Building The World State IV. Religion Stonebreakers: Fabian Socialism. 4th ASEM Interfaith Dialogue

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[1] Religion is an important factor in human and community life - in some communities more than in others. The people of the New World Order know - and they use every angle to promote their cause : A world state with a racially and culturally [2] homogeneous  population mass  in a trance-like vegetative state, a plasticine that can be moulded and guided according to the illuminati´s / illuminists´ desire.
So much more, as the New World order  people are by no means without a religion - but cultivate a [3] Luciferian religion: Themselves! To master the peoples, the elite, the self appointed master race,  will take over God's role and shape the world through his tools: Genes and atoms, intelligence.
Here is the measure to pave the way for the New World Order´s sugar-covered Hell.
Amsterdam 3-5 June. 4th ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) [4] Interfaith Dialogue 


Who is behind it?
“We, the representatives of ASEM partners, reflecting various cultural, religious and faith heritages, gathering in Amsterdam, on 3-5 June 2008, at the Fourth ASEM Interfaith Dialogue, hosted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, co-hosted by the Kingdom of Thailand and co-sponsored by the Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Belgium, the People's Republic of China, the Kingdom of Denmark, the European Commission, the Republic of Finland, the Republic of Indonesia, the Italian Republic, the Republic of Korea, Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Singapore, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, agreed on the following to further promote the ASEM Interfaith Dialogue.

"We underlined the importance of understanding, tolerance and respect for religious, non-religious and cultural diversity as integral for our well-being, stability, prosperity and peace and are determined to fulfil our responsibility to contribute to global efforts in promoting interfaith and intercultural understanding; in rejecting stereotyping and the use of violence in the name of religions, faiths or ideologies.

We recognised the fact that globalisation has increased interaction among different cultures, religions, and beliefs, heightening the need for greater cooperation and understanding among cultures, religions, and civilisations, and enrichment of globalisation with commonly shared values. We noted that the great diversity of our societies and the increased level of contacts between civilisations should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat.

UN Human Rights and EU Charta of Fundamental Rights to replace religions
This year we celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and reconfirm our commitment to the upholding, promotion and protection of the human rights of the individuals, including the right to freedom of thought, freedom of expression, conscience, religion and belief, as expressed in the Universal Declaration."

[5] Wolfgang_FroehlichComment: On Dec. 13, 2008 [6] Wolfgang Fröhlich was sentenced to 6 ½ years in jail in the EU-member state of Austria, for arguing against the number of people killed in the Holocaust – not for completely denying it!

By means of the [7] European Arrest Warrant, Germany can now demand a Danish citizen to be extradited to Germany for punishment, for having sold nazi music but closing his shop before there was a ban on doing so – and it was not punishable in Denmark, [6] here . At the same time the President of the EU, Mr. Sarkozy, can make an extremely [2] racist, hitlerist speech about extinguishing the white race through enforced racial mixing!! So much for EU's fundamental rights and the freedom of expression in the EU.
So much for EU´s Human Rights and freedom of speech.

"We acknowledged that we can find admonitions to love and peace, and rejection of hatred and violence in all the world religions, and that we can find and share a set of common universal values. We urge the ASEM partners to respect freedom of religion or belief and take necessary actions to combat intolerance, discrimination, hostility and violence based on religion or belief.

The ASEM Interfaith Dialogue is to serve the UN– Masters of the World – not God
We took note of the valuable contributions of various initiatives and their results at the national, regional and international level to promote tolerance, understanding, cooperation, solidarity and respect for diversity of culture, belief or religion such as the UN[8] Alliance of Civilizations and [9] here  as well as the Fourth Asia-Pacific Regional Interfaith Dialogue held in Phnom Penh from 3 to 6 April 2008. We took note of the adoption by the UN General Assembly of its resolution 62/90 entitled “Promotion of Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, Understanding and Cooperation for Peace”, which declares 2010 as the International Year for the Rapprochements of Cultures….” They appreciate the great interest by the UN and its Secretary General.  “We appreciate the outcome of the [10] First Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Madrid on 15-16 January 2008 , in particular the establishment of an Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund and a Global Youth Employment Initiative.

We believe that success in combating terrorism and religious intolerance in the long term will be highly determined by the success in empowering and strengthening the voice and efforts of those who proclaim tolerance in matters relating to religion or belief. The ASEM Interfaith Dialogue serves as part of the intercultural dialogue, which in turn is part of a much broader dialogue between Europe and Asia.

