Everywhere on this planet, the elite are asserting their authority over the “useless eaters” who occupy space and consume “their” resources on this planet. The bulk of humanity are kept in metaphorical zoo-like cages on the planet and exist for the mere entertainment of the elite.
The elite own the food, the water and all the shelter on this planet. The elite appoint their minions to government positions. The government subsequently creates the conditions whereby the whims of the elite are enforced, thus, enslaving the people.
(Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show).

Maurice Strong: sovereignty has to yield in favor of the “new imperatives of global environmental cooperative.” (Citizen Review Online).


One may dislike the Bilderberger, van Rompuy , for his one world program (video below). But he is not a secretive diplomat: He speaks the unpainted truth.

Now EU Council President, van Rompuy, kindly explains what awaits us
Here is his praise to the Chinese government for forcing 250 million peasants away from their homes into megacities  (The New York Times 15 June 2013) of up to 42 million inhabitants.

The following will show that this is the model of our future for an enthusiastic EU Council President!

The European Council 21 Nov. 2013, Speech by Pres. van Rompuy at the closure of the EU-China Urbanization Forum (excerpt)
We had a very good meeting with Premier Li Keqiang on numerous issues, not least on China’s ambitious plans for the urbanisation of its country.

The move of such a large proportion of the Chinese population into an urban environment is a huge undertaking. It will shape the society of the future. It will change the lives of millions of people.
Actually, it will reshape society.

The EU-China Urbanisation Partnership launched just a year ago has already become an important, flagship initiative for the EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. It is not just a matter involving urban experts and representatives of local governments from Europe and China but it has to involve by its very nature ordinary citizens from Europe and China. I support the idea of trying to find effective solutions to the challenges of urbanisation at the most decentralized level, where the effects are most keenly felt.

US-population-distribution-2010Here is a great potential to enhance our cooperation.
In fact, China’s goal to let move millions of persons from the countryside to the cities every
is unprecedented in the speed and the number of people involved.
This trend should make a positive contribution to economic growth and prosperity. In other
words, it is about
making individual human lives better. This is our shared aspiration, and
the real aim of our partnership.

Urbanization is a part of an on-going process to find a proper balance between the need to
protect environment and natural resources and a legitimate interest in securing economic

In this sense although urbanisation in Europe and in China are at different stages, we share the same challenge.

This should be the driving force for our growing cooperation. In this context Europe can offer a lot. Over the years we have been developing experience and expertise in addressing challenges of sustainable development. We can offer numerous examples of successful and vibrant cities.

Let’s us also not forget that urbanization process should be also a strong driving force for our respective business communities. In fact we are working on an ambitious, forward looking  EU-China 2020 Agenda. I am welcoming you next year in Brussels on the occasion of the next EU-China Urbanisation Forum.

On February 27 in 2013, the European Commission published a document, “A Decent Life For All” announcing it will take on itself the “lead role” in global environmental governance through “a unified policy framework”- in effect aligning itself with Agenda 21. You can read more on your Communist future in the EU sponsored “Towards a one planet economy in Europe” 2050: “State owns goods of society, paying “living wages” to everybody, severely taxes people who earn more. Very expensive energy prices, and water costs 8 euro per m3.  Flights for ordinary people “unnecessary” - very small differences in standard of living. Electro-cars can be rent. Shared housing. People forced to be very frugal - concentrating on immaterial values.”
Did any one say the GDR/USSR? (Which in a dechristianized society?). It is the EUSSR. (Vladimir Bukowsky).

Agenda 21 is about now. It was finally imposed upon us in Sept. 2013 by our governments authorizing the UN  to subordinate us under its NWO like battery hens. In this post, The urbanization and Agenda 21 is clearly certified by EU Council President, van Rompuy. The central point of Agenda 21 is urbanization in city cages with no access to God´s nature which Rothschild and his Global Environmental Facility are taking over - especially in the US.

I have written much on  Rothschild agent, former UN vice- secretary general. Mr.  Maurice Strong´s acivities before he took a 1million dollars check from Saddam Hussein and had to flee to his Cousin´s, Anna Louise´s, China. She had been  Mao Tse Tung´s mistress. He is now an adviser to the Chinese government. Acc. to The Fox News, he is diligently setting up taxpayer funds in and without the UN, tapping them when he needs to!

One of this criminal´s plans was the elaboration of details for NWO´s one world government on behalf of his masters Rothschild/Rockefeller. The Agenda 21-oncentration Camp System and  here and here and here and here is a little known phenomenon meaning no less than our future, determined by private, unelected, corporate banksters´private  world government.

