There is a geoengineering professor David Keith, affiliated to the Universities of Harvard, Cambridge, US, as well as Calgary, Canada, where he helps lead Carbon Engineering, a company developing technology to capture of CO2 from ambient air. He is a genuine climatist, postulating CO2-global warming to be combated by geoengineering/chemtrails! Keith postulates that what everybody can see, chemtrails, do not occur. He even thinks that if it did Uncle Sam would tell us about it!!! - and now he has got a bright Idea: To keep the death figure caused by chemtrailing about a just one million people, we should  pump just 1% more poison into the air. That will only cost another 10.000 lives! What about the sulphuric dioxide sprayed into the air? Well, it´s raining down on us (Video and text).

Now what Keith seems to mean is that he has grasped that chemtrailing the lower atmosphere produces global warming. And he seems to hope that chemtrailing the outer atmosphere with sulphuric acid might bring about a compensatory cooling!

As this post will show, chemtrails do not produce global cooling - but global warming. They are a vicious weapon against mankind.

Veterans Today 14 dec. 2013Chemtrails are not Geoengineering as  SRM (Solar Radiation Management) or SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering) to cool the planet. Chemtrails are an “exotic weapon” as defined in HR-2977 and a widely used  term  invented by the US DoD in the 1990es in a manual for pilots..
200,000+ tons of chemtrails are routinely sprayed between 30 to 40,000 feet in the troposphere every day with the effect of warming the climate. There is no research to establish effective solar radiation management when ionizing salts and metals are injected into the troposphere below 40,000 feet.

Chemtrails-in-the-troposphere-sagDavid Keith’s comments on the Dec 9, 2013 Colbert Nation spoke to a limited geoengineering operation achievable by a few high performance jet aircraft delivering a total payload of only 20,000 tons of sulfurc acid (H2SO4) into the stratosphere (right). Keith’s proposal reveals that the scale of the covert chemtrails operation is orders of magnitude more intense in required resources, CO2 polluting aircraft, and payloads of pollution deployed into the atmosphere.

The future could see two opposing aerosol operations: (1) Covert chemtrails that warms the climate and (2) Sulphuric acid as SAG (red)/SRM/chemtrails (green) to offset warming due to chemtrails.

We might suspect that the UN/IPCC was hoping to run out the clock in order to allow passage of hard-core climate change legislation by ignoring how chemtrails warm the climate as long as it helps to make the case for policy makers.
But in view of the skyrocketing public awareness of warming by chemtrails and destructive weather modification schemes, the IPCC is more and more regarded as a consensus of climate liars.

Chemtrails cause global warming
Dr. Joyce Penner is a member of the IPCC - and says chemtrails with carbon and sulfide warm the atmosphere

2. New Research reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface by geoengineering may not undo climate change after allIPCC Special Report on Aviation p.8: Extensive cirrus clouds have been observed to develop after the formation of persistent contrails.  On average an increase in cirrus cloud cover tends to warm the surface of the Earth.

3. The UN/IPCC workgroup agrees with Cliff Carnicom’s conclusion that persistent injection of chemtrail particles in to the atmosphere  and resultant artificial cirrus clouds tend to warm the climate.


4. Two German researchers used a simple energy balance analysis to explain how the Earth’s water cycle responds differently to heating by sunlight than it does to warming due to a stronger atmospheric greenhouse effect. Further, they show that this difference implies that reflecting sunlight to reduce temperatures may have unwanted effects on the Earth’s rainfall patterns. (The European Geosciences Union).

Short about Chemtrails:
To substitute Geoengineering, SAG and SRM for chemtrails is an attempt to achieve political correctness results in promoting misleading public information.
Chemtrails is defined in the Oxford dictionary.
Chemtrails contain ionizing salts and other chemicals that alter the electric characteristics of the atmosphere in ways that do not act as SRM/SAG to reflect sunlight back into space.
Chemtrails is a geophysical weapon capable of interaction with an array of powerful electromagnetic sources (HAARP).

Much evidence therefore suggests that the hated, poisonous chemtrails are not there to cool the natural environment - on the contrary, they are said to make the climate warmer. Fortunately, they have not managed to do so during the latest 16 years.
Many of the elements contained therein do not contribute to the reflection of the sun’s rays at - but massively pollute our environment - and create “extreme weather” in itself or as a medium in conjunction with HAARP.
We know that the NWO-Pharisees/Zionists are planning a Strong population reduction (see here) - even down to only 500 million, according to the Georgia Guidestones. Apart from the much taxpayers money for this fraudulent “climate control”, chemtrails seem to have only this single purpose: to have us slowly poisoned.