" I think the evidence of this decade is clear that if we organize properly, addressing the problem of climate  change will provide for wealthy countries the biggest economic boom since we mobilized for World War II;This is a very, very big deal. And the payouts are measurable" (Bill Clinton (speech linked on this page), former US President addressing a meeting in Rockefeller´s  Carbon Disclosure Project, arranged by Rothschild partner Merrill Lynch

EU supports UN Secretary General´s and IPCC´s final warning on man-made Climate disaster and his appeal for a giant effort to combat it 
"The report's findings amount to a stark warning that the world must act fast to slash greenhouse gas emissions if we are to prevent climate change from reaching devastating levels," said EU environment commissioner Stavros Dimas. But Brussels suggests the EU's own policy package could help prevent the catastrophe if its example is followed by other states.

"The good news is that it [the UN panel report] also shows that deep emission cuts are both technologically feasible and economically affordable," Mr Dimas added."It fully supports the EU policy that global warming must be limited to no more than 2ºC above the pre-industrial temperature. The global community must respond to this scientific call for action," he noted.
Note the text on the poster behind him!

What is going on?
As shown  the CO2 hysteria lacks scientific documentation. In fact, it seems that CO2-increase in the air is a consequence - not the cause of climate changes. And that man-made global warming does not take place. Something else must be in play. And there is: Money and ideology.
This post will describe EU’s money-making on the climate hoax.

Correa and Correa seem to have struck the key note :The direct political reasons for the promotion of the 'global warming' fad are to be found in the convergence of diverse social forces:
• the evolution of left (social-democratic) political forces towards a new electoral marketing - militant form of environmentalism, and technocratic managerialism; • the transformation of 'ecological' organizations into profitable non-profit, macro-capitalist funds;
• the design of national State bureaucracies to control the entirety of social life with new regulatory mechanisms;
• the emergence of a new International State technobureaucracy in search of supranational powers and jurisdictions.
• an excess of PhD's in physics and mathematics with little left to aim for other than the pursuit of a career within the official institutions of organized dissent, where they endlessly generate models and fads pliable to political interests, in particular those fads that are dear to the global techno-socialist management of capitalism; and
• the subsidies, grants and investment provided to 'green' groups by some of the worst polluter industries (eg oil, nuclear companies, utilities, etc) as a way to redeem their status or blanch their image, and as a sort of 'protection fee'.

Of all these social forces and trends, it is apparent that the main role is played by the emerging global technobureaucracy.  Taken separately, the other forces were unlikely to amass sufficient momentum for a deep social penetration. That's what they found in the UN, in its latest role as a 'regulator' of 'sustainable development and global growth', and in its highly corrupt NGO structure. From the sham Rio de Janeiro Conference, in 1992, to Kyoto, these neo-left-wing militants formed the frontlines of the New Global Order. Pliable to the new international capitalism of global looting, the 'global warming' movement disguised its objectives as scientific, and 'dictated' them as being in the objective interest of mankind.  The myth of 'global warming' was their precious tool: Global warming' is likely to be the most expensive pseudo-scientific hoax ever implemented

As of August 22, 2005 - and since the Kyoto protocol came into effect on February 16, 2005 - the Kyoto Agreement has cost 80 billion dollars for, supposedly, a prevention of warming by 0.0008 deg C…  To prevent a 1 deg C increase it will cost some 100 trillion dollars.

So much money for nothing! To “combat” climate changes, which are not due to CO2 - but to Solar spot activity.

 How the EU makes big Money
Look, what  the EU does at the “European Climate Exchange (ECX) market: “Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the new kid on the block in commodity trading. The gas that makes up part of the atmosphere is being commoditised and bought and sold as if it were a barrel of oil or a tonne of coal. The underlying commodity being traded at ECX are EU allowances (EUAs) as issued under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. One EUA equals one tonne of CO2 (right-to-emit).  Approximately 2.2 billion EUAs in total have been granted yearly to the 12,000 installations falling under the EU ETS. The settlement (Sett) price is calculated as a volume-weighted average of trades during the daily settlement period 16:00- 16:15 hours UK local time and will be published at approximately 16:30 UK local time . ECX products include the ECX CFI futures contract and the ECX CFI options contract.

In whose pockets does all this money disappear? Is it spent on general welfare - or does it disappear into the pockets of eurocrates or europoliticians? Anyhow, you can be absolutely certain of this: You and I will have to pay for it through rising prices. 

Who are members of the ECX?: More than 65 leading businesses, including global companies such as ABN AMRO (a Rothschild partner , has even had a Rothschild on the board.   Barclays ( a  Rothschild branch  , BP (child of af Rockefeller´s  standard Oil ), Calyon, a Rothschild branch , E.ON UK (financially in the grip of Rothschild , Fortis - a Rothschild partner, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley - often Rothschild partners, e.g in the Rio Tinto affair)i , Shell (Rothschild affiliated ) have signed up for membership to trade ECX products. In addition, several hundred clients can access the market daily via banks and brokers.Since carbon trading took off in Europe, trading volumes and underlying asset value have grown beyond expectations.
Global carbon markets were worth €22.5 billion in 2006
. The market saw transactions for 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2e where the EU ETS accounted for 62 per cent of the volume and over 80 per cent of the value (Source: Point Carbon). By any measure, carbon trading has grown impressively to establish itself as a new commodity to count on  
Since launch in April 2005, the EUA futures contract has seen close to 1.3 billion tonnes CO2 traded with an underlying market value €24 bn.

ECX is a member of the Climate Exchange Plc group of companies. Other member companies include the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE) - both financed by Rothschild: "CCX selected  Rothschild Inc., an affiliate of the prestigious London-based bank N. M. Rothschild & Sons Limited, to provide investment banking services ."  Climate Exchange Plc (CLE) is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

Nobel prize winner and savour of the Globe, Al Gore, is affiliated to the CCX CO2-through his firm, Generation, the chairman of which he is. So, Gore has a financial interest in his propaganda against CO2. Al Gores house in Tennessee consumes 20 times as much energy as an ordinary US house. According to his seretary he buys CO2-indulgence through his firm Generation
,which is a branch of the CCX

Besides, the CCX has an interesting board.
The Honorable Carole L. Brookins has had a lot of jobs for President Bush. She is a member of the American Council on Foreign Relations - called the invisible government of The USA. Sir Laurie Magnus is affiliated to the J.P Morgan Trust - a Rothschild partner. And the Chairman, Richard Sandor,  is affiliated to the Chicago Board of Trade, which had John D. Rockefeller as co-founder   and is said to have been controlled by Rothschild for the last 150 years. Through the World Economic Forum (a very globalistic club) the CCX is associated with among others Rockefeller´s Carbon Disclosure Project, which forms a secretariate forCO2-trading and has  assets of 41 trillion dollar

As you see: Although the scientific foundation of  the climate scam campaign is lacking - the globalists of the New World Order (announced 5 times by Pres. Bush sen 1990-91) are making fat gains. And not only the EU. The top globalists make even much more money.