Once again, I see that biased Websites launch mockery  against those who are serious about the US Air  Force Programm “Owning the Weather 2025″. As usual, we are stamped off as conspiracy theorists. Therefore this statement by former US Secretary of State William Cohen . He does not mention the biggest terrorist of this kind, however.


The photo below right shows  steering of  the hurrican Irene in 2011. The orginal photo is animated. Still more here.


Recently, a leading meteorologist stated on Radio Denmark that due to man made global warming we could expect much more extreme weather. As I wrote him and told him there has been no global warming over the last 16 years, and that the number of registered hurricanes has never been so low as now. His answers were just a repetition of the politically distorted recent  IPCC AR5 Report, in which German and US politicians would enforce untrue statements. I had even told him that the EU Climate


Commissioner had stated the science was wrong. Spirits were low in those circles, because the Arctic ice had increased by 60% over the last year, and because they cannot explain the absent global warming.

So, those fraudsters are in sore need of a proof that extreme weather does occur due to human activity - global warming or not. For this is the NWO´s best argument for their communist one world government and here.

Therefore, the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda was welcome. It was announced as the strongest storm on record. However, it did not reach the announced 195 miles per hour, “only” before seen 150 m.p.h.
But unfortunately, scientists maintain, Yolanda had nothing to do with man made global warming.

However, the real climatists are not knock-outed by facts for they have well-paid faith! Immediately, Australian Warmists grasp the opportunity to support their fundings: Haiyan is certainly due to global warming - and we shall see many more of them. Well, they certainly know more about the plans of their colleagues  in the HAARP-centers.

However, could Yolanda/ Hayian nevertheless be man made? As for the Development of Haiyan see on Disclose TV



I have previously written on The US Air Force´s plan  “Owning the Weather 2025” (right). For this purpose, HAARP and here has been a disastrous weapon against mankind as seen e.g. in the case of the hurricane Sandy - HAARP generated and guided into Eastern USA by unscrupulous criminals. The electro-magnetic emissions of the US HAARP plant in Gakona, Alaska, often coincided accurately  with disastrous weather events - and large earth quakes as in Chile Haïti, Fukushima, Japan and New Zealand.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory 25 Febr. 2013: Research physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) transmitter facility, Gakona, Alaska, successfully produced a  high density plasma cloud in Earth’s upper atmosphere - sustained for more than one hour.  “Previous artificial plasma density clouds have lifetimes of only ten minutes or less,” said Paul Bernhardt, Ph.D., NRL Space Use and Plasma Section.

These glow discharges in the upper atmosphere were generated as a part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored Basic Research on Ionospheric Characteristics and Effects (BRIOCHE) campaign to explore ionospheric phenomena and its impact on communications and space weather.

This is uncanny: You never can tell what is natural or what is man made disaster for NWO political reasons.
If it is true as told by the Disclose TV that the typhoon is created simultaneously with  earthquakes and steered by HAARP-relais stations in the Pacific (as Sandy was in the Atlantic), yet another NWO crime has occurred.
Even more uncanny is that in July 2013 the director of HAARP Gakona, Alaska, told that the HAARP plant was shuttered down for lack of money and for the diesel generators not meeting “Clean Air Act” standards.
HAARP´s budget was secured well into 2014. This means, we can no longer follow the electromagnetic emissions, which could previously be seen in connection with natural disasters.  This shuttering down was not to be for ever.


So, is HAARP excluded? NO! We don´t know if Gakona has resumed its work. But the HAARPis a worldwide system, run not only by the Americans - but also the Russians and Chinese.
Left is a map of global HAARP centers outside Russia and China.

The map has been composed by Leuren Moret, a geophysicist who has spent her life fighting the use of radioactive weapons - in particular depleted uranium.

Moret writes the HAARP sites are located globally where the richest mineral belts are located. Subsurface mineral is located from satellites by radiotomography that is 100% accurate.