Galliawatch": From Tiberge´s desk (French) L’Europe a-t-elle besoin d’immigration ?
The Moroccan Foreign Minister, Taïeb Fassi Fihri (photo), welcomed the "advanced status" offered his country by the EU on Monday, and stressed that Rabat would henceforth benefit from "all" the advantages of the EU, "except the institutions.

"What does the EU think of this madness?
Here is an interview with EU Commissioner for Justice , Jacques Barrot, on "Café Babel".
Mr. Barrot was convicted of economical criminality to 8 months of imprisonment  - having his punishment suspended by his friend Jacques Chirac – the French president.

B:"The demographical situation in Europe demands a migration which must be concerted. The vocation of Europe is also a will to facilitate changes between countries.
Immigration is both an economique and moral demand.

Comment: Odd to hear this man speaking about  morals!

Q: In the beginning of October, Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked  German immigrants for coming. Can such a ceremony be imagined on a European scale?  

B: There are many symbolical acts  of this kind which can be imagined to show the immigrants that they really have a place here. We shall probably face this type of manifestation, when we have written the new directive on the reception conditions of the refugees.

Q: Islam is being perceived by some as incompatible with the values of European democracy, as for peace and gender equality. How ist the position of the EU as for this problem?

B. This way of viewing Islam as antagonistic to the European values is a totally incomplete and wrong view. 
Islam is  a  monotheistic religion, which to me seems compatible  with  principles of laicity.

What it isn´t, is all the funamentalism, not just islamistic, which will segregate and exclude other religions. As soon as pluralism is accepted by Islam, in any case Islam is welcome in Europe. What is true, is that we are always fighting the belief that in the Islamic environment Christian societies are not always as welcome  as they should be.
However, this is characteristic of a certain number of Islamic states - but not in Europe. Europe is in favour of religious pluralism and obviously all Islam wanting to be present in Europe has to accept this pluralism." (Which the Koran forbids!)

This is the implementation of the EU promises at the VI.  Euromediterranean.
Foreign Minister Conference in Naples on Dec. 2-3, 2003
The conferment of the 4 fundamental freedoms of the EU to the Euromediterranean “partner” countries, including free immigration to the EU  – beginning with Morocco – and the establishment of a free Euromediterranean market by 2010 to pave the road for the Union for the Mediterranean as proclaimed in Paris on July 13-14 of this year.

Left: Dansk Kultur´s Flyer 2007

Why are we Europeans putting up with this high treason? Well, because we are brainwashed and decadent, of course. Our ancestors would never have accepted this!

How the visions of the Rabat Commitment are now being introduced
Kristeligt Dagblad (DK) 21 okt, 2008:
"The next generation is to learn what unites humanity in order to bridge the gap between cultures. Our education system must promote and develop open minds, approaching the unknown with intellectual curiosity rather than fear," said Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller. The conference "Education for Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue" will reduce the distance between the West and the Muslim world. A challenge which begins at school . The conference is to stress the importance of education as a way to emphasize the mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence between cultures, Moller said.

The aim of the conference is to eliminate stereotypes about other cultures from textbooks. "

The Original title of this communication was: "The distance between us and Muslims must be reduced". Dear me! Such clear messages to the public are inacceptable. So the title was ordered to be changed to: "Education is the road forwards"!
This conference had UNESCO and the Organisation of Islamic Conference as participants - and 4 Danish bishops, priests, etc.will meet  imams to talk about their "common, Interfaith god" and "interreligious dialogue", a blasphemy to both Christianity and Islam.

Now they have been intensively trying to bridge the religious/cultural gap to Islam for 1400 years - and here for 40 years - without any success, The Foreign Minister knows that - and that the gap can only be bridged by our submission to Islam and the Shariah. This is high treason to our culture and religion - both of which the Foreign Minister has abandoned in favour of the New World Order.

Unfortunately, the Danish Foreign Ministry has played a pioneer role in European submission to Islam through its Danish Centre for Cultural Development (DCCD). Thus its director, Olaf G. Hansen comprised the programme in a terrible speech in Rabat on June 13, 2005: School children are to be islamized, learning plenty of the marvelous Islamic culture and religion - without learning about the negative sides thereof, of course. School text books are to be revised - history is to be falsified. Journalists are to be brainwashed to be multicultural, i.e. Islam fans. "Self regulation" is to be a must - as it has already been for decades. Exchanges at all levels are to be fostered. Multiculture to be presented as normality by multiethnic journalists and NGOs.

Art will only receive state support if exercised through common multicultural (Islam-dominated) "laboratories of art", music, sport,dannce  etc. to be used in the demagogic process.
New "experiments" with pictures in the public space, big Islamic festivals like the 6-week-long "Images of the Middle East" in Denmark 2006, protected by HRH Prince Joakim! etc.

Now, Rabat is the capital of Morocco. Hansen´s horrible speech was part of a conference called the Rabat  Commitment - one participant being the Anna Lindh Foundation, and here, and here, founded by the EU, the Council of Europe, the Arab League Educational, Cultural, Scientific Organisation and the Islamic Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organisation (ISESCO), the Charter of which  orders  to  spread  Arab language and culture to the entire world and to secure that
Muslims in non-Muslim countries not be intgrated - but remain Muslims!! (art. 4 and 5).

I just wondered how this could happen in exactly Morocco. Here is the explanation: André Azoulay (left), the present President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, is the financial advisor of King Mohammed VI!! He is a member of Rockefeller´s Trilateral Commission

Wikipedia: In the fall of 1976, Andre Azoulay, at present financial advisor to King Mohammad VI of Morocco, himself a Jew, took the lead in Paris in organizing Moroccan Jewish friends into a group that became known as "Identity and Dialogue," based upon the Sephardic Jewish history and culture that flourished in Morocco throughout the 500 years that have passed since the expulsion of Muslims and Jews from Spain. He sees the Jewish-Islamic coexistence in Morocco as a model for the world.

How Spain is selling herself  to Islam
Telebö 20.Okt:
The Spanish government has asked the Gulf states to help rescue the domestic banking industry. The country urges Arab states to buy public debt in the form of government bonds wherewith a heavy billion rescue package should be financed, Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian told the news agency Reuters.
We can only provide the country with liquidity when it comes from the outside." Without a 50 billion euros investment from the Gulf States and other countries the rescue package in danger of failing.
Now Rothschild 
is inspiring Shariah Banking
  from London.

However, this hope may turn out to be an illusion: The Gulf States are getting into the whirlpool, and here, of the illuminati planned crisis, too!

And that is just to the liking of the Danes! They are taking interest-free mortgages - thus selling us to the Shariah in order to economize a little (Århus Stiftstidende 28. okt, 2008)

And now Gordon Brown is apparently also going cap in hand to the Gulf-Arabs

The Dream of A tunnel below the Strait of Gibraltar to connect the Union for the Mediterranean and secure the victory of Shariah in Europe - and the demise of the Occident: Ansamed aug.5, 2008: "The great project of the tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltar, which will connect Morocco and Spain, will be presented by the two countries to the European Union on October 13. The announcement was made by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, at the end of a meeting held yesterday in Tangier with his Moroccan counterpart, Tayeb Fasi Fihri.

The 40 km-long underwater tunnel, indicated in the feasibility study under a technical and economical point of view, to be built by the two specially set up companies, Spanish Seceg and Moroccan Sned.
the first railway carriages might pass the 40 km under the Strait by 2025. As soon as the project is approved by the EU, it is expected to be funded by the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the African Development Fund, along with several Arab investment funds."