Mental Hygienic methods to prepare us for the Europmediterranean Empire by means of “useful idiots”.

Malmö (Sweden) intends to send 10-12 year-old school children from 3 schools to Saudi Arabia for one week to learn the most fundamentalist Wahabi Islam-  as appearing in the protocol of the meeting of the City Council on Jan. 23,2008.  Thereupon the Saudi children are to visit Sweden. Who pays? Saudi Arabia, Malmö´s Rotary Club, and Swedish taxpayers. The Swedish embassy in Riad and the Saudi Ministry of Education are also involved
This comes in the "EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue" , which also aims at luring children below the age of 18 into an Islamic multiculture. All this is the logical consequence of the programme presented in Rabat on June 13, 2005, by the leader, Olaf. G. Hansen, of the Danish Foreign Ministry´s "Danish Centre for Cultural Development" (DCCD).

“Mr. Henrik Melius of Spiritus Mundi and Saudi Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education signed an agreement for the joint venture to promote cultural relations between children in the (Saudi) Kingdom and children in Sweden on Tuesday, 11 December 2007, in the presence of the Ambassador of Sweden Jan Thesleff.”

Suddenly it is no longer so strange that a group of Swedish musicians unite in a wild dance with an Arab folklore group from Jordan.”

Having gotten tired of the talk on hostility to strangers, segregation, racism in the media and various debates Henrik had contact with the musician Falah Sabbar via a theatre project in Malmö. Together they wrote the texts about human understanding, love and visionary thoughts about how cultural meeting can influence towards peace and breaking down walls built up between people and cultures.  Now a number of Arab musicians fom the region of Malmö form a mixture of Arab folklore and Swedish pop


20 000 school children from Malmö´ s isolated quarters are to take part in the film and the good Arab world through good conversation and creative work.  Multiculturalism is beautiful and enriches the culture of our country. The horror must go and be exchanged for curiosity.” (The newspaper Norra Västerbotten , March 3, 2006)

The Aim of “Spiritus Mundi” (World spirit) is:” to focus on increasing the dialogue and understanding among people with Muslim background and people with another background (
note that the native non-Muslims are here considered to be deviationists) ! by e.g. illuminating and emphasizing cultural aspects and the values of the Muslim world.” 
 “Create long-term culturally bridging processes in collaboration with teachers and pupils of the schools of Malmö, in Sweden, Europe and the remaining world. The curiosity of the children is aroused through the creation of art and travels to the everyday life in each others´countries.”

A mixed Sharia future: Hannah and Muhammad. When will Hanna have to take the scarf or the burka?

Wahabism is the Saudi Arab state mission supported by the King. In 2004 there were about 1000 Wahabi missioners in Europe. This ism sticks to the most barbarian rules given by  Muhammed, teaching hatred to the West. It is financed by Saudi oil money. Usama bin Laden is a preacher of Wahabism. (Rolf Sloth-Henriksen: “Muslimske Ekstremistbevægelser i Danmark”, Dansk Kultur, Rafael 2004).

So why  does the government of an EU country, Sweden, support indoctrination of Swedish children with Wahabism?


Henrik Melius greeting El-Gafrawi, the European representative of ISESCO and the president of EMP.
In the background the EMP-logo is faintly seen.

Malmö has more to offer the EU and Islam than the souls of its school children. For 10 years the Town has been hostimg the EMP Media, which is a very powerful Arab firm supported by the Egyptian Health Minister, Home Secretary and Tourist Minister, a General, The Library of Alexandria (the home city of the Anna Lindh Foundation) etc. It imports Muslim propaganda from Egypt to Europe. In spite of the ususal meaning of EMP as Euro-Mediterranean Project I have not been able to find links between this firm and the EU. And because of the bad English linguistic proficiency  I don´t  think there is any.
Its president is Salah-El-Din El Gafrawi , the European representative of ISESCO in Europe and general coordinator of the" cultural strategy.”

El Gafrawi is also advisor to the Al Maktoum Foundation of the Finance Minister of Dubai: "Islamicjerusalem gives us a model of a common space in which people from different backgrounds can live together. Islamicjerusalem is described in the Holy Qur’an as ‘surrounded with barakah’: a place which radiates goodness and blessings.  Islamicjerusalem, so central to Islam and Muslims, and a place which is so important to three great faiths, has become clear as a region in which diversity and pluralism thrive!!!". Al Maktoum has just opened a Multicultural Centre in Dundee.

Besides Henrik Melius has invited The Grand Mufti of Cairo, Ali Gomaa, whom Spiritus Mundi proudly declares the greatest Sharia expert of Islam, to Sweden - and had his accept!

Sweden´egyptian Ambassador , Henrik Melius, and ISESCO´s European representative, El Gafrawi who is also the President of EMP.

As previously stated the ISESCO is committed to spread Islam to the whole world and prevent Muslims living in not yet Muslim countries from leaving Islam (ISESCO Charter, arts. 4 and 5a).
This is welcomed by the Swedish government and the EU, because their Euromediterranean Empire desperately needs the old illusion of ”Golden Andalusia (Al-Andalus from 711-1492)”, where Europeans, Jews  and Muslims are imagined to have lived together in flourishing harmony under the noble sway of Islam .

Malmö was a Danish city until 1658, when Denmark´s king betrayed it. Therefore, it´s not amazing that traitor mentality also occurs on the western side of the Sound. Here is a company from the Danish Centre for Cultural Development (DCCD) paid by the Foreign Ministry. They have just (2005) in cooperation with ALECSO, UNESCO and the EU made a treacherous agreement with ISESCO about giving all of Europe to Islam to Islam. 

This high treason takes place without the peoples of Europe being respected - or even informed about it - the exception being the rather unsuccessful 6-week Muslim propaganda offensive in 2006 in Denmark,"Images of the Middle East" arranged by the DCCD under royal protection!!. For as Nicolas Sarkozy said: Europeans are too dangerous for our Europe to be entrusted with referenda again!
This contempt for us is due to a political will to promote the”illuminist holy Euromediterranean Empire,  the laws and interests of which are to extend beyond the borders of Europe, so that Europe can take its roll as the leader of the “New emerging  World Order", the World State: ”When Europe leads… the world follows” (José Barroso, Pres. of the EU Commission).

This desire is so forceful that “The EU Commission now stresses that Europe should be open to ties with all relevant "democratic" actors, including Islamic political movements and parties. This change forms an important opening for constructive engagement with Islamic activism”. Which is then recommended to the Dutch Government. (Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy 2006).

Amazed? Don´t be. According to Bat Ye´or (Eurabia 2005, p. 43) neonazi-Arab groups with high political connections established a widespread network after WW2,  funded by Arab money. One of the most important centres was Malmö. They worked for the European-Arab Dialogue, which started in 1973 in Copenhagen – and led to the Euromediterranean Declaration in Barcelona in 1995! And from 2010 to the Euromediterranean Common Market.