In the working group on interfaith dialogue and poverty reduction, we dealt with questions like what role faith-based organisations and communities can play in poverty reduction and the narrowing of economic gaps by drawing on their social capital in terms of people’s trust, religious and humanitarian motivation, and solidarity with one’s neighbour in need, regardless of his/her faith and conviction. They are in a special position to reach out to the poorest members in the community and to mobilize needed resources at all levels. Faith-based organizations can also provide the governments at national and local level with an integral framework that goes beyond material benefits and encompasses, amongst others, the spiritual dimension.”
Religion has become perverted into Fabian Marxism: Not traditional religious belief – but practical manipulation towards the cohesion of a world state matters. Propaganda-brainwash by spiritually empty smart ideologists is the method to dismantle existing religions.

[11] Logo_interfaith“In the working group on interfaith dialogue and religious education, we discussed the role of comparative studies of different religions in finding common values and promoting understanding and identified best practices in religious teachings, as well as discussed their universal applicability.

Brainwash them with soft ideology.
Training, formation and studies are the way to prepare students, experts, teachers and researchers in religious education to avoid misinterpretations of religions and faiths. We underlined the fact that experience, practice, action and programmes are needed to achieve such goals.

The ideologists become the founders of a new  alternative political, home-made, non-national “world religion”
We realised the need to spell out basic principles that are the ground, on which to build a continuous process of understanding within the context of plurality, diversity and differences.
Hence, policies, strategies and methods of integration, participation and interaction, coming from all sectors, are essential in addressing the issues of religious education, civil liberties and human dignity. We also realised that there are tensions between nationality, citizenship and religion and that need to be overcome.

Peace on Earth to be created by the professional missioners of the New World Order
In preparing courses and curricula, we recognised the significance of expertise, cooperation and involvement of relevant stakeholders. We also understood that religious education is not only conducive to conflict resolution, but is also a tool that helps to build community awareness and contributes to the constant harmony in varied religious and cultural settings. We want to emphasize the need for accurate communication in preventing conflicts caused by different cultural or religious backgrounds.

Bearing in mind our shared responsibility in the prevention of conflicts, we want to maximise the use of digital media in conjunction with traditional forms of media. 

We take note of and encourage the implementation of the fourteen proposals of the[12] ASEF Journalists’ Colloquium  (political correctness) on how to use the media in promoting mutual understanding and respect within a pluralistic society.
[13] FabianWindow

Every religion is to change our societies
In pursuing their responsibilities governments need to engage with faith-communities, who are able to help with the management of social change and with the promotion of cohesion. Faith-communities wish to influence government policies and are an important source of core values for societies. There is a need for well-structured consultation arrangements for this engagement, which needs to be a two-way process, respecting the different roles of governments and faith-communities. The agenda of this engagement concerns social issues rather than theological ones.

This final sentence is an honest statement. This is not about religion. It is about social engineering: The purpose is to dismantle religions and to transform them into harmless [14] Fabian socialist principles  – all derived from Jesus Christ, but totally detached from him and his message – and without any spiritual perspective. Besides, it is a blatant offence to Muhammad and his followers who are commanded to kill all infidels (Koran sura 9:5, e.g.). The revolutionaries had equally fine principles – and they also totally disregarded them: hypocrisy. 

The name of Fabian socialism is derived from the Roman dictator, Fabius Maximus Cunctator (The Delayer) after the Battle of Cannae (216 BC) in 2nd Punic War. He did not fight - but pursued Hannibal's army and put it under stress - including burning the fields in order to starve the army of the enemy.  Hannibal withdrew into the city of Capua - where the prostitutes effeminated the soldiers in sweet life, so they were totally unsuitable as soldiers. This paved the way for Hannibal´s defeat. It took time - but was efficient.
Similarly, Fabian Socialists do not engage in revolutions as the leninists. They are waiting for us to become decadent in our luxurious  way of life - and have no moral resistance left. Then they will take world hegemony step by step through their planned crises.

Behind this old strategy is the New World Order and its efforts to establish a [15] world government over people who are as harmless as dairy cows. Because that is what they think everyone will be/are: paying royalties (energy, CO2 - [16] Daniel Estulin) to the illuminati master race of the New World Order and slaving for them without revolution - as humanity has always done throughout history - except perhaps for the last 100 years. They seem to underestimate Islam.
This is not even blasphemy, it is ideology - [3] another anti-gospel : It is diabolical that his religion is similar to Christ's social ideal - but in practice despises and ignores it as the Pharisees - and leads people to Hell.

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