“Political Correctness Is Dhimmitude” I: Politicians┬┤ statements

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In Jan. 2008 Landtag elections were held in Hessia, Germany. This became an example of how "dhimmitude", the submission to  even Islamic criminality, is identical with "political correctness" and pays off in a brainwashed population: In the election campaign the Christian head of the Hessian government, Roland Koch, sharply criticized  Muslim youth  criminality. He was severely attacked by the "political correctness" of the Social Democrats and  the Green Party - as well as by the Central Council of Jews, the General Secretary of which, [1] Stephan Kramer, and former vice-chief of that council, [2] Michel Friedman, compared Koch with Nazis, because Koch responded to actions of the worst enemies of the Jews!!.
It seems that the everywhere  [3] Rockefeller- and red/green[3] politically correct media then systematically followed the rules of [4] mental hygiene and turned Christian Roland Kochs upcoming victory into a disaster. [5] Green Joschka Fischer was not in vain  a "Distinguished Diplomate" to the  [5] Rockefeller US Council on Foreign Relations in [5] 2007  and a co-founder of the European Council on Foreign Relations.


Koch´s CDU party suffered heavy losses of 12.5 percent points in the election, whereupon  [7] some  "politically correct" CDU  politicians also attacked Koch.
Fortunately, Koch is being supported by CDU leader [8] Angela Merkel, who dares oppose Turkish EU membership. May she resist the pressure from The New World Order!

What is dhimmitude?
”The term dhimmitude comes from Arab “dhimmi”. It refers to subjugated, non-Muslim individuals or peoples that accept the restrictive and humiliating subordination to an ascendant Islamic power to avoid enslavement or death. I.e. the entire Muslim world as we know it today is the product of this 1400 year-old jihad dynamic, whereby once thriving non-Muslim majority civilizations have been reduced to a state of dysfunctional dhimmitude. Many have been completely islamized and have disappeared. Others remain fossilized relics of the past, unable to evolve.” (Bat Ye´or, Eurabia, 2005).

I have expanded the concept to cringing submission to Islam - the characteristics of which is characteristic at all times and caused by considerations for career, economy, safety, politics, ideology - or simply the opinion of the majority. 

Present day dhimmitude: The entire EU establishment´s submission to Islam. [9]
Klein Verzet Jan. 23, 2008:

"Dutch National anti terrorism Coordinator Joustra has [10] warned parliamentary member Geert Wilders. He told Wilders that he faces possibly [11] deportation from the Netherlands if he releases his 10 minute Islam critical movie. A day after that, Prime minister Balkenende spoke of the crisis the country faces because of the movie. And both the ministers of domestic and foreign affairs told the parliamentary member that his movie might have consequences for his safety in and out of the country."

This Dutch manifestation of total submission to islam came after the speech by the [12] Grand Mufti of Syria in the EU Parliament, a speech which is a scandal for 2 reasons:

1.The EU Parliament invited a speaker, who preaches an ideology which is diametrically opposed to the "values" of the EU as put down in its Charter of Fundamental Rights signed in Dec. 2007. 2. Because in his speech the Mufti threatened one of the founding members of the European Unity, Holland, with [13] war and bloodbath because of MP Geert Wilder´s film, if the Dutch did not stop him. This warning has apparently scared the wits out of the Dutch government - remembering the Muhammad Cartoon crisis which actually dhimmified nearly every European. Only a [14] preview of part of Wilder´s film has so far been blog-published, although it had been announced for Jan. 25, 2008. This is "political correctness" , dhimmitude, alias self-inflicted cowardice of  the political establishment, which has imported this Muslim terror. Such behaviour can  only  reinforce Muslim  opinion of themselves as the chosen masters of the contemptible, cowardly slave minds of the decadent West.

 This Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Al-Husseini, also stood high in the favour of European politicians: Al Husseini lived in Berlin during WW2 - and organized two Muslim divisions to [15] terrorize Christian Serbs in Yugoslavia. Collaboration of his people, escaped, converted nazis promoted the European-Arab Dialogue - the forerunner of the Euromediterranean Project (Bat Ye´or Eurabia 2005).
[16] Political correctness/dhimmitude is tolerating this

Michael Nazir-Ali is the first Asian bishop in the Church of England (Rochester) . His comments last week about the growing stranglehold of Muslim extremists  and [17] no-go-zones for Christians in some communities revived debate about the future of multiculturalism and provoked a flurry of condemnation. Members of all three political parties immediately clamoured to dismiss him.