History of Agenda 21
1.The Project was founded at the Rio Conference in 1992 - signed by 179 heads of state /government. It is the Communist NWO society built on “sustainability” and  urbanisation.
2.The Rio + 20 outcome document´ decided to implement all the elements of Agenda 21 at UN level,
3. in February 2012  the Obama administration announced it was forming a  coalition overseen by the UN to fight “climate change”.
4. BBC 30 Jan. 2012: The High-Level Forum on Global Sustainability was established in 2010 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. It is an Agenda 21 group containing names like former Rockefeller-WHO boss, Gro Harlem Brundtland. The High Level Forum is working for a world environmental court of Justice to rule over everything associated with environment, i.e. i.a. economy, military etc.
5. In an
EU Press Release 25 Febr. 2013: Eu Commissioner Potocnik announced the establishment of a UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) to implement the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference.
The New American 4 Febr. 2013
Corporate giant  Monsanto here and here and here and here has officially joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a group of powerful interests including major banks and Big Oil backing the United Nations
6. In September 2013, Agenda 21 (sustainability) was adopted by the UN Plenary Session

and highly praised by EU Commission President, José Barroso.

That means dictatorial, Communist urbanisation
The purpose of the Agenda 21 is to huddle people together in so-called ECO-Cities in order to observe their every word and move as well as to be able to indoctrinate/brainwash children massively in their Luciferian ideology and here.
People are to live in “smart cities”, i.e. cities where every detail of people´s lives is centrally planned, shared housing with common kitchens, living rooms etc. There´s a fixed quantity of food, delivered as GMO by Monsanto and its ilk. People become immobile outside their city. Everybody nearly equally poor. Fewer large-scale agribusiness operations. Market monopoly for a few corporations. This society is based on Maurice Strong ´s, Steven Rockefeller´s and Michael Gorbachev´s  Leninist Earth Charter.
Austin, Texas, is a model for the Agenda-21 urbanisation - said to be dictated by the Rockefeller Foundation.


So, This is a very far progressed program. Danish municipalities have been ordered by Parliament to make an Agenda 21 plan all 4 years. I had the “honour” of being invited to such a planning session under the “Local Agenda 21″, meaning municipalities having to implement Rothshild/Rockefeller/Maurice Strong´s Communism, under the Aegis of the ICLEI, which is interwoven with the  UN on Agenda 21 - but I refused, having seen the agenda of that meeting.

An increasingly strong and Bible-falsifying and here so-called vegan movement is part of the Agenda 21 of the UN and its originators, der Rockefellers. Al Gore just went vegan. Its argument that plant protein is much cheaper and much more sustainable than protein from farting Wildlandanimals, which they say cause global warming, will probably prevail.
The most controversial aspect of Agenda 21 must be the Wildlands Project, meaning no admission for people to most of nature. It is to be wilderness, i.e. forfeited security with its mineral treasures to Rothschild´s Global Environmental Facility, as nations cannot pay their increasing interest on increasing loans to the IMF and Rothschild´s central and other banks. The bluegreen spots on map left are for humans. The rest is for beasts and Rothschild.

ICLEI is the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Wikipedia: ICLEI was established local governments from 43 countries in 1990. Today, more than 1200 cities, towns, counties, and their associations in 84 countries. Since 2003 the name is “ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability’ with a broader mandate to address sustainability issues, not only environmental issues. It is  involved in and supports the U.N. Agenda 21 program.

ICLEIThe ICLEI is - of course - funded through  The Rockefeller Foundation as well as the Rothschild Agent George Soros, The  Rockefeller Brothers´Fund and US tax payers

The Map right shows its tremendous expansion, i.e. its power over the world - except Russia and China.

This is a disgrace. van Rompuy praises treating people like cattle - calling the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership  an important flagship initiative for the EU-China partnership. He says  it has to involve by its very nature ordinary citizens from Europe and China. (God save us!).
The Agenda 21 is now and here. Our governments have empowered the UN to force us into this one world communism to become brainwashed, vegetative cattle in a cage called a city, but which you can not leave to go in to God´s nature - which Rothschild has taken over - without a car.  Your daily fodder will be administered in measured doses, variable according to the possibility of cultivating the fallows  without damaging the environment or to increase a centrally fixed atmospheric CO2 quota based on the proven climate lie. Wake up now. Protest!