What Our Politicians Do in Order to Please Multiculturalism

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In Denmark an unprecedented general election campaign has just been concluded. Before the beginning of the campaign the Prime Minister summoned the participant parties and instructed them to keep certain themes out of the campaign. According to this consensus not a word was mentioned about Denmark´s greateste domestic problem today: Increasing Muslim violence.
Nor about the EU, The Euromediterranean (con)Fusion Project, the Constitutional Reform Treaty - nor about its purpose: Future EU expansions as stated by a Danish MP during a recent Parliamentary debate. According to EU statements,these expansions are to include e.g. the accession to the EU of Morocco before that of Ukraine - i.e. a continuation of the [1] Euromediterranean agreements from 1995. and of the 2003-promises about granting the [2] 4 fundamental freedoms of the EU to 9 Muslim Countries and Israel - including free immigration to the EU. However, this is actively kept secret by every politician and medium. Turkey´s accession has already been determined.

In order to keep the details of the [3] Treaty secret, Danish Parliament closed its doors and threw audience and media out before a debate on this Treaty on June 15, 2007. For good reasons! The father of the Constitutional Treaty, Monsieur [4] Valéry Giscard d´Estaing, has already twice told “Politiken” that the so-called Reform Traty has the same contents as the Constitutional Treaty. Purposely, the text was written uncomprehensibly, and decisive issues were retroactively conferred to the Nice and  Maastricht Treaties, because the politicians dare not tell us about the agreements, which we are unwittingly being forced to join. So, the Dutch and French, who voted no to the Constitutional Treaty are deceived. And so are we Danes, who ought to have a constitutional right to the referendum promised to us 3 years ago , because this treaty means giving up sovereignty: Our independent foreign policy and our veto right. This is not democracy. It is dictatorial manipulation. That´s why it was sickening to hear - in the concluding tv-debate- the Danish Prime Minister  having a nerve to say he were defending and fighting for the freedom of speech - while doing his utmost to suppress it!

The Foreign Ministerial "Danish Center for Culture and Development" has clearly stated the de-europeisation/islamisation project of the EU and the Danish government through the [5] programme speech of its leader, Olaf G. Hansen (blue shirt) and its giant, 6-weeks islamic youth festival, "Images of the Middle East" in Denmark, 2006, in cooperation with ihe [6] ISESCO (this picture), which is obliged - according to its Charter articles 4 and 5a to prevent Muslim integration here and to spread islam to the whole world. The Reform Treaty is the key to The success of the ISESCO and the Euromediterranean/Eurabian unification.

 The reason for decreeing general elections 14 months ahead of  due time
Incomprehensibly, the Danish Prime Minister decreed general elections a long time before they were due. He had a solid majority behind him, and nothing forced him to hasten. On the contrary, all along he knew he risked his majority and a good deal of the seats of his own party. Serious observers have suspected that his reason was to find a new majority to avoid a referendum on the Reform Treaty - and aftewards to abolish the Danish EU-provisos granted us in order to make us accept the Maastricht Union Treaty - which had been rejected in a previous referendum.

Populistic and mendacious asylum policy in spineless election campaign
The election campaign was characterized by a heretofore unseen abandoning of of the principles of the parties - or maybe rather an exposition of their hollowness. The media were allowed to enforce  their own  multicultural agenda on the political parties. For years the government had a firm principle not to let refused asylants out of the asylum centers to work  and associate with other Muslims. “They  are just to go home” - which they refuse to do. “Terrible. It is inhuman” said the media and the opposition. “OK!” -said the government - of course the poor  people must be let out!“ This, however, led to the disclosure of  the mendacity of the asylum policy: According to the Danish Red Cross (Jyllands-Posten Nov.11, 2007), which is in charge of the asylum centers, asylants have for years been allowed to live outside the asylum centers - and are just to appear there now and then to clean  up. Many arrive in their ovn cars every second Tuesday to pick up their pocket money - among others one in his private Peugeot 306 with leather upholstery!! Only the passive ones, who do not choose to go out, stay permanently there. This has been accepted. It seems that our politicians even want to keep those they have refused as asylants!!

Blue Cards: Import of labour for increasing the produktion of useless gadgets - to raise environmental pollution, worsening the climate - according to the favourite dogma of the politicians- and the impoverishment of the brain-drained low developed countries (LDC).
Trade and industri are screaming for labour. Therefore, man-power has to be imported, they say. EU Commissioner Franco Frattini has even launched a [7] plan to import over 20 years 20 million workers from non-EU countries on the ground that the EU-population above 65 years-of-age will rise from 15% in 1995 to 22% in 2025. After 2 years the workers are to be [8] entitled to having their working stay prolonged for 3 more years, to family reunion and to stay in another EU country according to their liking. After 5 years they are to have permanent right to stay.This concept has now been tested for a generation. The result is that today about [9] 600.000 - 700.000 Muslims live in Denmark in a total population of about 5.4 million - including the naturalized ones, who do not figure in official statistics, which have for many years stated the number of only 200.000 Muslims - in spite of many thousand [10] Muslim newcomers every year - with a birth rate 3 times higer than that of Danish women. Of course, it is kept secret that according to the governmental [11] Wellfare Committee (2005)  each Muslim baby (2.5 million kr.) costs 3,3 times more than a Danish baby (750.000 kr.) during their life times. And it is kept secret that this “labour” import according the same report seems to cost the state at least 100 billion kroner a year.This is pretty much considering the 2007 state budget being about 600 billion kroner.

That this huge expense is dismantling the social state is kept secret. Accepting Frattini´s “Blue Card” system, which is being seriously debated in the EU, we would quickly deplete the low developed countries of what small qualified labour force they have. - thereby letting them sink even deeper into poverty. Whereupon the stream of illegal refugees to the EU will increase etc.That is exactly why the [12] UN warn against such a “brain-drainage” .


 Our politicians want to establish an  illuminisic multicultural society, blindly following the EU. The EU has declared to be working for an [14] illuministic society. I.e. populations in stead of peoples. The motto of Illuminism is: “Ordo ab Chao”: Order out of  chaos. The precondition, of course, is first to make chaos out of order - as so often before. This is exactly what they do by means of the unintegrated Muslim mass immigration, which leads to incompatible parallel societies.

Free acces to Europe at full speed for Islam.This is the aim of the globalistic EU-politicians, who are eagerly removing the obstacles: The national state and Christianity. Poster from Euromediterranean Transport Symposium.

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