Building the World State XI. The Moneymakers´Casino

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International bankers behind the multinational corporations have been working towards [1] ruling the world by means of money for the last 233 years– and now stand[2] before their goal [2] .
Their tool – besides money and ambition – and you can buy nearly any politician and media with those two prospects – is the “civil society”,
[3] and here.

How do the Money-makers do their trick: To enrich themselves and make us their slaves?

Here is an interesting analysis by [4] Matthias Chang, Global Research Dec. 26, 2008
“A: To secure their global agenda, the shadow money-lenders needed a national base to first consolidate their power and to legislate laws that would secure their monopoly to issue money and credit. The target country was England and that is why the first central bank was the [5] Bank of England. Almost all the laws that secured the money-lenders their unbridled economic and political power can be traced back to the legal basis for the establishment of the Bank of England as a central bank and their unfettered right to create “credits”.

The £ was the currency of choice for world conquest and the result was the mighty British Empire ! It was an empire based on debt. When the £ Ponzi scheme unraveled, Britain outlived its usefulness and the shadow money-lenders relocated to structure another Ponzi scheme (= fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors out of the money paid by subsequent investors rather than from profit).

B: [6] Wall-street-0901-01The next target country was the United States and the vehicle was the [7] Federal Reserve System ,[8] here , [9] here. It was a long struggle, but the shadow money-lenders finally prevailed. Thereafter, they established the greatest financial empire in history, but they are still short of their ultimate hidden agenda, as arrogantly proclaimed by [2] James P. Warburg the establishment of a World Government by conquest or by consent !

C: Bretton Woods (I) – post worldwar II Ponzi scheme 
At the end of the Second World War, the United States was the indisputable super-power and largest creditor.

The shadow money-lenders created various covers for massive lending such as the Marshall Plan, supposedly to revive the devastated economies of Europe and Asia. Under the cover of the aforesaid altruistic economic plan of post war recovery, was the hidden agenda for the establishment of the US dollar as the one and only supreme currency to replace the £.

To secure the sovereign debtors’ consent to the use of the dollar as reserve currency, it was agreed that the dollar was redeemable in gold at US$35 per oz of [10] Uncle-sams-fallgold.

The money-lenders created more credits than there was gold to sustain the dollar reserve currency.

D: Bretton Woods (II) – pure FIAT money system (without value basis). The dollar would no longer be redeemable in gold as decreed by President Nixon.

There were two parts to the overall scheme to secure full compliance.

Part 1 was the use of the simple bully tactic: Military expenses for the Cold War. Protected countries must continue to use the US dollar in all international trades.

Part 2 was implemented by Henry Kissinger. He secured an agreement with the corrupt Saudi monarch and lesser tyrants in the region that the oil price would be manipulated to hit the roof (Saltsjöbaden Bilderberg Meeting 1973, Andreas von Rétyi, Bilderberger, Kopp Verlag 2006) ) and in return for their untold wealth and financial power, all future crude oil trades must be denominated in dollars, and the petro-dollars must be repatriated to the United States, to be invested in dollar assets.

They came to the insane conclusion that they could create limitless credits (debts) out of thin air!
(By letting the Note printer work harder).


E:  The China card was played!

The shadow money-lenders entered into an agreement with the Chinese. There will be massive relocation of industries to China, massive investments in plants and equipment to produce goods for the US and European markets in exchange for dollar denominated trade, and the dollar trade surplus would be re-invested in dollar assets.


Debt exploded in the US and in Europe. Consumers were borrowing as never before to purchase the goodies from China. The recycled dollars from China funded the consumer bubble from home ownership to motorcars, electronic goods, toys, clothing etc. China became the world’s factory and her economy surged. Within a decade, China accumulated dollar reserves amounting to $2 Trillion. Other Asian countries jumped on the bandwagon, and accumulated huge dollar reserves. These huge reserves must be invested and the US lured them to the exotic investments created by Nobel Laureates and rocket scientists.

F: The derivative Casino

[11] Brændte-penge In 2004, $157 billion CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations) without value basis,  were issued but rocketed to an amazing $557 billion in 2006

 The US, specifically Wall Street became the “Mecca of debts”.
The rest of the world jumped on the bandwagon. The Shadow Money-lenders also came up with a scheme to protect investors and which brought another massive stream of revenue. The scheme was called “Credit Default Swaps(CDS).

Total Face Amount of CDS was estimated as follows: 2001 $918.9 Billion.  2002 $ 2.2 Trillion.  2003 $ 3.8 Trillion  2004 $ 8.4 Trillion  2005 $ 17.1 Trillion
2006 $ 34.4 Trillion.  2007 $ 62.2 Trillion. 2008 $ 54.6 Trillion as of June 2008!!! 

[12] BailoutThe world became addicted to debt! And the Regulation by e.g the Office of Thrift Supervision [13] failed intentionally
[14] Charles Eisenstein: “It is a huge transfer of wealth to the financial elite, to be funded by US taxpayers, foreign corporations and governments and foreign employees.

