam.
Well, as any dictatorship knows, the task is to educate the children to the madness of the dictatorship. And they get particularly far down the road when they entice the churches and their politicians to follow them. The monarchies knew that. So did Goebbels and Hitler. [14] The EU knows as well as the politically correct dhimmis. That is why already in 1970, "[15] The Evangelical Mission of Hesse and Nassau" (DEHN) decided upon the following about evangelical Kindergartens:" As  intercultural and interreligious  teaching in particular are promoted through the meeting with representatives of other cultures/religions the employment of a Muslim educationalist in the team of educationalists of a Kindergarten is to be recommended , considering the multireligious situation of a Kindergarten. "
In 1995 this became the policy of staff-appointments in German Evangelical Churches.

[16] According to  the PI  "Evangelical Churches are now being told to take on Muslim educationalists. Also visits to mosques are to be part of what the children have to learn. Wonderful! when even the very youngest and as yet un-oriented fellow citizens are being confused enriched by the "Religion of Peace".

From the DEHN-writing: Theological Considerations as for the Employment of a Muslim Educationalist in an Evangelical Kindergarten. A Help of Argumentation for the Chairmen/women of Parochial Church Councils: 

 „Galley of Faith":

“Calliography in Islam is a highly developed skill (Explanation: See the page): Tolerance begins with Christians with the faith in Trinity who has all power in Heaven and on Earth. Not Christians, but God himself, bears and tolerates the whole world, the religions, also the Christian religion!!! 

With this equality of religions the complete abandonment of of the teachings of Christ in favour of the eternally cringing Protestant "Christianity" to the politicians in power has once more been confirmed. Christ says: "No one comes to God except through me" " (Johs. 14:6).
These so-called Christians really think that God and Allah
is the same Power - thus making Christ superfluous!!

How is it possible to be so illogical?
as to believe that the commandment of Christ:" Love thy neighbour" can mean the same thing as Allah´s: "Kill your neighbour, unless he is a Muslim"?  This means executing Christ once more and making him a liar! How can they forget St. John´s 2. Epistle: 7-11: "Those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the fleshThis is the deceiver and the  antichrist.… they do not have God, neither the Father nor the Son.do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting; for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deeds."?

Allah says he has no son (sure 3:59, 4:171, 18:4-5, 3:61, e.g.)  and that he will punish and send any one to Hell who thinks he has a son (sure 3:56, 14:16, 98:6 e.g.).
Now since Protestant leaders and clergymen think son-less Allah is the same as the Father of Jesus Christ they must fall between 2 stools: They are neither in accordance with the Bible nor the Koran.
We are dealing with the al-embracing [17] New Age Religion of the New World Order.


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