On Febr.15, 2008, the Muslim community Hisb-ut-tahrir, demonstrated in Copenhagen on the occasion of 17 newspapers reprinting the Muhammad Cartoons.

On Noerrebrogade a screaming mob marched (shaking video from "Gates of Vienna"), whose language seems to be limited to "Allah-u-Akbar", towards Skt Hans Square. The speaker, Hisb-ut-tahrir-leader, Fadi Abdullatif, who has been convicted of calls to kill the Jews, screamed according to the Danish newspaper  "Politiken" of 15.02.2008 from his platform:

Fadi Abullatif , Hisb-ut-tahrir on 15.02.2009

"We are gathered here today, because  the freedom of expression is an accursed instrument in the hands of politicians . In  Islam we have an obligation to speak the truth. The freedom of expression is the freedom to lie (Indeed:Islam´s taqija). It is a deliberate provocation on the side of the  government and an attempt to subdue the Muslim minority in Denmark, when it accepts reprinting of the cartoons. Once more our beloved prophet is exposed to insults and attacks. This is part of a campaign against Muslims to make us abandon our faith, but they shall never win," whereupon the audience cried "Sieg - er, Allah-u-Akhbar" - "Allah is great". "The Prime Minister calls the reprinting necessary, but he uses the freedom of speech as a deliberate provocation to harm Islam".

The Caliphate is the answer

"It is the Caliphate alone which  is capable of stopping the offences. A state which rules by the sword and not by words. Rise and establish a Caliphate which lives for the sake of Islam and defends the Koran, Muhammad and his Sharia. A state that shows the price of insulting the prophet", Abdullatif said from his platform. "Silence and submission have come to an end."

Riots are damaging
By the excesses during the last week, where young Muslims supported by their  Danish autonomer henchmen from the mental hygienic wringer have burnt innumerable cars and schools, Islam has once more reminded us that their peace talk is sheer taqija, i.e. Islam´s "legal" lie - to  pull wool over the eyes of European dhimmis, i.e. slavish minds (Koransura 9:1). A technique Hitler mastered to perfection.

The Muslims claim the motive for their arsons to be the reprinting of the cartoons. This is not true, since they started the arsons even several days before the 2 Tunesian men were arrested who demonstrably planned to kill one of the cartoonists. It was the death threat of the Tunesians which made the 17 newspapers reprint in protest and sympathy with the cartoonist.

In the night between Febr. 14 and 15,  2008, the fire brigades turned out to 110 SA arsons (Muslims and their autonomer henchmen)  in Denmark (Snaphanen 15.02.2008)

"Those who scare the population by these riots only serve the rightists of the country who want to harm Islam", Abullatif hypocritically said just after having called on the Muslims to take up the sword.

By his latter remark Abdullatif betrays unexpected intelligence: He seems to know that he attains more by having naive and blind Danes still believing in islam as "the religion of peace". But when down to 12-year-old  children are playing arsonists we know the picture from the Palestinian Intifada: The children are sent to war by adults because they are below the age of consent!!

                                                The school at Værebro aflame (Ekstra Bladet 14.02. 2008)

How are such incompatible parallel societies to live in peace in the same country? We have offered the Muslims all our opportunities, but they cannot or will not accept them. There are 2 options: Strong Islam eats the decadent and weak Europeans and makes us orthodox Muslims - or the weak Europeans wake up and suddenly turn strong so as to throw the supporters of the trouble-maker ideology - still in the minority - out of our countries. The latter option is, unfortunately, hardly likely, because we are too much brainwashed by  Mental Hygiene and the 68-revolutionists of the New World order.

Now we are facing the questions: Why does a tolerant state of law put up with intolerance ? Why  does a state of law put up with its citizens agitating for the rule of the sword in stead of the rule of words? And why do we put up with Abdullatif urging rebellion against the Danish state? This is high treason - whereby, unfortunately, he becomes a colleague of our politicians who have sold us to Islam through the Euromediterranean Empire. Now our politicians and police force are impotent against these forces of darkness, leaving us, the indegenous peoples of Europe, in the lurch - even denying us the right of self defence.. 

The answer is: Because we are decadent and cowardly and hope that the sword will not hit ourselves - but only our neighbour !!  So, we deserve anything Islam throws at us! For we have not pressurized our politicians.