Vaclav-klausThe Irish Times, Nov. 25, 2008:  CZECH PRESIDENT Vaclav Klaus has signalled he will not sign the Lisbon treaty unless it is ratified by Ireland, even if his country's top court rules it is line with Czech law.

"Only afterwards it would be the presidential signature's turn. I have no reason to be another European to urge Ireland to do something. Simply, no change can occur without Ireland changing its position," said Mr Klaus yesterday in an interview where he also warned that the treaty would result in a "fatal restriction of the national sovereignty".

EU Business Nov 26, 2008  : A top Czech court Wednesday ruled that the EU's Lisbon Treaty is in line with the constitution, paving the way for its ratification by parliament after six months of deadlock.

"The Lisbon Treaty (…) does not run counter to the constitutional order," said Pavel Rychetsky, chairman of the constitutional court based in the southern city of Brno.

The court rejected the arguments of eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus who described the treaty as "running counter to the constitution" and undermining the country's sovereignty.

The verdict still allows opponents to contest the document after it has been approved by parliament as the judges did not deal with the treaty as a whole but only with disputed articles.

After the parliament vote, the treaty must also be signed by Klaus who said earlier he may sign the document only after it has been passed by Ireland.

His Polish counterpart and eurosceptic ally Lech Kaczynski has been putting off his signature for eight months now.

The Irish government is now under increasing pressure to call a second referendum which they are expected to do some time next year. Its decision on a new vote could be announced before an EU summit in Brussels on December 11-12.

European leaders were anxious to get the reform treaty passed before European parliament elections next June but obstacles are now mounting with the Irish and Czech challenges and the global economic crisis.

After a meeting between French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris yesterday, a senior French official told reporters: "We hope that the Lisbon Treaty does not get delayed too much and we are therefore working with the Irish for a timetable [for a new vote] that will be fixed towards the end of 2009."


French officials believe the financial crisis could change Irish voters' opinion towards the treaty."All of a sudden Europe has become popular . . . We are stronger together," said the official.
Comment: Who is profiting from the financial chaos?

Most senior EU officials and member states want the Government to act before a possible change of government in Britain, which could bring to power a eurosceptic Conservative government that may scrap the treaty altogether.

There is also growing concern to get a commitment from Mr Cowen to hold another vote on Lisbon during the French presidency of the EU before the Czech Republic takes over the rotating presidency in January 2009.

The activities of the deeply eurosceptic Mr Klaus, and the controversy caused on his recent state visit to Ireland, have alarmed supporters of Lisbon, who fear the Czech president may plunge his country into a constitutional crisis to delay or defeat the treaty.

Czech prime minister Mirek Topolanek has said his government would ratify the treaty early in the new year if the court rules it is line with the Czech constitution.

However it remains legally unclear if the presidential signature of Mr Klaus is required to complete the ratification process.

Eu-flag-brændes-af fiskereAs I have previously stated on this blog that President Klaus of Czechia is a man you can trust, probably the only European politician of this category.
The Czech Constitutional Court has now declined the argument of Pres. Klaus that the Lisbon Treaty is contradictory to Czech sovereignty – thus contradicting its own verdict from one year ago – according to Pres. Klaus before the verdict!!


One cannot help pondering if this  lack of logics is due to threats or bribery!

Nevertheless,  there are plenty of additional options to file further complaints to the Czech Constitutional Court, as expected by Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek  – thus  delaying the moment when Pres. Klaus will have to refuse his signature – which I am in little doubt he will do. The Irish are probably not keen upon having another vote soon – apparently pushing a decision off  till the Czech presidency after jan. 1, 2009!
That means we could move quite close to the British genearal elections in 2010, at the latest, which could finally bury the undemocratic  Lisbon Treaty.

And what about Germany where a decision on the compatibility of the Lisbon Treaty with the German Constitution is still being tried at the Bundesverfassungsgerichtshof in Karlsruhe – due to the skill of Prof. Karl  Albrecht Schachtschneider?

The EU has exerted massive pressure to Ireland with threats and incentives  –  and totally disregarded the real motive of the Irish nay: A massive mistrust in the dictatorial EU bureaucracy. Now the EU has succeeded.  
EurActiv 28. Nov. 2008: An all-party parliamentary report published in Dublin yesterday cleared the way for a re-run of the failed 12 June Lisbon Treaty referendum in Ireland, which threw the Union into crisis.
Comment: Note the word “failed.

Significantly, the report warns that other EU countries are likely to develop a mechanism to allow them to move forward - without Ireland - with the reforms envisaged by the treaty. The current world economic crisis also appeared to be a major argument in favour of the Irish thinking again.

The report also rejected as "undesirable" a suggestion that Ireland could ratify the Lisbon Treaty through its parliament. Scholars had pointed out that this solution was legally possible, but politically difficult to sell to the Irish people.
Little doubt now remains that a second referendum will be held, although its timing and the exact question that the Irish would be asked to answer are remain unclear. Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowen is expected to present his views on "the way forward" at the 11-12 December EU summit in Brussels.
I am certain that solutions can be found next month to respond to these concerns and give the Irish Government the assurances it needs," EU Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering stated after a visit to the Irish Parliament!!! Napoleon-sarkozy

Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy so mistrusts  the coming Czech EU Presidency so much that he intends to go on ruling the EU through the Union for the Mediteranean, the Eurozone, a continuing mediation role with Russia and Georgia as levers. Says French Secretary of State for European Affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Sarkozy's key fixer during the EU presidency, openly criticizing Germany for resisting French proposals for a coordinated European economic recovery program: "All we are saying is that it is better to have an economic union and economic coordination than to have disorderly national responses."

The good news is that the French overzealousness is offending the EU partners – especially Germany