The Shearing of the Sheep: The Grotesque UN Climate Conference in Poznan Dec. 1-12, 2008

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While large parts of Northern Europe are covered by massive snow – beginning at an unusually early time already in October – a tragi-comic event is taking place in Poland.
[1] Poznan-konf.-logo[2] EU Dec. 2008: From Dec. 1 to 12, more than 10.000  participants will come to the various UN climate meetings in Póznan (Posen) from 170 countries on global warming. The EU has promised to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% compared with the 1990 level –and if other equal countries accept this same target the EU will even reduce by 30%. Now the Tempoary Climate Committee of the EU Parliament even demands a [3] 80% cut by 2050!
Comment: I wonder how much unnecessary CO2 all these special flights emit?

[4] Top-10-warmest yearsRight: Top ten warmest years since the 1920´es ([5] NASA Database)
According to Joseph D´Aleo,  Executive Director of the International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project

This blog has previously  described the ETS (European  Emission Trading Scheme) and the [6] ECX (the European Climate Exchange) as well as the bankers behind (Rockefeller, Rothschild, Al Gore). The estimated [7] price  for the 20% reduction is 200 bn dollars annually by 2030. I have previously described the climate hoax [8] here, [9] here, [10] here and how it was disclosed as a [11] manipulated lie

Especially Eastern European EU countries and Germany are opposed to these reductions – so Sarkozy seems willing to let the most polluting factories carry on for free!!! ([12] EurActiv Nov 27.2008). Member states would be able to book up to 70% of emissions reductions credits by investing in clean development projects in third countries. Green groups worry that, if adopted as such, the climate package would effectively be 'dead'

 There are also concerns that a weak compromise deal would seriously undermine the EU's credibility in international climate change negotiations. "Everyone is looking for the EU to fail."

[13] The Telegraph Dec. 1, 2008 :  The Chair  of the British Committee  on Climate Change, Lord Turner,  stated  that 1,7 mio British households would be driven into fuel poverty by the recommended CO2-reductions.

Here is an extensive [14] Programme
showing that the Poznan meeting is much more than just a technical meeting on the reduction of CO2-emission.

It is world governance trying to control  sectors like: gender equality, biodiversity, banking, global carbon market, migration, energy security, sustainable buildings , transport , international security.

[15] Nuuk-temperaturer

[16] Temp.-US Below: Temperatures since 1880 in Nuuk , Greenland (left) and the USA ([5] NASA) right.    According to Joseph D´Aleo,  Executive Director of the International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project.

Well how does the ETS work – and who benefits from it? 

[17] The Times Online Nov. 30, 2008  The Treasury raked in a cool £54m from a brand new source. The occasion was Britain’s first auction of CO2 permits. Almost 4m were knocked down to greenhouse gas emitters in a sale that was four times oversubscribed. The government expects to sell 80m more over the next four years, raising a further £1 billion.

Carbon trading schemes originate from the UN Kyoto protocol of 1997.
By charging companies for the right to emit CO2, the government hopes to encourage them to switch to cleaner and greener technologies. It is the latest development in a global campaign to save the planet by making polluters pay.

We are witnessing the birth of the greatest and most complex commodity market the world has seen. Last year alone, permits worth more than £55 billion were traded on the world’s carbon markets – but future trading volumes, if all goes global according to plan, will dwarf these.

But, alas! Some of those closest to the carbon markets say openly that the system is doomed to failure.

[18] 1970 to 2005: CO2 increases as the temperature remains stable since. 
[19] CO2-graf-NIWA

[20] UAH-temp 




Carbon trading shows no sign of achieving its purpose: CO2 emissions have increased, not slackened, since the first trading schemes.

Nevertheless, the 10,000 politicians, policy-makers and civil servants arriving this week in Poznan will consider a proposal to make carbon trading one of the world’s main tools for cutting greenhouse gas emissions after the Kyoto protocol expires in 2012.

The incongruity of proposing that a brand new financial market might be able to save the world – when faith in every other kind of financial market is tumbling – needs no underlining.

Even Jim Hansen, director of the Nasa Goddard space centre and a renowned critic of global measures to combat climate change, believes carbon trading is a “terrible” approach.
Carbon trading does not solve the emission problem at all,” he says. “In fact it gives industries a way to avoid reducing their emissions.

The chances of any politician cutting deeply enough  are negligible. Consumers – voters – have to foot the bill when the cost of permits turns up in domestic energy prices. British consumers are already paying about £60 extra each year on their gas and electricity bills to support renewable energy.

If a company is emitting too much CO2 it can either make cuts or pay other companies to cut their emissions instead. If it turns out to be cheaper to pay someone in China to plant a forest to absorb carbon dioxide, or a factory in India to install clean technology to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases, then this is allowed, provided the project has been approved under the UN framework convention on climate change. For each tonne of CO2 saved, the convention issues a certified emission reduction certificate, or CER.

An Indian company that produces refrigeration gases at a sprawling chemical plant in Rajasthan, stood to make £300m from selling certificates to overseas companies including Shell and Barclays. The Indian company had spent just £1.4m on equipment to reduce its emissions – and was using the profit to expand production of another greenhouse gas, a thousand times more .

One official estimated that up to 20% of the carbon credits issued did not represent genuine reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. This meant that the real effect of the system had been to increase the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

There is of course another huge incongruity in Russia, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of coal, gas and oil, also in effect having control of the system for reducing emissions from these fossil fuels. It means that the West could end up paying the Russians for fuel – and then paying them again for the right to burn it.

Undeterred by these fundamental flaws, the UN is planning many more CER schemes. About 4,000 are awaiting approval, including plans for capturing methane from Indian chicken farms, Filipino pig farms and Thai coal mines.

A recent peer-reviewed paper from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, the government’s leading academic research centre for global warming, warned that stabilising climate  would lead to economic recession
At the Royal Society, Professor Kevin Anderson, director of the Tyndall Centre, spelt it out: “The target set for the climate talks was to keep global temperature rises below 2C. At the moment, however, the level of emissions is rising so fast that we are heading for a world that is 4-5C warmer than now by 2100. Carbon trading has no meaning””  

In other words, if the scientists are right, all our efforts to fight off the recession are wrongheaded.

This is the New World Order in practice: Lies, brainwashing propaganda, greed, pseudoscience, striving for world governance.

The means is to tell us how terrible the world will be in a few years – unless we do something very expensive now! Through this scaremongering they steal our money and take over world governance to enslave us even more.

At the 2005 Bilderberg meeting journalist [21] Daniel Estulin
sneaked inside and witnessed how the leaders of the world  discussed introducing an imperceptible global energy tax for them to build their UN-governed world republic. Voila! The CO2 tax/duty!
Which even [22] Jim Hansen, the father of the lie of man-made global warming 
calls terrible - but probably only because this measure cannot be made sufficiently expensive!


Temperature and CO2 through the last 600 mio years: [23] No CO2–global warming correlation

Pth!! Conspiracy theory! I hear some of you as saying. But just tell me – what other word than conspiracy practice covers  the fact that the leaders of the entire world convene and are so “sure” that there is a man-made global warming, when 54% of academic climate experts [24] could not confirm this a year ago,
when  we still have lower temperatures than in the Medieval Ages, when for the last 10 years temperature is constant after having risen 0,7 degrees C over the last 150 years after a “minor ice age” between 1500 and 1870 – even falling within the last year -and at the same time the CO2 is increasing , and  when 450 mio years ago we had [25] much more CO2 in the air – and ice age?

[23] As Czech President Klaus has said: This is about our freedom. And that man has a lifelong training in smelling ideological dictatorship!


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