Ansamed 14 July, 2008, French Pres. Sarkozy: "We will turn the Mediterranean into what we have built with the EU!"

The European Parliament 31 Oct, 2008:"The Arab world is being held in honour on 3 to 7 November in the framework of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. The European Parliament vibrates to the rhythm of the East through many cultural events  All eyes are turned toward diversity and cultural richness of the Arab world. "The Arab world is, through Arab communities in the Member States of the Union, a component of European societies today," said said Hans-Gert Poettering, President of European Parliament. Also the Arab culture and its influence on European culture will be honoured. Amr Moussa, President of the Arab League, will visit the European parliament.”

Barcelona Process:  Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial Conference, Marseille, 3-4 November 2008: Final declaration
This first Summit marked an important step forward for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership while also highlighting the EU and Mediterranean partners' unwavering commitment and common political will to make the goals of the Barcelona Declaration – the creation of an area of peace, stability, security and shared prosperity, as well as full respect of democratic principles, human rights and fundamental freedoms and promotion of understanding between cultures and civilizations in the Euro-Mediterranean region – a reality.

Ministers propose that as from Marseille the "Barcelona Process: Union for the
Mediterranean'' should be called "Union for the Mediterranean".

Ministers decide that the League of Arab States shall participate in all meetings at all levels
of the Barcelona Process:
Union for the Mediterranean.

Ministers reiterate their condemnation of terrorism…

They also reiterate the complete rejection of attempts to associate any religion, civilization or culture with terrorism!!

The parties shall …support processes aimed at …the long term possibility of establishing a Euro-Mediterranean pact.

4 new members of theBarcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia and Montenegro, together with Albania

A: Co-presidency
:  One of the co-presidents will be from the EU and the other from theMediterranean partner countries.
B: The Senior Officials are mandated to deal with all aspects of the initiative. Prepare the Ministerial meeting, and submit project proposals to them as well as the annual work programme for adoption.
C: The biennial Summits of Heads of State
will endorse the strategic priorities of the
Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean passed to it through Foreign Ministers.
D: Joint Permanent Committee will be based in Brussels. It will assist and prepare the meetings of the Senior Officials.
E: The joint Secretariat will have a key role within the institutional architecture.The mandate of the Secretariat is of a technical nature.

There will be one Secretary General and five Deputy Secretaries General.
For the first term of office, the five Deputy Secretaries General will be from the
following Euro-Mediterranean partners: Palestinian Authority, Greece, Israel, Italy,

F: The Conferences of the Foreign Ministers

G: Euromediterranean Parliament
1. The Ministers believe that the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly (EMPA)
reinforces the democratic legitimacy of the Partnership.
The Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean requires a strong parliamentary dimension. The position of the EMPA should be further consolidated and its work better articulated.

Here is a  typical example of the EU´s distorsion of the concept of democracy:  They think that the EMPA brings democratical legitimation into the undemocratic Euromed-Process - which almost nobody has heard about because of the coordinated, systematic concealment in the media  -   and that just because they use the word "parliament" in connection with the EMPA, which nobody has heard of either, let alone elected !!!

2. Create a Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly. The Assembly's members would
represent EU local and regional elected officials??? and elected officials from Mediterranean
partner countries equally
, similar to parliamentary representation in the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.

Fields of Cooperation to be pursued 2009
Political Partnership,  Maritime Safety, Energy ,Transport, Agriculture, Urban development, Water, Environment, Information Society, Regulations on issues for electronic communications, Interconnection of research, Networks, Tourist destinations ,They also invited FEMIP to mobilise its whole range of financial instruments.

Establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area up to 2010
Promoting dialogue between cultures, cultural diversity through The Anna Lindh Foundation for Dialogue in cooperation with the UN Alliance of Civilisations, Euromed cooperation in the field of youth  promoting mobility, as well as through the new Euro-Med Heritage Programme, Justice and Law, Strengthening the role of women in society.
Civil society: improved interaction with governments and parliaments, strengthening the role of civil society.

 The Euromed and Media consultations will continue - with self regulation: EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero Waldner, 22 May 2006

Legal migration, development and the fight against illegal migration,

De-pollution of the Mediterranean, Maritime and Land Highways. Develop a "Motorway of the sea" project, Mediterranean Solar Plan. A meeting took place on industrial cooperation between ministers for industry of the Union for the Mediterranean on Nov 5-6

This is absolute madness because of two factors: The Koran and the Hadiths
It is planned destruction of European democracy, religion and culture.

Coudenhove Kalergi´s, the founder of the first popular movement for a united  Europe, prophecy is being fulfilled: "The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar to the appearance of the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."

Soeren Kern,  Brussels Journal Sept. 17, 2008 
Spain now has a total of 5.2 million immigrants, who make up more than 10 percent of Spain’s population, which has swelled from 40 million in 2000 to just over 46 million as of 1 January 2008.
Spanish jobless numbers shot up by 500,000 during the past 12 months to reach 11 percent in July 2008, or 2.5 million.

                                                                    David Dees

In Zapatero’s feminist government , it’s de la Vega who calls the shots - and she just forbid Labour minister Corbacho to stop import of labour from the Euromediterranean partner countries .

In early September in Roquetas del Mar fighting erupted between Spanish Gypsies and African immigrants, who went on a rampage,  erecting barricades, smashing shop windows and for two days keeping riot police at bay with stones and bottles. With the Spanish economy on the brink and unemployment rising, incidents such as the one in Roquetas del Mar may be a taste of things to come. 
A well founded assumption in Italy, too, who has declared a state of emergency due to immigration, possibly in order to keep the Italians at bay. Italy has seen very violent clashes between gypsies and Italians. And it is probably going to get much worse: Italian pres. Giorgio Napolitano, Ansamed, Nov. 14, 2008 in the Senate:"Regular immigrants are giving us ''new life-blood''. It is in our own interests to realise a ''better integration'' of those who come to work among us and their family members, as ''they are an element of renewal and of strength for the Italian nation'', ''they enrich our population with valid contributions and precious dynamism''. Warm approbation has arrived from the Vatican from Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino, who expressed his full agreement. This year more than 38.000 foreigners are expected to receive Italian citizenship.

There is just one explanation for EU´s ruthless promotion of the Union for the Mediterranean: A fervent, religious desire to see the world republic of the New World Order established. Our Christian national identities obstruct this - and therefore have to be eliminated by all undemocratic and mean means.