NWO Unveils Its Own Lies: Russia says White House Masterminded 9/11. IPCC Admits Geoengineering. Gargantuan Sea Level Scaremongering.

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Abstract: No system with many (bribed / intimidated) people can stay very close. Even rivalry can lead to disclosure of the biggest crimes in history.

Now  Putin’s propaganda channel “Russia Today” made ​​known to the whole world what we have known for many years: The White House had concocted the September 11 crimes. One may wonder why the channel tells it now - after Obama ’s defeat against Putin in the Syria issue - while Russia makes aggressive bombing exercises in the Baltic Sea. Is NATO’s missile defense the reason for the statement?

IPCC AR5 report, the Bible of warmists, now tells the world that geo-engineering with solar radiation management (chemtrailing) does, indeed, take place  - and that it would be a catastrophe to stop.  Politicians, meteorologists and MSM just as in the case of the 9/11 truth always dismissed it contemptuously as “conspiracy theory”. Now after the unveiling of the “climate science” being politically commissioned work at the expense of science ([1] IPPC-Chief Pachauri) and after 16 years without warming, there is no reason to cast those proven toxic elements on our heads in enormous quantities.
That is, unless, politicians and businessmen operate this lucrative business with the aim of preventing a natural warm period - usual in the Earth´s history - without giving us the choice of whether we want to have a warm period that was always a blessing to mankind,  or whether we want to be slowly poisoned, sick and eradicated.

But the sea level!  warmists then cry out. Britain’s biggest newspaper brings us as a cautionary specter, a giant picture of a flooded Europe. ” Imagine what it would look like if all the Earth´s  ice melts!” Something like that would happen only in theory, if you would burn all the carbon on Earth, which would last 5000 years. This would enrich the atmosphere with 5 trillion tons of CO2 and the global temperature would increase from 14C to 27 C.  Oh my!  However, not everybody grasps that!

Al Gore has promised a sea level rise of 6-7 meters in this century. Now the warmists are more modest with 80 cm - and the realists of the University of Colorado, estimate only 25 cm, prognostic tendency decreasing! What is not told is that there is a “postglacial rebound” going on since the last ice age. As the ice continues to melt, which began in 1750 AD, the sea level is rising on the way from the Ice Age to our day by 1.7 mm per year. Thus, the 25 cm correspond to the natural glacial phasing out increase!

The next lie: Since then until today, atmospheric CO2 has increased by 0.1 per thousand. The human contribution being only 1%  that means that man is responsible for only 0.001 per thousand of the CO2 increase. Anyone who believes that the buffer system of the atmosphere can not neutralize this little bit is ignorant or lying.


People who believe that climate change will be catastrophic for the world have adopted the issue as a “substitute religion”. ([2] Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard)


Lying is the very nature of the Luciferian NWO. But lies are revealed sooner or later, as shown in the following cases

I. As stated on this blog time and again [3] 9/11 was an inside job - involving the White House and in all probability [4] Israeli Mossad as well.

Now “Russia Today” in a video (above) confirms that 9/11 was a White House Inside Job, a [5] false flag operation to create endless “[6] war on terror“/endless NWO war of conquest .

[7] Putin-abdullah

[8] Russia Today is Putin´s answer to the CNN and is funded by the Russian government - with no budget cuts so far. It has a very big audience worldwide - also in the big US and British cities.

So why does Putin want to tell the world the truth of 9/11 now - 12 years after this gigantic crime? Because Obama showed weakness and gave in to Russia over Syria?  Because Putin despises Obama?
Or because  some Freemason masters tell him to do so to promote their [9] Albert Pike plan?  Or has it something to do with NATO´s missiles  or Snowden?
Here is an incredible insider story about Mr. [10] Putin´s experiences as a Royal Arch Freemason spy: “He had been under MI6/Royal Arch Freemasonry Illuminati mind control since 1979 and had been one of their operatives within the KGB until 1994. Putin is no longer a member of The [11] Royal Arch (York Rite) Freemasonry(??).”

[12] Veterans Today 4 Nov. 2013: Is the New World Order crumbling before our eyes? Are people everywhere rising up against the all-seeing-eye of “total information awareness” ? Unfortunately, “[13] Anonymous” is a mysterious group which has declared war on the US government, and their sponsors are unknown (Illuminati antithesis).


This Monday and Tuesday, November 4th and 5th, rallies will be held around the world unmasking the global surveillance state.

II. Media, meteorologists and nearly anybody else postulate that chemtrails are “conspiracy theory” in sick minds

However, the Bible of Climatists now revealed the existence of this geo-engineering:
[14] IPCCs AR5 – SPM 21. Twelfth Session of Working Group I Approved Summary for Policymakers.
If Solar Radiation Management were terminated for any reason, there is  high confidence  that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.

