Quite unexpectedly the EU has finally realized how dangerous the immigration is for all of us!


EU Press Release, Brussels, 5 December 2008: Commission presents policy options for EU strategy on invasive species
The European Commission presented a series of policy options for developing a strategy to deal with species from abroad which are threatening European biodiversity. Invasive species are a major threat to native …Europe. One such example… originally from Asia…poses a deadly threat …in the UK. Invasive species can …cause considerable damage to nature and human health. They can also have significant economic impacts: controlling invasive species and repairing the damage they do is estimated to cost European economies at least €12 billion each year. Although some EU countries have legislation to protect their national biodiversity, there is no harmonised approach across the EU. The Communication puts forward a number of policy options for a coordinated approach and measures that can be put in place immediately, including a Europe-wide early warning system to report new and emerging species.

European Commissioner, Stavros Dimas, said: "Invasive species are a major threat to biodiversity. Halting the loss of biodiversity in the EU will not be possible without tackling the problem of these unwelcome visitors. Given the way that these become quickly established and spread, measures taken by one Member State can have no effect if neighbouring countries fail to take action or respond in an uncoordinated manner. The ecological, economic and social consequences of the spread of invasive species for EU countries are serious and need a harmonised response."

Euromediterranien-luftfotoThe problem of invasive species (from a website referred to in the Press Release): 
Biological invasions by non-native or 'alien' species are one of the greatest threats to the ecological and economic well-being of the planet.

Alien species can act as vectors for new diseases, alter ecosystem processes, change biodiversity, disrupt cultural landscapes, … and cause other socio-economic consequences for man.

Invasive species have been brought to Europe either accidentally or intentionally for a variety of purposes such as agriculture and forestry. The constant growth in international and European trade and transport activities and the increasing movement of people around the world means that the number of these species is rising.

Isolated islands with high biodiversity are exceptionally vulnerable to invasion, which can have a disproportionate impact on local livelihoods, culture and economic opportunities.

Current methods for tackling invasive species in Europe
There is no harmonised system or consistency of approach between neighbouring countries to monitor and control invasive species and their effects on European biodiversity.

The need for coordinated action has been expressed at the highest political level and a commitment to an EU strategy is included in the EU's Action Plan to halt biodiversity loss by 2010 and beyond. Earlier this year the Commission launched a public survey to gather suggestions on how to tackle the issue effectively at EU level.

Proposed options for an EU strategy on invasive species
The Commission proposes a number of possible options. These include maximising the use of existing legislation together with voluntary measures. …Voluntary measures proposed include regular border control checks by Member States and voluntary codes of conduct to encourage responsible behaviour by retailers and consumers.

The Commission is proposing the immediate setting up of a Europe-wide early warning and information system to report new and emerging species. This is in line with an internationally agreed three-stage approach to tackle invasive species which is based on prevention, early detection and eradication, and control and containment measures.

The last option is to develop a new legal framework for tackling invasive species with independent procedures for assessment and intervention. A dedicated agency could also be set up to deal with technical aspects. Mandatory monitoring and reporting procedures and rapid response mechanisms could also be established.

Incredible. Should the EU finally comply with the Europeans' most burning desire?
Be happy!
Mixed marriageThe EU will preserve the original European races against immigrants as dangerous as the Asian ladybug to protect our own beloved little ladybug, butterflies and other insects. Such racist ideas and so great dangers occupy EU!

Oh! Maybe you thought that the press release would protect European two-legged individuals? Shame upon you! Such an idea is Nazi and racist and punishable by imprisonment for up to 3 years - according to the European Framework Decision on  Racism and Xenophobia!

For the two-legged the EU´s saint and prophet, Coudenhove Kalergi, led the way: Mixed marriages  without any other morals than those of the twisted Europena Charter on Fundamental Rights –  and a future Euro-negrid mixture population, as in ancient Egypt!

I can not help seeing the press release as
1st Deep racism and hypocrisy of an EU which discards one ladybug in favour of another ladybird. This means of course a biological, racial quality rating and a resulting exclusion, which is the very definition of racism. I see exactly the same trend for the two-legged, where the EU has excluded the Europeans and evaluated them negatively - and quality rated Asian and African immigrants as positve elements likely to inherit a realm they have failed to achieve in their homelands.
Why is the cultural landscape of agriculture so much more to be preserved than the spiritual, cultural landscape so laboriously created for us  over millennia by our ancestors paying with their sweat and blood?

2nd I can not help drawing parallels to another illuminist action - he Doomsday Seed Vault on Svalbard . There, too, the people of the New World Order are playing with genes - only there with racial purity - just as they supported Hitler´s breed approach - and here – in former days!

There is the possibility that this incredible press release may be a signal from a frustrated eurocrat about the EU hypocrisy on racial issues.
For despite the EU's incessant condemnations of recognizing that there are biological and insurmountable cultural differences between people - as well as animals – EU racism is a major component of the EU's illuminist (explanatory statement) New World Order policy. It is defined in terms of favouring or disfavouring any race as a master race at the cost of another race, be it black, white or brown. In nature birds of a feather stick together – but the EU excels in breaking that biological rule  for mankind only. Such behaviour is characteristic of ideologists – desk-racists.
To make the whole ting even more grotesque: “The recent public consultation on the problem of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) which ran from March until May, attracted 880 replies, three quarters of them from individuals.

The survey reveals widespread backing for action at EU level on invasive alien species:

Some 91% of respondents agreed on the urgent need to bring in new measures to prevent the spread of such organisms, with 85% agreeing on the importance of preventing the introduction of IAS in the wild.
An EU-wide early warning system would be welcomed by 90% of respondents, and 86% thought that Member States should be legally obliged to take action against the most harmful IAS.
Most respondents (90%) considered that the lack of public awareness would constitute a barrier to launching more stringent policies, and that it was therefore important to raise the profile of the issue (77%). 
The results of the consultation will now be used to help develop EU policy in this area, and inform the Communication from the Commission to be presented at the end of this year.

Why this demand for action, anger and a racist language on invading ladybugs – but not even a critical word on invading human species, who are much more costly and dangerous to our cultural landscape, biodiversity  and wellbeing – as we see on a daily basis on TV?  Why this linguistic difference about animals and humans with an ideology of conquest?