Well, now it is official. The EU is the leader model of the New World Order.

2/3 of the Trilateral Project of the New World Order: The EU and the North American Union

In a speech on Jan. 30, 2008, José Barroso, President of the European Commission, said:” Preparing for globalisation also means equipping oneself with the means to influence it. With its unique model of economic and political integration, but also its values, Europe is strongly placed to play a role in the new emerging world order….When Europe leads the way the world follows.”. Barroso stated on July 10, 2007, that the EU is an empire. On March 23, 2007 he wanted the laws  and interests of Europe to expand beyond its borders. In Oct. 2007 the EU Commission declared in a bill : “It (the EU)  is progressing towards its aim of establishing a political community pursuing the illuminist ideal ….a legal system which is both cosmopolitan and people-centred.” Thus, Barroso places the EU alongside with the Bush clan, Pres. Bush sen announcing the New World Order 5 times 1990-91.
Maria Joao Rodrigues, special advisor to former EU President Socrates on Jan 8, 2008: "We are  really committed to improving the world order."

Here comes our consolation (Focus News Agency Jan. 30, 2008): Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are definitely  opposed to Turkish EU membership. But can they resist the New World Order?

But most clamant of all is the total silence of Commission and Parliament and all media about the Euromediterranen Empire to begin in 2010  - the Trilateral task of creating the central part of the long term project of the New World Order – the world state also comprising the upcoming NAU (North American Union) and a Far East bloc led by Japan and China. Barroso Jan. 30, 2008: …I am convinced that our  proposal offers Europeans a project that can inspire and mobilise (a dictator-expression in peace times) society over a period of 10 to 20 years.” 

Well, as stated by other Eurocrats this “dynamism” necessitates cohesion. Hitler and Lenin could not have maintained dictatorial power, unless they drilled and brainwashed their youths. As I have shown previously the EU is busy brainwashing our youth – and intensifies its efforts this year:

The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008)
Europe is growing more and more multicultural due to the endeavours of the EU to import Muslims to Europe under various bad pretexts. But the EU-endeavours to dismantle national feelings and Christianity have not been althogether successful. On the contrary these ancient affiliations are gaining strength. The ensuing confrontation between incompatible parallel societies  is now threatening the cohesion of this EU colossus with feet of clay.
The purpose of the EYID is to move national identity and loyalty to the multicultural EU superstate.


In a convulsive and desperate attempt to create cohesion and bridging  the gap between incompatible cultures the EU now launches a  “European Year of Intercultural Dialogue”, trying to win the youth for its illuminist  Euromediterranean Empire. The EU stakes on bringing youth together for superficial technical device games, pop and being-together-festivals, workshops, discussions etc. So that our de-christianized, culture-deprived youth can see that the other guys are nice fellows, as long as you don´t oppose their  little fad about feeling vocated to be the masters of the world. Nobody tells them that later on they will be forced to adopt the totally foreign ideology and very restrictive ideology.

Decision No 1983/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as of December 18 , 2006 : The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008): Its aim is: combating discrimination and social exclusion, combating racism and xenophobia, (to promote)  policy on asylum and the integration of immigrants, human rights and sustainable development, audiovisual policy (media censorship) and research. It contributes to creating a sense of European identity, by embracing differences and shaping the various aspects of belonging to a community, raising the awareness of all those living in the EU, in particular young people, of the importance of developing an active European citizenship which is open to the world (state), respects cultural diversity and is based on common values in the EU as laid down in Article 6 of the EU Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union,  raise the profile, increase the coherence of and promote all Community programmes and actions contributing to intercultural dialogue.
10.000.000 taxpayer euros  have been assigned for the dialogue. (art 11, stk 1). Results and overall assessment of the measures are to serve as a basis for future EU policies, measures and actions in this field.

The Year will feature 7 flagship projects on a European level, as well as EU support for a national project in each Member State, and a Partner programme aimed at mobilising civil society. The active involvement of civil society (bribed NGOs and national governments) will be essential in highlighting good practices and identifying needs in intercultural dialogue. Well-known ambassadors have also been appointed to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of intercultural dialogue.
Seven debates will be held in Brussels throughout EYID 2008, covering a range of intercultural dialogue issues from interfaith dialogue to multilingualism and the role of the media (Media censorship).

 The debates are intended above all for journalists and for civil society stakeholders.

                                            House of Rothschild´s Coat of arms

The debates will be chaired by Shada Islam (Muslim) from the European Policy Centre, the Chairman of which is Peter Sutherland , Chairman of of the Rothschild Partners Goldman Sachs and BP. He is also Rockefeller´s man, being  on the steering committee of the Bilderberg
and the Trilateral Commission, a Vice Chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists, which was created by Volvo´s Per Gyllenhammar, who was also advisor to Rockefeller´s omnipotent Chase Manhattan (Andreas von Rétyi, Bilderberger, Kopp Verlag Rottenburg, 2006).  Shada is a Brussels-based journalist specializing in immigration and anti-discrimination issues and Senior Programme Executive at the European Policy Centre. She is also a regular contributor to the BBC.

On 27 January 2008, the European Commission organised the European Border Breakers Ceremony (EBBA) in Cannes for the fifth consecutive yearAbd Al Malik, (French Muslim rapper, former criminal)  Ambassador of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008, was invited as a guest of honor and performed during the show. With this highly symbolic EBBA music award, the European Commission… aims to raise the awareness of young people as to the importance of breaking geographical and mental barriers.

I have elsewhere reported on the speech of the Grand Mufti of Syria in the EU Parliament, where in taqija manner he denied the existence of "Holy War" and convinced half the EU parlamentarians of Islam being the "religion of peace". And how the EU omitted from its report the threats to Dutch MP Wilders for his Islam film.

Danish Centre for Cultural Development entered on a cooperation agreement with ISESCO on May 27, 2005, the Charter (art. 4 and 5a) of which commands to spread Islam to the entire world and to prevent the integration of Muslims in non-Muslim countries.

The Danish Center for Cultural Development of the Foreign Ministry is remarkably passive after its aggressive 2006 treason:”Images of the Middle East”. In stead its Danish division of the Anna Lindh Foundation seems to be assigned to bear the burden in the month of May:

The Anna Lindh Foundation 
Will mobilize all media and civil society in an
enormous propaganda campaign in the month of May.

The persuasive efforts, destruction of European identity and the tremendous costs of the Anna Lindh Foundation are needed by the New World Order. A recent WEF poll showed up to 80% fear of Islam in Europe and the USA.

The objectives of the EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue are to bring together individuals and communities of different cultures."Intercultural dialogue contributes strategic priorities of the European Union such as respecting and promoting cultural diversity; favoring the European Union’s commitment to solidarity, social justice and reinforced cohesion; allowing the European Union to realize new efficient partnership with neighboring countries."

Will this artificial attempt be successful? It must be seen in the context of the enormous youth seduction apparatus of the EU.
And experience from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union show that when time and a massive efforts from the media, educational institutions in the absence of  spiritual immune defence with the parents coincide a dictatorial superstate like the EU will always achieve its aim.