End of the game

Then the housing bubble busted, and with it the gigantic Ponzi scheme. Creditors are now faced with a dilemma, what to do with the loads and loads of dollar toilet paper, now derisively referred to as “toxic wastes.


G: The announced policy of zero interest is the last bullet in the Fed’s arsenal or the final gamble.  This huge gamble will take six months to play out but it will end in failure.
There will be massive riots all over the US, with people killing for food and other basic necessities. Basic raw materials, commodities for manufacturing etc. will be unavailable. There will be no more cars on the freeways! Millions of Americans licensed to carry arms will stalk the streets for whatever scrap they can get their hands on.

You can bet your bottom dollar, the Shadow Money-Lenders and their military partner will impose martial law.”


The[15] Telegraph Jan. 2, 2008: To be sure of interest income the British bank don´t pass the rate cuts by the bank of England on to their borrowerssavings even getting[16] no interest in the future . Economists have said the economy is slumping further as banks restrict mortgage and other loan availability in an effort to repair their balance sheets. This in turn causes further defaults, which causes more damage to their accounts, and worsening the vicious cycle.

To this can be added the[17] mark to market rule

[18] Marc Faber says world economy and in particular the dollar are [19] imploding – that the dollar is about to collapse – and therefore he advises Americans to buy and hold gold outside the USA.[18]

Here is a [20] video showing how the “elite” invests the toilet paper money in gold and silver – causing the dollar to fall in value as the prices of goods and gold and silver increase. And here is a [21] video[21]   about the purpose of the need to have the dollar fall: the [20] Amero (video)  and the North American Union .

On Tuesday, December 9th 2008, President Bush in a speech stated that, “I have abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” In other words: “I am imposing dictatorial rule!” Socialism – Big Government.

 Bush has declared that the United States for all intent and purposes is bankrupt. Bush is counting that the fear of recession and or social unrest in the creditors’ countries will force the creditors to capitulate.

[22] Gerald Celente: “I call it a communism! Well as I have previuously reported the US is bracing for domestic riots in the near “ [23] here  , [24] here - due to increasing poverty and rising taxes" – and[25] Europe, too. One may also take a look at Greece, France, Italy and Spain where riots are already [26] spreading . In China, where 0.4% own 70% of the wealth of the country, factories are closing because of falling demand from abroad. And there is no economical basis for a domestic consumer market, 350 mio Chinese even earning less than 1 dollar a day. The mood of the Chinese is stated by the [27] Times Online Jan. 14, 2009 to be very rebellious.

However, the old New World Order prophet, [28] Bilderberger[28] , CFR-member   and [29] Trila
[29] teral Commissionistunscrupulous[30] Henry Kisssinger, sees no danger in this crisis – just an possibility for Obama to implement the New World Order 

[31] Evelyn-rothschildComment
This Chinese  Boomerang which started the ongoing economic crisis consequently is the blessing of the New World Order! Now the [32] World Economic Forum (Davos) see the bad Chinese economy as the greatest danger to world economy.  

Don´t those bastards have any conscience? Oh, yes: Just look what the mastermind behind this conspiracy, Sir [33] Evelyn Rothschild, has to say ,   – after he has hypocritically pitied the poor workers and families losing their livings: “ Where is the shame of those who only months earlier boasted of ever increasing profits, of ever more clever products, of ever easier loans?  The US carmakers may be the worst of the lot, so far!!!! Years of incompetence and now manoeuvring in the halls of Congress for a massive bailout. Management prefers to hold onto private corporate jets rather than push for fuel efficiency standards to make their products more competitive. Union members would rather hold onto their gold-plated pensions for life than to save their companies.  Why should taxpayers help those who have so frequently refused to accept responsibility themselves? Take responsibility. This era of struggle may last as long."

Here is what his ancestor, [34] Nathan Rothschild made the slogan of that family:“ "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, where the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.''
And here is a fellow who took responsibility and really skinned the irresponsible underlings: [35] Nathaniel Philip Rothschild.

Of course, there are no Rothschilds on this[36] US top 50 list of charity givers – however, it is reassuring to see [37] illuminati like David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Bill Gates and George Soros on the list. But otherwise, they would be unable to call their foundations charitable – and would have to pay taxes - which they don´t seem to do according to the the [38] Rockefeller  Foundation balance sheet!!!  So rather give a few dollars away in order not having to pay your income tax!!!

What will the the money makers´next move be after their trump cards  to continue their fraud in a democratic system have been played? I think they will go on robbing and enslaving us in a dictatorial system. For they control the military. Are they desperate – or pleased? 
 Listen to what [39] President Bush Jr. has to say on Jan. 12, 2009:  Regarding the economic crisis, he said he was not comfortable approving funds for the people  who caused the crisis. "Wall Street got drunk and my administration got the hangover."  Or may be that the administration had a few dollars, too?

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