ASEAN Dec 15 (AP)   — The Association of Southeast Asian Nations moved to forge an EU-style community Monday, signing a charter that makes the bloc a legal entity for the first time and could pave the way for creating a single market within seven years.

ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan said the new charter, which was ratified by foreign ministers, accords a legal identity to the regional grouping for international negotiations and transactions. Though largely without enforcement action, it also sets out a common set of rules for trade, investment, environment and other fields.

One of the key goals of the charter, initially drafted one year ago, is to establish a single market by 2015 for the vast and diverse region of 500 million people, though the deepening global financial crisis and political instability in several member states could derail those plans. ASEAN already has been developing a free-trade zone since the 1990s, but progress has been spotty.


The charter also calls for the continued observance of a decade-old treaty banning nuclear weapons in Southeast Asia and prohibits "all other weapons of mass destruction."

The most controversial part of the charter is a proposed human rights body, details of which will be hammered out for approval at an ASEAN summit in Thailand, now scheduled to take place in February.

But the body will not have the ability to impose sanctions or expel countries that violate the rights of their own citizens, limiting its effectiveness, critics say.

The regional bloc has long drawn criticism for failing to take action against abuses in military-ruled Myanmar, which strongly opposed giving the human rights body power even to monitor or investigate violations.

ASEAN was founded during the Cold War as an anti-communist political coalition, later evolving into a trade bloc. It consists of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Taking_europeThe Lisbon Treaty – the darling of the EU illuminists (expalnatory statement)

At the Meeting of the European Council in Paris on Dec. 11.12, 2008   great endeavours were made as for the Lisbon treaty.
The Irish were given concessions:

The European Council has carefully noted the other concerns of the Irish people presented by the Taoiseach as set out in Annex 1 relating to taxation policy, family, social and ethical issues, and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) with regard to Ireland's traditional policy of neutrality. The European Council agrees that, provided Ireland makes the commitment in paragraph 4, all of the concerns set out in the said statement shall be addressed to the mutual satisfaction of Ireland and the other Member States.

The necessary legal guarantees will be given on the following three points.

• nothing in the Treaty of Lisbon makes any change of any kind, for any Member State, in relation to taxation;

• the Treaty of Lisbon does not prejudice the security and defence policy of Member States, including Ireland's traditional policy of neutrality, and the obligations of most other Member States;

• a guarantee that the provisions of the Irish Constitution in relation to the right to life, education and the family are not in any way affected by the fact that the Treaty of Lisbon attributes legal status to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights or by the justice and home affairs provisions of the said Treaty.

In addition, the high importance attached to the issues, including workers' rights, set out in paragraph (d) of Annex 1 will be confirmed.

In the light of the above commitments by the European Council, and conditional on the satisfactory completion of the detailed follow-on work by mid-2009 and on presumption of their satisfactory implementation, the Irish Government is committed to seeking ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon by the end of the term of the current Commission.

Logo-Euromediterranien-Euromed-20028. The European Council endorses the guidelines evolved at the ministerial meeting in Marseilles on 3 and 4 November 2008, which made it possible to define the working methods of the Union for the Mediterranean. Within the framework of the structures put in place, it calls for the further ambitious implementation of this initiative in all its dimensions.

29. Likewise, the Eastern Partnership will bring about a significant strengthening of EU policy with regard to the Eastern partners of the European Neighbourhood Policy in a bilateral and multilateral framework, to complement the other forms of cooperation already existing in the Union's neighbourhood, such as the Black Sea Synergy."

An article of deep concern to me is Annex 2: 8. Lastly, the European Council endorses the declaration on international security, which decides on specific actions to enable the EU to play a more active role in combating terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, organised crime and cyber-attacks. It calls for the Council and the Member States to give substance to it by adopting appropriate policies and instruments.

I see our internet freedom disappearing with this Annex 2:art. 8. And I see the Fabian communist dictators of the EU being given the same excuse that Pres. Bush abused in his Iraq invasion: Search for weapons of mass destruction  and war on terror. All without asking us – all awhile letting more and more potential Muslim terrorists into Europe..

Eu_in_the_worldJust listen to the blatant lies of this fox talking to the hens
"The globalization of  economy, demographic trends, climate change, energy, or new threats to our security in the 21. century - enough problems facing Europe to be tackled in the Globalisation of economy.

Member States cannot cope with all these new, cross-border challenges alone  any more. Therefore, a common European deployment is necessary.