"Just over a year ago then Home Secretary Reid was heckled by the Muslim extremist Abu Izzadeen in Leytonstone, East London, during a speech on extremism, appropriately. “How dare you come to a Muslim area,” Izzadeen screamed. The British political parties no longer know what they or Britain stand for." (The Times Online Jan. 13, 2008)

British Home Secretary Jacqi Smith

[18] And saying this : “Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said that extremists were behaving contrary to their faith, rather than acting in the name of Islam. So she introduces the term: “Anti-islamic actionfor terror"  (thus conveniently diregarding the Koran, the contents of which is Islam).
Security officials believe that directly linking terrorism to Islam is inflammatory, and risks alienating mainstream Muslim opinion.” (The Daily Mail”, Jan. 17,2008). 
The British Home Secretary even  lives by Islamic Taqija, Islam´s "legal lie" to pull the wool over our eyes. (Koransura 9:1, 4. Conf. of Acad. Islamic Res., Cairo 1970). It is impossible to become more dhimmified than this!

And this: The British blogger [19] Lionheart faces arrest, if he returns from the USA, where he will now apply for asylum! His crime is to have published firsthand reports on the destruction of Luton´s youth by Muslim drug gangs - in spite of Lionheart´s helping the police to disclose the bombers of the 7/7 carnage. This bizarre behaviour is due to fear of Islamic terror on the side of the authorities.
Finnish blogger [20] Thomashot and the blog News from Finland were fined and sentenced to close teir websites down forever for having described the Muslim crimes kept silent by the politically correct media.

Judging this way:

Pigs are unclean to Muslims. Consequently, a school in Huddersfield, England, [21] renamed this story the 3 little puppies because of  political correctness. This led to Muslims taking offence, they felt they were considered "misfits"

[22] The Times Online Jan. 24, 2008: Animated film about the 3 little pigs:The row centred on the Bett awards, which were supported by Becta, the Government’s technology agency for schools. The judges’ remarks included: "The idea of taking a traditional tale and retelling a story is fine, but it should not alienate parts of the workforce. Judges would not recommend this product to the Muslim community in particular." And therefore no support!
”[23] Piggy banks have now been banned by British banks out of consideration for Muslims who do not even take offence at piggy banks!

[24] And saying [25] this [25] (pp.12-13): Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair , March 2006: “The most remarkable thing about reading the Koran – in so far as it can be truly translated from the original Arabic - is to understand how progressive it is…I speak with great diffidence and humility (typical dhimmitude) as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements… It is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance," he said. He added that under the guidance of the Qur’an, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was "breathtaking".  
[26] And saying this:former Swedish Social-democratic minister, Jens Orback said on the radio: ”We must be open and tolerant to islam and the Muslims, for when we shall be in the minority they will be so to us”!

And this: Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller (quoted by Prof. Bent Jensen in Jyllands-Posten on Nov. 26, 2005):

Dhimmi Per Stig Møller, Danish Foreign Minister just wants to please the Muslims 

"Christian civilization is under pressure. Normally, therefore, we should press back the way Europe did between 700 and 1699. This, however, would mean a religious war, which the Foreign Minister wants to avoid. That´s why he has a "budget line" (about 100 million Danish kroner) in the Budget to consider partnership with the Arab world ("The Arab Initiative"). "The next time we shall be the losers, because the demographic development is to our disadvantage. Then we old people would have to stand up against an overwhelming number of Muslims (Per Stig Møller)."  

And how will our dhimmi politicians manage the morass they are bringing us into?

[27]                       Dhimmis selling Denmark to Islam

[28] Bostom has the following remarks: Amir Taheri  has cited perhaps the most disturbing examples of this proclivity to indulge a historical and dangerous fantasy. Two mythical inventions of purported "ecumenical" Islamic rule in Europe have been revived— 1. the 'Andalusian paradise' of Muslim Spain (I shall post later), and 2. the former Ottoman Millet system (most relevantly, in Eastern Europe, primarily the Balkans).
Taheri, but unfortunately, not Kepel, Chirac's adviser, possessed the wisdom to ponder the critical matter of sovereign political power, asking ':..Who will rule this new Andalusia: Muslims or the largely secularist Frenchmen?'.
Option 2 has proved its failure in the French banlieu permanent guerilla war between the incompatible parallel societies.

So, the real question is: Are our politicians cowardly dhimmis themselves -
or are they bribed/intimidated dhimmi-like chaos-slaves of the
[29] illuminist New EU-World order to dhimmify us for their world state?
For the latter option speaks that
our politicians do not diminish the danger -but  continue to pump ever more Muslims into Europe.

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