[15] Medieval-sea-level

[16] Since 1750, we are on our way out of a little ice age  (1500 - 1860 A.D.). That we are for natural causes again on our way into a warm period as in the Roman period and the Middle ages is possible - although more and more experts think we are diving into another ice age (as did today´s warmists in the 1970es.

Comment to II
Another warm period would be a blessing - unless the sea level rises catastrophically - which it has so far not done. In the Middle ages global temperature was about 2  centigrades higher than today. Nevertheless, the [17] sea leavel increase was just 20 cm.  This has, of course nothing to do with the 6- 7 meters postulated by [18] Al Gore in his “inconvenient untruths” or the 80 cm  in this century postulated by warmists.

[19] Chemtrailing is once again made official - first by the German Federal Government (se previous link) and then the [20] IPCC, the [21] University of Calgary/Aurora and the[22] UNEP.

Politicians should tell their peoples about this activity and in particular exactly what is in these trails in the sky and their fall-out. We know there are [23] poisonous elements and [24] here and [25] here like aluminium, barium, radioactive thorium, [26] bacteria, and much more. It is a lucrative business.
Are the Illuminati, in fact, cooling a natural warm period?


Man made warming is an absurdity. CO2 - increases - temperature normal - [27] Mann/Briffa´s hockey stick proven fraud (CO2 increases - no warming). Instead, increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is - as always in the history of the Earth  - a [28] consequence of global warming - not the cause (left).

III: Since preindustrial ice age time the atmospheric CO2 has risen just by 0.1 per thousand (from 0.27 to 0.37 per mille). As [29] human activity is only responsible for  1% thereof it means that human CO2-contribution to (non-existing)  global warming is 0.001! Whoever can believe that the buffer system  of the atmosphere cannot compensate for that trifle.

IV: The following is not only a lie but also blatant scaremongering

[30] All-ice-melted

[31] The Daily Mail 6 Nov. 2013 brings a map from the National geographic to show what  “man made” global warming will certainly bring upon mankind - over the next 5000 years!! You see London, Denmark, Northern Germany, the Baltic states and Venice are submerged.

The Mail writes: “The Eocene epoch was a period of increased global temperatures that lasted from 56 to 34 million years ago.

The planet slowly cooled as carbon dioxide from the air locked inside seafloor sediments. During this decrease ice began to reappear at the poles, and the Antarctic ice sheet began to expand rapidly.”

But now the mendacious scaremongering takes gargantuan proportions:
This rise in greenhouse gases could be caused by humans, as National Geographic explained: “If we burn all the Earth’s supply of coal, oil, and gas, adding some five trillion more tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere, we’ll create a very hot planet with an average temperature of perhaps 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58. Large swaths of it might become too hot for humans. This would make the Earth ice-free for the first time in 34 million years.” This is what the above map of Europe refers to.

[32] Cryosphere-today

Right: Greenland´s ice cover is rather bigger today than 33 years ago ([33] Cryo-Sphere Today). Nevertheless, the Illuminati henchmen keep telling us it is catastrophically melting. The Arctic Sea ice is melting due to the [34] Multidecadal Atlantic and Decadal Pacific sea osciillations. [35] Since 2012 it has increased by 60%. In 2010, [36] Greenland´s ice was only melting at 1/3 the rate propagated by warmists


Over the past century, reports suggest the Earth’s temperature has increased by around half a degree Celsius and, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), this has already caused sea levels to rise by around seven inches.

As [35] shown on this Graph left from the University of Colorado at Boulder, global sea level increase projections for the year 2100 are constantly falling has been constantly falling over the last 18 years - now to 20-30

[37] Historic-sea-level

cm. Many more graphs found  on that link.

Right: Graph showing sea levels over the last 500 mio years.
The sea level rises since the last ice age due to natural ice melting ([38] postglacial rebound) and land uplift). [39] (Wikipedia): Between 1870 and 2004, global average sea levels rose 195 mm (1.2 mm annually). From 1950 to 2009, measurements show an average annual rise in sea level of 1.7 ± 0.3 mm per year. So if the sea level  should rise by  20 - 25 cm by 2100 AD this would appear to be nearly the status quo rate.

If you have got the time you can see the satanic, murderous, thievish, deceptive and mendacious nature of the NWO on this video. However note, they only show the top illuminati in 2 flashes: David Rothschild and a banner protesting against Rockefeller murderers. You can also see some of their misdeeds [40] here

Why do they lie to us and and try to scare us to death? This time, I will let my readers find an answer.

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