The Union For the Mediterranean: The Body Snatchers Are the Money Snatchers

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[1] I hope the following is taqija - but I do not think so -[2] e-Marrakech, Morocco (no date): Many speakers at the opening of the 1st Assembly of language teaching and Arab culture, at the French National Assembly, stressed the need to pay more attention to the Arabic language in the French countryside with the aim of "Better understanding, dialogue and mutually beneficial approach."

"The meeting, initiated by the Association Convergence Mediterraneée and Arab World Institute (IMA) has given the presence of a large number of ambassadors of Arab countries, stakeholders from business, culture, of the education, research and environmental associations.

Rarticipants debated sociocultural, political and economic issuesrelated to the concern of sharing an identity, transmitting a common heritage and the establishment of gateways to facilitate intercultural dialogue and mutually beneficial approach.[3]

                                                    Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris


In his message to the participants, French president Nicolas Sarkozy described Arabic as "the language of the future, progress, science and modernity" while hoping that "French takes more share in the Arabic language which expresses great civilisation- and spiritual values".

"We must invest in the Arabic language," he said, because "its teaching is a moment of exchange, openness and tolerance" and "bears one of the oldest and most prestigious civilizations in the World. "

He listed the various "advances in diversity" as the creation of the CFCM (Conceil Francais du Culte Musulman), the multiplication of Muslim squares in cemeteries!!!, training imams and chaplains and the appointment of ministers from the diversity in government.

"France is a friend of Arab countries. It does not seek a clash between East and West," he said, while stressing the strong presence of Heads of Arab States as summit founder s of the[4] Union for the Mediterranean on 13 July past.

"The Mediterranean is the founder of our common hope. It is in our common sea that are the main challenges: sustainable development, security, education and peace," said the French president in his message .

Previously, Marc Lefineur, First Vice-President of the French National Assembly, stressed that the acquisition and teaching of the Arabic language constitute "a cultural asset, respect for others and mutual understanding."

Finally, the ambassador of Qatar in France, whose country sponsored the meeting, stressed the need to "review the system of teaching Arabic in France" to be "as efficient as that of other languages" .
He mentioned the idea of opening a House of Qatar to be "a place of exchanges, encounters and the discovery of culture and Muslim civilization."

The work of those seated around two forums which will in turn highlight the cultural and economic teaching of language and Arab culture in France in view of the Union for the Mediterranean and the improvements that could breathe new momentum to the teaching of the Arabic language. Each of these forums brings together experts and players in the field (scientists, leaders of associations and institutions, representatives of companies) who will address various topics such as Arabic language as a  professional winning card, the role of associations and cultural institutions to strengthen the Arab world, the role of media and new technologies in the construction of a Mediterranean identity.

Exhibitions and other events at the IMA Paris drain more than 800,000 visitors, while larger companies are increasingly keen to train their cadres to the Arab world, its cultures and its language facilitating trade with their partners.

The delegation of the National People's Congress (NPC), composed of members of the Group of Algeria-France friendship, took part in some of the work.

EU´s Justice Commissioner, [5] Jacques Barrot is also welcoming the Muslims in Europe, calling their immigration a moral obligation!!

[6] Have you seen the film “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers ” (1956, 1993) written by Jack Finney?
This is how [7] Wikipedia describes the plot: “Assured at first by the town psychiatrist  that the cases are nothing but "epidemic mass hysteria", Bennell soon discovers,  that the townspeople are in fact being replaced by simulations grown from plantlike pods; perfect physical duplicates who kill and dispose of their human victims. The Pod People are indistinguishable from normal people, except for their utter lack of emotion. The pod people work together to secretly spread more pods — which grew from "seeds drifting through space for years" — in order to replace the entire human race.”

Of course one may also think of Dracula- of nazism, communism, and the New World Order, which is nazism and communism combined!

[8] [9] On Oct. 28, 2008, Takuan Seyo writes about him seeing us and "our" politicians like the victims of the body snatchers! And I think he is right.
Our bodies have been as depleted of our souls and minds and are now only containing void ideology, at the most, i.e. man-made religion, as the figure by Hieronymus Bosch (header of this blog)  heading towards the New World Order, i.e. the disorder which arises when man perceives himself as God and the master of the Universe, as do the [10] illuminists (explanatory statement) to which the EU declares to belong. This new order has had several names: The French Revolution, Nationalism, Nazism, communism and now “globalism” – according to US [11] Senator Jesse Helms just another word for the New World Order.

I think this body snatching is excellently illustrated by the case of Mr Nicolas Sarkozy – and in particular in the above speech.But also by us putting up with such high treason to our countries and culture.

As I have repeatedly written, "our" politicians are brainwashed  by their memberships of the [12] US and [13] European Councils on Foreign Relations, the [14] Bilderberg Club, the [15] Club of Rome, the [16] Trilateral Commissio[16] n – as well as their friendship with multinational corporations, the [17] Federal Reserve etc.

In order to achieve "power" you must submit to the bodysnatching New World Order and be its puppet
[18] Mostly, the politicians remain silent, even bluntly deny their membership of these Rockefeller power machines to conquer world governance – although one can read their names on the official membership lists!
But some are so inconsiderate as to admit it in public. This is true of the Danish Minister of Economic Affairs, until recently Minister of Justice, Lene Espersen. Here is a [19] video,
– in Danish of course -  where this little girl of David Rockefeller´s repeatedly admits to be a member of the Trilateral Commission, i.e. the Club preparing a fusion of the [20] North American Union, Eurasia and the Far East into the world republic.

Now this should raise severe problems for Minister Espersen, since [21] her membership (see former European members) of this subversive, antinational, anti-christian club is 180 degrees in conflict with the Danish Constitution which has special rules for giving sovereignty away.
The Danish prime Minister has the same problem: He is a Bilderberger 2000 and 2003!

However, since we have all had our souls and minds stolen by the New World Order body snatchers, we don´t care – but just like the body snatchers we snatch the bodies of sensible and decent people and make them just as crazy as we have become ourselves - by simply sayong: "Pth! Conspiration theory!", this ending any discussion and the not bodysnatched being put into the corner. No one cares who has the better arguments.
People act this way without realizing if e.g. wars arise incidentally  - or after  meticulous conspiratorial planning.

Only after  information has been brought on our tabooing television do people believe it.

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