Someone has said that climate policy is a luxury for people who don´t know what to do with their money – but that you cannot afford it when you are starving.
The global economic crisis is now inducing side effects – or perhaps rather desired effects: The madness of the New World order strategy is leading to differences of opinion which might end in chaos – even anarchy. The lied flagship of man-made climate  change is being exposed as impossible to finance – and it always causes trouble, when a religious ideology has to be abolished..

Athen-balladeIn Greece there is certainly no money for the climate delirium either. But there another side of the New World Order insanity is steering into a catastrophe: Firstly there has for a long time been no money for all the asylum seekers from Muslim countries. Greece approved only 140 of the 20,692 asylum applications made in 2007, according to the UN refugee agency. Secondly these asylum seekers have now started the riots in Greece  – joined by students and anarchists – who demand much more money !
But so far the MSM haven´t  told us about the asylum seekers being the iniriators of the Greek riots.

The crisis for the Climate-crisis lie
EU Business News Dec. 8, 2008 
Chancellor Angela Merkel, who campaigned to make world industrial powers cut greenhouse gas emissions, vowed Monday to fight any EU climate deal that jeopardised German jobs as recession tightens its grip. "It must not take decisions that would endanger jobs or investments in Germany. I will make sure of that," she added.

Merkel championed climate protection during her presidencies last year of the EU and the Group of Eight most industrialised nations.

But the German economy — Europe's largest — has hit the skids in the meantime and jobs are at risk. The world's biggest exporter of goods fell into recession in the third quarter, according to official figures, and the economy is likely to contract next year at its fastest rate since 1945.

Against this backdrop, some economists are warning the cost of being green will become perilously high. Germany could lose more than 100,000 jobs - before 2020 even 300.000 if the EU makes industries pay for pollution rights.

Over the weekend, a number of regional leaders from Merkel's conservative bloc also warned of the risk to German companies of new climate protection regulations.

The crisis for the immigration ideology
Press Association Dec. 6, 2008
Hundreds of migrants waiting to submit asylum applications rioted in central Athens, setting fire to rubbish bins and attacking passing cars. This is confirmed by the International Herald Tribune on Dec. 6, 2008
According to Bloomberg, 8 Dec. 2008 a 15-year-old Greek protester was shot dead by an attacked  policeman who will now be prosecuted for murder. This would have neutralized the police force effectively and pave the way for anarchy)

Stenkastende-muslimer-i-london-east-endIn the UK according to the MailOnline Dec. 8, 2008 Immigrants will have to wait up to 10 years for the right to claim UK benefits and council housing in the toughest crackdown seen for decades, it emerged last night. All legal migrants will have to serve a five year 'probationary citzienship' before being considered for a passport, immigration minister Phil Woolas said.

Those who work hard, are law-abiding and do voluntary work will be eligible for benefits one or two years afterwards.But others will have to wait another five years before they can claim any benefits at all, in order to deter migrants who see Britain as a soft touch for benefit claimants.

Immigration Minister, Phil Woolas said: 'Entitlement to benefits should be for citizens of our country, not other people. If you are a citizen you have earned the right to benefits. People must show they are here to work.'
It follows the news that Afghan mother-of-seven Toorpakai Saeidi was living in a £1.2 million mansion in West London and claiminig £175,000 per year in benefits at the taxpayer's expense.

Phil Woolas will probably have problems with the EU rules and UNHuman Rights: They will hardly allow such a discrimination of the sanctified immigrants, who are such an enrichment of our culture..

Any one prone to logical thinking could tell that the flag-battleships of the New World Order: the climate-lie and immigration would destroy our societies and cause ethnic and social riots and chaos. Probably, this is just the beginning of the great chaos they are planning for us – including stealing our money and freedom.

Revolutionary communism is returning to create police states
The GlobalResearch writes on 8 Dec., 2008: With the 'social safety net' seriously compromised, we can expect a rapid and deep process of impoverishment to take effect as the downturn unfolds. Harsh 'solutions' will produce suffering and an anger that forms the basis for fighting back.

I speak from the standpoint of someone who is active in anti poverty struggles in Toronto. It would be hard to overestimate the degree to which this crisis will intensify the abuses of the neediest ….

There is one 'service' that has been exempt from austerity. That exception to the rule is policing.
The role of the police in poor communities will be stepped up in conditions of worsening poverty and destitution….As pressure on services and the level of visible homelessness increases, we can count on intensified police repression to be a key element of the attack that poor communities will have to respond to…. Immigrant communities will face a massively disproportionate level of attack. A Somali woman applying for the same benefit was told by another office that she should not expect such assistance because she was already better off in Canada than she had been in Africa….

There is a danger that this crisis is going to unfold with such speed and severity that it will create, for a period of time, a numbed passivity in communities under attack.
A veteran of 1930s organizing in Toronto once told me that the movement of those days could pull out large crowds at very short notice to block the efforts of the authorities to put families out of their homes. Such actions might well be possible in the not too distant future.

Individual locals with militant leaderships and oppositional groupings of trade unionists must link up with initiatives emerging from communities under attack.
Growing numbers of people will be drawn to question the very system that has so obviously failed to meet their needs and offer them a future. In poor communities, this crisis comes after a long process of pushing them down during the decades of neoliberalism. There is already anger and the realization that bad is going to get much worse will make large numbers.

The old communist revolutionary ideas seem to be reemerging – and now perhaps successfully leading to the wishful situation of the New World Order: Anarchy, chaos, blood shedding – so that at the end thereof anybody will scream for the New World Order and world governance.

This coincides with what Gerald Celente said in October: "There will be a revolution soon - and it will start as a revolution against taxes". In that same article, I described how US Secretary of State, Robert Gates, demanded a quick reinforcement of home front readiness. Already earlier combat troops were withdrawn from Iraq to reinforce the readiness at home.

Besides, we have violent and rapidly increasing immigrant tensions which will grow much worse e.g. because of a lack of money. See this terrible video from Athens. Here is really no money for sensseless CO2-combat.

I do not consider the people behind the New World Order (see the videos on the right margin of this blog) to be stupid nor the developing chaos to be incidental. They follow their Hegelian strategy: Thesis (destabilisation) – antithesis (riots, revolution, war)  - synthesis ( one step closer to the corporative world state and world governance).
In this way they managed the French Revolution and the birth of the Soviet Union, which was financed by Wall Street and Germany. Also Wall Street financed Hitler.
Their working programme is no doubt the “Albert Pike letter to Mazzini”  – which may not exist – but is known since the 1940´es.