And how can we look at our children without blushing with shame?

We know that Islam is a mortal threat to our culture, religion and inherited identities. Our politicians do all they can to pump muslims into our Western Countries. And we allow them to.

Every day in the media we witness  muslim youngsters raping our girls in disdain for us. They attack with knives and pistols. More and more day by day. They occupy large zones of our cities, consider them to be muslim territoty and "no go zones" for infidels. In Paris they use such zones for permanent war against the infidel society. And their imams express their contempt for us.

The "religion of peace"

Why do we not rise in mass protests and tell our politicians: "Enough is enough"? That we want to be masters in our own countries - and not in the Euromediterranean/Eurabian Empire! In stead we give in and allow the looming disaster created by our illuminist politicians to grow  worse and worse. As said by MEP Daniel Hannan:"We deserve anything the EU throws at us." We are unworthy of freedom and democracy.

We owe our defenceless children to stage mass demonstrations against the political islamization experiment. If we don´t we become accomplices of  our traitor media and politicians, who have just passed the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty already rejected by the Dutch and French - without any democratic procedures. A treaty which is the prerequisite for for the Euromediterranean enlargement and  more import of Muslims to Western Europe. EU politicians also suppress freedom of expression and want to send a Lionheart to jail for fearing Islam in public. Now they can send 4/5 of the Danes the same way!!

We know Islam is a threat to us. And Yet we do nothing to stop it! 

Islam-West rift widens, poll says BBC Jan. 21, 2007

Muslim peace girl in Leeds, UK. July 2005

Taqija: Islam´s legal lie (Koran sura 9:1, The 4. Conference of Islamic Research, Kairo, 1970)

Most people in Muslim countries and the West believe divisions between them are worsening, a Gallup poll for the World Economic Forum (WEF) suggests.

The poll also suggested that most Europeans thought more interaction with Islam would be a threat - though most Americans disagreed.

WEF chairman Klaus Schwab said the poll pointed to "an alarmingly low level of optimism" over dialogue.

It surveyed about 1,000 people in each of 21 countries, mostly in mid-2007.


Cartoon controversy
Respondents were asked how they thought relations were now and how they thought they would develop.

Describing the position now, majorities on both sides said they did not believe the two sides were getting along.

This belief was strongest in the US, Israel, Denmark - where the publication of cartoons about the Muslim Prophet Muhammad caused worldwide controversy.

Looking ahead, the poll paints a somewhat gloomy picture.

"In all but two countries surveyed… a majority believed the interaction between Western and Islamic communities is getting worse," said Mr Schwab.

Europeans apparently feared more interaction with Islam - according to the report, they saw it as a threat to their cultural identity.

The Danish Newspaper Berlingske Tidende complements:

"79 pct. of Danes see more intercourse with the Islamic world as a threat. The concerns of the Danes are shared by a massive majority in other European countries like Sweden, Holland, Italy and Spain, where 65-65% of the populations fear greater Western intercourse with the Muslim World." 

"We can foresee that the Muslim part of the populations in the old EU countries (from before the 2004-enlargement) will rise from about 4,6 % in 2006 to 10-15% in 2025 with higher concentrations of up to 30% in French, German and Dutch urban zones," writes World Economic President, Klaus Schwab in his foreword of the report.

(Well, this is one of the usual globalist understatements. The official number of 200.000 Muslims in Denmark remained stable for the past 10 years  in spite of massive immigration and a birth rate 3 times higher than that of indigenous Danes -due to naturalization, whereupon these " new Danes" do not count in the statistics. Experts estimate 600.000 Muslims in stead).

The "Cartoons Crisis" and the bomb attacks in Madrid 2004, which cost the lives of nearly 200 persons, as well as the Theo van Gogh murder have all influenced the attitude of the Europeans. 

Among the Muslim participants in the Executive Committee  of the World Economic Forum´s working group on "The West and Islam" is the Saudi prince, Hussam bin Abdulaziz al Saud.  

He warns people in the West to believe , that you can make so-called "moderate" voices in the Muslim World distance themselves from "extremists".

»If "moderate voices" are to be a momentum in the dialogue, they will have to recognize the sorrow and injustices found among Muslims. You will have to understand that if all "moderate" voices" in the Islamic world should condemn all "extremist voices" it would - in the present strained situation - be seen as as an expression of failing recognition of all the many injustices committed against Muslims", the Saudi Prince writes in the report.

But remember this: Islam is just so dangerous as our politicians allow i to be.
Those responsible for the increasing chaos in Europe are our politicians who work for the world state by dismantling 1. the national state and 2. Christanity - without even asking our preferences .
And we are to blame for going on electing such treacherous politicians.


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