Building the World State X. Obama´s Formula: The Fabian Communism of the Socialist International

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[1] Carter_and_Brzezinski

Having seen in the previous 9 posts how the New World Order (videos on right blog margin) is [2] quite openly and officially building its world state and government let us now turn to the queen of this game of chess: the USA and its role, after 2 x Pres. Bush have done what they could to make the Middle East ripe for the final chaos of [3] Albert Pike´s .  


"[4] Zbigniew Brzezinski has been a CSIS (Center for International and Strategic Studies) counselor, and at [5] Mikhail Gorbachev's first State of the World Forum in 1995, Brzezinski revealed: "We cannot leap into world government through one quick step…. The precondition for eventual and genuine globalization is progressive regionalization because by that we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units."

 “A[4] European Community on federal lines is a necessary and essential contribution to any world union…” 

Right: Carter andBrzezinski

Brzezinski also described the regions
that would be formed, that Israel and the Palestinians would be part of a Middle Eastern region, how Communist China would be brought into an Asian region, and that Iran would be part of a Central Asian. (The[6] Marxist, Zbigniew Brzezinski)

[7] Obama-i-berlinOn July 24, 2008, [8] Barack Obama made a remarkable New World Order speech in Berlin 
. It had very socialist, even religious undertones – as grasped by the [9] Times Online. Now his real motives are becoming ever clearer.

[10] Obama´s mentorthe man who made him – as well as Jimmy Carter – is the old communist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, cofounder of The [11] Trilateral Commission alongside with David Rockefeller.

Obama, the voice of the New World Order prophet, Brzezinski
Here are some [12] quotations by Brzezinski:

1. A power that dominated Eurasia would control two of the world's three most advanced and economically productive regions. … The three major imperatives for the geographical strategy of an empire is to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, keeping tax collection smooth and protecting and keeping the barbarians separate. (p. 40). "It follows that America's primary interest is to help ensure that no single power comes to control this geopolitical space. (p. 148).
A 1984 release: Trilateral Commission Task Force Report, No 28: "Democracy must work"  states on page 72: "For want of a charitable / sympathetic world dictatorship with a propensity for reform, we need to work within the boundaries of an ineffective international system …". 
" America is not only the first, nor the only true global superpower, but it may probably be the very last. (s.209).”  

Here is a review in the [10] US Tomorrow, Sept. 16, 2008  :

[13] Gorb-Strong22 authors of the Earth Charter: Michael Gorbachev and UN official Maurice Strong. The 3. author was Steven Rockefeller.

“Obama, Brzezinski and Al Gore have worked closely with Communist backed environmental fronts led by Gorbachev (proponent of[14] the Earth Charter), to promote the global climate change due to manmade sources of greenhouse gases to scare the world and the US into paying such a global tax to “save the planet.” ( see also [15] Daniel Estulin from the Bilderberg meeting 2005).
  Prominent Republicans have bought into this scam including GW Bush, Condi Rice, John Warner, Joe Lieberman and John McCain.

The world government socialists like Brzezinski and Obama are promoting a “[16] new order of religions,”   an [17] Brzezinski + bin ladenamalgamation of religions to unify and control populations and nations. They are including in their new order umbrella of religions Islamic aspirations for a world caliphate, Communitarianistic and New Age beliefs[18] , the Gaia (“mother” Earth) religion    of environmentalists exploited by the Communists, by Al Gore  .

Right: Brzezinski together with [19] Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan 1980

It seems that Obama will “crawl into bed” with any religion to achieve his world government agenda.

Brzezinski was the architect of the formation of US CIA and Saudi training and funding for the Afghan mujaheddin network, some of which would later form the Taliban and would shelter Al Qaeda terrorists camps.
He was a proponent of using the Saudis and CIA to directly fund the AlQaeda and Iranian arming and training in and outside the US of Islamic terrrorists from Albania, Kosvo and Bosnia to kick out the Serbs and Croats. Some of these same terrorists became the 9/11 hijackers.”

[20] Caro- BrownerPaul Joseph Watson, Jan 9, 2008 [21] Barack Obama’s “climate czar” Carol Browner has been exposed as being a member of Socialist International, a highly influential group headed by a Bilderberg Group luminary that calls for the implementation of global government..

The [22] Junk Science blog notes, “If there’s nothing wrong with an acknowledged socialist being a top Obama administration official, then what’s up with the mysterious and Stalinist-like disappearance of Browner from SI’s web site?” Junk Science was able to save a [23] PDF file showing Browner’s photo on the website as of January 2, but you won’t find it there now.

