How to Surrender Denmark piecemeal to Islam and Anarchists

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On July 11, 2006, the police of Copenhagen denied SIAD the right of demonstrating at Nørrebro, a Muslim and anarchistic quarter of the City. Answering me in a letter from March 21, 2007, the Minister of Justice declined to annul that decision. Now even the police is giving up - so that the New World Order can really thrive and spread freely. The following is from TV2 News, Denmark.

"Starting from the acts of arson of the latest days there are persons, who like to chain the actions to the behaviour of the police in the area around the People´s Park. The police is  still to maintain law and order in the area and take measures against breaches of the law.  [2]

Nørrebro smashed up. But don´t be mistaken. To blame are not the Muslims and anarchists. No, the police is to blame, because it will maintain our law and order against holy Sharia.

The consequence of our resolute intervention in the area has brought about that street patrols and dog cars have the effect of a red rag on the youngsters.  Therefore, the patrols of the Emergency Squad and the Dog Patrol will not make any searches in the area around Blågårds Square and the People´s Park.

We are to patrol the area and intervene in relation to offences as usual and support primarily the  patrol cars of Bellahøj.

The reason is the focusing on the problem , and that we are not to be the cause of anybody  exploiting the siuation. We have a responsibility to the persons who risk having their cars burnt or, which is worse, having to be evacuated from burning buildings in the middle of the night.

I have an understanding for the frustrations this may cause, considering the fine and real police work that has been carried out in the area until now. But the decision has to be seen as part of a larger specific way of solving the present serious problems." 

[3] Criticism from police lines: The decision to reduce control is met with criticism from both politicians and constables .

Chairman of the Police Association of Copenhagen, Claus Oxholm, does not understand the decision :

"This makes me shake my head. I do understand that colleagues are dissatisfied and think "what is this, why are we to succumb to what some - well untimely-  persons who choose to complain about the police? And then a choice is made to react from that," says Claus Oxholm.

Peter Skaarup, Spokesman on legal matters for the Danish People´s Party, says:

"We do not think the police provokes. We think the youngsters are provoking. These youngsters want to direct the course of events, and they are not to be allowed to do so."

[4] Committee: Monitor police searches. Or in other words: It is criminal to suspect fire-raising muslims of being the criminals behind the many arsons in Denmark lately. 

"It is a sign of discrimination if certain ethnic groups are searched more often than others, and the police should be able to document that this does not take place," says Eva Smith.

"It is obvious that at inner Nørrebro, e.g., there will be many immigrants among those searched, but their share should still not exceed the composition of inhabitants in general,"  Smith says.

Praising British police
In autumn the ECRI presented a report with 20 recommendations to combating racism in the police. In particular British police was praised for registering the ethnicity of those searched. 

"In England much is made of having searches corresponding to the composition of the population. And if a group is overrepresented the policemen are asked to account for the cause thereof," says Smith.

This is not done in Denmark.

"We stop those who attract the attention of the police, and then it means nothing if people have black hair or not,"  says spokesman for the police of Copenhagen, Flemming Steen Munk.

Nor can police director Hanne Bech Hansen see the idea of following the recommendation from ECRI.

"We have not estimated this to be necessary. Anyway we shall not start on this on our own. But of course, if it is imposed upon us it is another matte,"  Hanne Bech Hansen states.

Since last new year Danish Police has been searching citizens at central Odense, central Hillerød, Esbjerg, Køge, Ålborg, Åbenrå, as well as several quarters of Copenhagen. 


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