The concerns of the citizens must be taken seriously!! That is the goal of the contract, signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007. There, the heads of state and government - taking into account the political, economic and social developments and with the aspiration of  fulfilling the hopes of European citizens!! - agreed to new rules, which stipulate the future role of the Union and how it works. So  the Treaty of Lisbon enables to adapt the European institutions and their working procedures, to strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the Union!! and to consolidate  the foundations of its Fundamental Rights.

The Treaty of Lisbon is the result of negotiations between the Member States at an Intergovernmental Conference, which included the European Commission and the European Parliament. Before it can enter into force, the Treaty must be ratified by all 27 members. The nature of the ratification is decided by the  Member States themselves in accordance with the relevant provisions of their Constitutions. According to the objectives of the Member States, the Treaty is to come into force on 1 January 2009, a few months before the European Parliamentary elections."

According to the Times Online , the  EU has a propaganda response to Youtube: The EU Tube is funded out of a €207m (£196m) communication budget from Brussels. So far the channel has attracted 7,391 subscribers in its 18 months of existence!!!. The community has a population of 500m. One visitor, Opaz, writes: “It’s like Nazi Hitler Youth propaganda with aggressive music. Be a part of what? The destruction of our nations, homelands and security so that the rich can own and control us. Overlords of EU go to hell!”

Above, we are being told
”We, your unelected EU Commission and de facto government
, are doing our very best for your worries about the global future (which we in our wisdom have chosen for you). And what we decide is democratic, for we have the consent of your elected leaders (who are just as corrupt and New World Order henchmen as we are).
So, as stated by our head of  communication, 1. vice-president,
Margot Wallström, video, all democratic rules have been observed.
What? Asking you about your worries and their solutions: Absolutely not. You are too stupid, after we have successfully done all we can to wean you off from thinking, e.g. in our lucrative climate-lie at your cost – not to mention our war on terror (by which we mean your opposition to our global expansion).

Just look, how impressive our scam is: Now they imitate us in the Far East.

If you had a say, where would we have been today? Well, back in your old cosy national states with your ridiculous rustic and provincial customs which are thousands of years old – and so old-fashioned that you should be thankful that we have discarded them for you through our mental hygiene. Small children should not always have their way, you know. Leave your souls to us and our world governance.
Why we let you have referenda about the Lisbon-Treaty – then discarding your votes?

Why! We did not believe you still  to be able to think. Well, you just thought the wrong way – so we had to conclude that you are too dangerous for our Europe.
Your Europe? Well, Don´t you know there is no “your Europe”. Europe belongs to us – and we belong to the New World Order´s Empire.

That´s why without your knowledge we have now for 12 years been joining the Asians through ASEM to have our Euromediterranean Union merge all the way to the Far East! And this is because we see the 2005 UNESCO Convention as the ckultural pillar of our world government! So we held our 7. meeting of heads of government in Pekin. But although there were 1800 journalists, they dared not tell you about what ASEM is! We also use the ASEM as our religious melting pot to have a synthetic global unity religion - so as to be more able to manipulate you.

And we take our time – like our great idol: the Roman dictator Fabius Maximus the Cunctator, i.e. the Delayer.

Farvedes-greb-om-klodenAnd don´t you come and tell us you did not know about our plans: We have engaged your elected politicians in our clubs: The Bilderberg Club, the Club of Rome, The US  Council on Foreign Relations , the European Council on Foreign Relations – and in particular our Trilateral Commission which has just one task: To secure the linkage of the NAFTA (North American Union), the Union for the Mediterranean, the Asean and China/Japan into one worldwide state under our world government, just declared by the Financial Times.
Besides, we have told you that we are illuminists/illuminati (explanatory statement)

What this New World Order is all about? Adam Weishaupt did tell you 233 years ago in our 6 items for communism, you know: 1) Abolition of the Monarchy and all ordered government. 2) Abolition of private property. 3) Abolition of inheritance. 4) Abolition of patriotism. 5) Abolition of the family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children. 6) Abolition of all religion.
And about that order Gordon Brown, George Bush sr, Henry Kissinger and former UN-Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Galli are talking in videos, you can see on the right margin of this blog!.

Haven´t you been told? Well, then we have been even more successful than we expected! For then we have stifled the media you are paying for – and corrupted the politicians you have elected away from their obligations to tell you, that democracy has been scrapped – and dictatorship has been reintroduced!
If you have been unable to see all the clear signs, you will soon feel it the hard way!”