To further the common social democratic vision and ….the [24] Socialist International will establish a Commission for a Sustainable World Society to design and put forward proposals for democratic forms of global governance …for building a … world society overall.

To make the necessary course correction for building a sustainable world society requires immense political will and new forms of governance.The long-held principles and values of the Socialist International, its belief in an interdependent world and its presence on every continent make it the only political organisation capable of successfully promoting such an effort.

An essential aspect of realising a more fair and effective form of global governance is reform of the United Nations, and UN member states must redouble efforts to revitalise and re-shape this indispensable organisation… and stronger, more coordinated multilateral responses to the challenges confronting the world.
A principal task of new global governance must be to ensure that the benefits of global economic growth … are distributed fairly (What about the drawbacks?).

New approaches must include full participation of women in all spheres, for they suffer the most from inequality and conflict and… contribute most effectively to efforts to achieve social justice, peace and security.

To evaluate the threat of global warming and climate change and develop a global policy on energy as fundamental to any response to that threat .

[25] Socialist-international-globeIt is no longer a question if, but when the catastrophic´ climate and environment  negatively affecs humanity´s ability to respond to all the problems and challenges it already faces and make many of them worse or more difficult: poverty, disease, violent crime and armed conflict, to human rights, economic development, migration of people and disarmament.


The world today is facing a growing number of critical issues that can only be addressed at the global level.
The Socialist International, which has long supported multilateral approaches in the conduct of world affairs, advocates the strengthening of existing global institutions and the establishment of new ones where necessary so that humanity can respond most effectively to the global challenges that are becoming more urgent by the day.

Without a clear and transparent system to regulate the enormous and lightning-fast flow of money and financial transactions, the global economy remains vulnerable to crises that will prove increasingly difficult to overcome.

The risk to humanity of quickly spreading pandemics that ignore national borders and that can overwhelm health-care systems has grown enormously in recent times. A collective response based on transparency, heightened cooperation and the best science is indispensable.

Today the world also confronts terrorism and the illegal drug trade, threats which everywhere have proven to be immune to unilateral actions by any nation.

Preserving peace and ensuring respect for human rights requires that the United Nations be reformed, particularly the Security Council, so that it …contributes to the deepening of regional integration and cooperation.

Global challenges require an interconnected set of global institutions. Through these institutions nations must make a determined effort to agree programmes and norms and means of enforcement - in other words, a deeper and more effective multilateralism that reflects the input of all the people of the world. The International reaffirms its commitment to working toward that goal in every possible way.


[26] Global-2There is a clear identity between the statements of Zbigniew Brzezinski´s, Obama´s and the Socialist International. I take this as an expression of a common basic ideology. Much of the above from the Socialist International sounds like the "Comment of the Day" on Radio GDR (DDR).
Now the reason why the [27] Danish Socialist Peoples Party changed from EU resistence to be an EU champion: Our parents created national democracy - we create regional democracy - our children will create global democracy ([2] UN World Parliament). However, one may have doubts as for the future cooperation between the very [28] ambitious EU  which wants to obtain world government – and Brzezinski´s plans for Eurasia, which the EU also plans to expand into – and really is already doing so through its [29] Neighbourhood Policy.
So, Obama is now deploying “the only political organisation capable of successfully promoting such an effort ([2] world governance/government).

These people are the [30] Fabian communists  who desire to take over the world for the [2] Rothschild-Rockefeller clique[2] , [31] here[31] . Their method is repeated here: Scare the wits out of the peoples, so they can be made to believe they need a world government to save them.
The big crises? They are currently being made by these New World Order
[31] illuminati (see videos on right margin of this blog) – be they real or imaginary, as the [32] climate lie , [33] here , their trump card!!!

Brzezinskis plans for e.g. China reveal an illuministic secretive planning of the future of the world.
[34] His remark that the USA will probably be the very last superpower sounds very ominous – apocalyptic ([35] Joe Biden  and[36] Colin Powell - hinting at a US confrontation with Russia in the Middle East).

This idea is further corroborated by a report by [37] AFP on 9 Jan. 2008: Incoming US President Barack Obama will likely face a "serious crisis" over Iran's nuclear ambitions in his first year in office, former US defense secretary William Perry predicted here Thursday.

The multilateral talks "are going nowhere," said Perry, "And it seems clear that Israel will not sit by idly while Iran takes defiant steps toward becoming a nuclear power," Perry said.

He said the Iran problem needs international cooperation, which remains especially elusive as US relations with Russia are "at an all-time low"

James Schlesinger, another former US defense secretary, told a separate audience that Iran may regard the threat of a US nuclear attack as "much more likely" in light of Hillary Clinton's warning during the US presidential campaign that Washington can obliterate Tehran.


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