Indicators That the EU Is a Dictatorship

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[1] EU-Referendum Nov.7, 2008: Read this terrible attack by EU-Parliament President Pöttering and  Cohn-Bendit on Czech President Klaus .

In its preambel the [2] EU Charter on Fundamental Rights it is stated: “…it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law.”
How does the EU define democracy?
Just listen to the Commission´s 1. Vice-president and head of Communication, Margot Wallström on this [3] video: The leaders of the EU have invested so much time and energy in the Lisbon Treaty that they cannot stop it because of  the Irish “nay”, but will carry on with it. Not the peoples of Europe are to decide if they want this treaty or not: Their elected leaders are to decide about that.”

The problem is, however, that no matter which leader the Europeans vote for in the general elections, they are certain to elect one who is bought or threatened into the EU elite, a puppet. The Danish Prime minister had promised us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty – but went back on his word. In the latest Danish general elections the Lisbon Treaty was never discussed during the election campaign. When Parliament (Folketinget) was to debate the Treaty, the doors were closed and the [4] audience as well as the media thrown out!!!

At first the prime minister would not eliminate the [5] 4 Danish opts out to the Treaty which contain at least 4 judicial provisos preventing breach of the Danish Constitution. But then suddenly after the elections he wanted a referendum, since the polls then showed a majority to eliminate the opts out – until the EU Court of Justice ruled the “restrictive” Danish immigration policy to be against EU legislation – and so illegal. Furthermore we learned that 80 % of our legislation is made in Brussels.This  completely changed the attitude of the electorate – and the vote was postponed!!!
A referendum-nay is not taken for a “nay” – while a “yes” means we have had our last say!

Logo-EU-Muslim-Nazi-120So I have a feeling that the EU is more rule than democracy: I have been pondering on the following issues which remind me of the Soviet Union
1. The Parliament is only consultative, thank God, considering its attitudes and its members being acolytes of the legislating Commission.  The EU´s legislation is thus made by the non-elected bureaucrats of the Commission – and they are not accountable to an electorate for their activities. The laws are passed by the European Council of Ministers, an anonymous assembly, who is also not  accountable to the European electorate -  without any external debate. This is undemocratic.  
Listen to this [6] video where UKIP MEP Nigel Farage takes the Commission apart in the European Parliament, telling us that several members have a criminal or communist apparatchik past, that the Commission – which he calls the unelected government of Europe – is deeply incompetent!!   
2. The Parliament never shows the public any heated debates. And I think they never occur, considering reports by members like Bonde and Hannan.
3. Differing opinions are not welcome – as reported by [7] Daniel Hannan
4. The Commission is never criticized in public.
5. The decision making takes place behind closed doors (The Barcelona Declaration, The [8] Lisbon Treaty,The [9] Union for the Mediterranean). The [10] Europeans are too dangerous to the Europe of the elite.
6. The Eurocrats and politicians do anything they can to ignore the results of public referenda (Netherlands, France, Ireland – all others were denied the right of referenda).
7. They do anything they can to destroy European culture and to introduce Islam - so bitterly disliked by Europeans -  instead. Their argument that thereby qualified labour can be hoped for has now turned out to be unjustified for 40 years.
Barroso 2Anders-fogh-rasmussen-eu-traktat

 2 leading EU Bilderbergers

 8. Many EU leaders are affiliated to Rockefeller organisations having the purpose to abolish national states and Christianity.
Recently 2 Danish parties of Parliament asked for the minutes of the [11] Bilderberg meeting 2003 where the Danish Prime Minister participated – as he did in 2000 as well. The Prime Minister answered that he no longer was in possession of the minutes!!! However, to see what such meetings are about: World governance by means of non-elected, paid off [12] NGOs and an imperceptible energy (CO2) tax: see this report by journalist [13] Daniel Estulin who managed to sneak in to the 2005 meeting!!
9. The EU clique secretely stifle the freedom of speech ([14] Benita Ferrero Waldner, May 22, 2006, the [15] Framework Decision on Racism and Xenophobia threatening 3 years of imprisonment. This disgusting legislation was [16] praised by Danish then Minister of Justice, Lene Espersen, as “an important signal”. Of course, Lene Espersen admits to be a member of David Rockefeller´s and Obama adviser Brzezinski´s illuminist [17] Trilateral Commission. See this [18] video.  
10. [19] Opponents of the Lisbon Treaty are being called terrorists!!!
11. The EU clique break their own celebrated [2] EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, introducing the [20] The European Arrest warrant in 2004, which allows the arrest of one citizen by another European country after a trial in that foreign country without the citizen having been told or having any possibility to defend himself!!!  [21] here,  [22] here, [23] here, [24] here.
 Chapter VI of the Charter: Justice:“ Everyone whose rights and freedoms guaranteed by the law of the Union are violated has the right to an
effective remedy before a tribunal in compliance with the conditions laid down in this Article. Everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal previously established by law. Everyone shall have the possibility of being advised,
defended and represented.”
Everyone who has been charged shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law
No one shall be held guilty of any criminal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a criminal offence under national law or international law at the time when it was committed.“
12. They are building a big brother state under the pretext of “war against terrorism”, which they do not fight where it is needed – at home!
They are even building a police state to control us in every way, [25] here, [26] here, [27] here, [28] here.
13. These [29] illuminists (explanatory statement) have the audacity to impose a [30] meaningless CO2–tax upon us to stifle our economy which is in recession [31] due to their bank masters.
14. The EUSSR does all this to us without asking us, without having an informed public debate on it – and insolently calls it democracy,  a word so abused every day by the East German Radio in the days of the USSRAngela_merkel_051124.
[32] Gordon+Brown
                                              Another 2 EU Bilderbergers

As in all dictatorships there is a mocking contrast between the fine words and reality. “It is not about one small country – its a big idea – and we will prevail”, as Pres. Bush Sr. says in the video on the right side of this blog. Just as it was the case in any dictatorship throughout history. As always in dictatorships a small clique has usurped the power to lead as large parts of the world as they can get their mouths round to Hell.

But they can only do so because they satiated us to become peaceable and apathetic  like appeased guard dogs  so as to allow them their dirty tricks.  

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