Fig. 1 Mail Online 29 Oct. 2008: First October snowfall in London for 74 years

Fig.2 Ice Age Now: Record temperature lows in the US in Oct. 2008


Fig. 3 North Polar ice cap is increasing for the 2. year in a row (28.Oct 2007- 28. Oct. 2008)

AFP Apr. 30, 2008 – quoting Nature: Impending cooling of the gulf stream and a global cooling in the next decade or more.

The deglaciation of Greenland´s inland ice at Jakobshavn is not due to increasing  air temperature as postulated time and again by former Danish Minister for Environment, bilderberger 2005, Connie Hedegård , who has taken politicians from the whole world there to see the result of "global warming"  - but a local warm undercurrent, the Irminger Stream, which has become more pronounced - perhaps due to a change of winds.

Fig.4 University of Alabama Huntsville: Global temperature - satellite measurements 1979-2008
Fig. 5 (NIWA Science): Carbon Dioxide (CO2) of the Atmosphere

Where is the connection between "global warming" and CO2"?
Look here and here. There is none. We may even be on our way into a new ice age, the previous ones being preceded by 10-15 years of global warming which stopped the pulse of the world, i.e. the Gulf Stream.
In fact, we are passing out of a minor ice age since 1870, which was preceded by a Medieval global warming with temperatures higher than today. This is a natural cycle due to variations in the activity of sunspots. The rise in CO2 is a delayed release by the oceans of CO2 due to a warming effect - not the cause of it.

Ostensibly, 45o mio years ago the atmosphere contained 10 times more CO2 than today - and there was ice age.

So what about the coming impoverishing CO2-tax?
It is nothing but a tax to the New World Order as agreed upon at the Bilderberg Meeting at Rottach Egern 2005 - witnessed by Daniel Estulin. Therefore it has to be utilized maximally:
EU-Parliament Press Release 29 Oct, 2008: "The European Parliament Bureau has decided to put forward a strategic plan to reduce the institution's carbon "footprint" by 30%, thus going beyond the EU undertaking to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20%."
Emission permits bring a lot of money which we have to pay in the end.