SIOE Holland´s Home Page Closed Down On Pressure from Dutch Government

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Stop The Islamization of Europe´s (SIOEs) Dutch division has had its[1] blog closed by Wordpress on [2] Complaint of the Dutch Government:

p 4 februari jl. ontvingen wij onderstaande mail van Toni Schneider (On Febr. 4 we have received the following mail from Tony Schneider) :


We have received several complaints about your blog at, including complaints from the Dutch government. Your blog contains “hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable” content which is against our terms of service. You have 24 hours to export the content of your blog ( after which time we will disable your blog.


SIOE Nederland heeft uiteraard gevraagd om welke passages het zou moeten gaan, maar hierop hebben wij geen antwoord mogen ontvangen. Vanmorgen bleek dus dat onze blog was verwijderd. (We have asked what passages … but have received no answer)

Vrijheid van meningsuiting is niet meer in Nederland en kritiek op de islam wordt niet getolereerd.
(Freedom of speech as for criticism of Islam is no longer presentin Holland)

At 15.15 central European Time [3] the blog is up again.
I have interviewed SIOE Chairman Anders Gravers about this: After renewed call from SIOE Holland - accompanied by massive protest mails from SIOE - Wordpress reopened  the Homepage after more than 24 hours. In my opinion this shows how important the blogosphere can be - and how sensitive to criticism these amateur dictators are so far..

I suggest that all bloggers protest against this temporary?? closing of the SIOE Blog. This is the last heart blood of democracy. 

Here is an English notification:

Dear Abuse Department,

I write you on behalf of the Dutch Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on
the Internet.

The Dutch public can file a complaint at the Complaints Bureau if they
encounter hateful or discriminatory content on the ‘Dutch part’ of the
Internet. The Complaints Bureau then locates the content and tests it
against Dutch non-discrimination legislation. If the content is on the
‘Dutch part’ of the Internet and is in violation of Dutch law, we send a
request for removal of the illegal content.

We recently received a complaint about the following website:

This website is full of racist, hateful and defamatory content against
muslims. I will copy and translate a few of the remarks that can be seen on
this site.


The [5] EU Framework Decision on Racism is still a proposal - and does not apply to SIOE. It is not clear to me whether a blog can be closed down without a warrant from a court. Probably this is just a matter of business. Europe has 2 parallels to what was done to SIOE - and awaits us: The Soviet Union and Hitler´s 3. Reich.  [6] Art. 6, paragraph 3 : Each Member State shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the offences referred to in Article 4 (a) and (f) are punishable by terms of deprivation of liberty with a maximum penalty that is not less than 2 years.

Unfortunately, SIOE is not an isolated case. [7] Lionheart, Tomashot and "News from Finland" are also hevily hit 

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[7] Lionheart, Tomashot and "News from Finland" are also hevily hit :