Real Climate Situation November 2013 (Climate4You)

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“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortage, famine and the like would fit the bill. It is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.” ([1] First Global Revolution, p. 75, Alexander King, Founder of Rockefeller´s [2] Club of Rome.

[3] The New American 19 Nov. 2013 (Warsaw): “With United Nations theories about alleged man-made global warming imploding on the world stage, LDC regimes are demanding that taxpayers in wealthier countries start promptly handing over trillions of dollars — supposedly to deal with “climate change.” At the latest UN “climate” summit, and facing massive public protests against the extortion effort, governments are hoping to quickly and quietly lay the foundations for a new global treaty rationing carbon dioxide ([4] Agenda 21 - Co2world currency.”

The postulations of global warming began with [5] Edmund de Rothschild postulating (after 28:40 min. mark) CO2-warming and that CO2 should be caught and transported to the poles and into Sahara to cool those places. For that would be big business.

Club of Rome´s “The 1. Global Revolution” gave global warming its political perspective (world government). Already that club´s first publication, “Limits to Growth” had proved its lack of veracity by claiming, mankind would perish by 2000 AD for lack of resources - oil, water (excuse me, in those circles they use c.e. - common era - in order not to acknowlege Christ). The basis for that was and still is bad computer models.
For bad computer models are still used to forecast future climate

Professor Humlum, Oslo, regularly issues his [6] Climate4You. The following graphs are from the November 2013 issue.
The satellite photos of the arctic ice expansion at the end of the graphs are from [7] Cryosphere Today.

The first graph represents the enormous difference between actually measured temperatures and  temperatures prognosticated  on the basis of computer models since 1979 in the equatorial region.


[8] Measured_global_temp_compared_with_model_-_temp.

[9] Global_surface_air_temp._+_atm._CO2

[10] September-global-temp.sept.2013_

[11] Temp.increase_since_1850

[12] Zonal_lower_tropospheric_global_temp.

[13] Global_oceanic_heath_content

[14] Global_sea-level-surface-temp.

[15] Global_sea_level

[16] Global_sea_temp._16_nov.

[11] Weighted_antarcticsurface_air_temp

[17] Arcticair_temp

[18] Arctic_and_antarctic_sea_ice

[19] Northern_hemisphere_snow_cover

[17] Arcticair_temp

[18] Arctic_and_antarctic_sea_ice

[20] Arctic_lower_tropspheric_temp.

[21] North_atlantic_ocean_heath_content




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