Study in Demagoguery. NWO Hatching Best Missionaries for Satan: Rock Stars

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Abstract: The 1968 Revolution of the Frankfurt School after the preparatory work of the Mental Hygiene of  the Rockefellers pulled the carpet  away under the old world order, based on the teachings of Christ, and paved the way for a spiritual and intellectual vacuum. Now, the NWO elite is using that vacuum to lay the basis of their satanic and  already rapidly developing Agenda 21 one world government: A spiritually dead youth, who  only lives for drugs, alcohol, pop idols, promiscuity, Satan rituals, materialism. To this culture belongs the subliminal message-inflicting “Obey” clothes, reminding to obey the Devil and otherwise do as you please.

To convey this message, the Illuminati select rock stars with seductive charisma. The so-called sex - kittens are  brainwashed from early childhood, tortured and manipulated women, robots, capable as pop idols to pass subliminal and visible Illuminati propaganda on to the youth of the world. Therefore, they and their woeful “art” are strongly emphasized by the Illuminati-owned mass media. The affiliation of the sex kittens Rihenna, Lady Gaga, and Madonna to the Illuminati is well known.

Now, however, the elite brings yet another “find” out: Russell Brand, a comedian.
[1] Last supper

This man looks like Christ - Brand had the honor to be photographed as Christ among friends of the magazine “The New Statesman” in an imitation of da Vinci’s Last Supper. The magazine appointed him  a “political saviour”. But this saviour shows Satan hand signs.

Then he was interviewed in the BBC2 Newsnight - and made a lousy performance, could not explain what he means by his “egalitarian revolution”. However, in one point he had seen correctly: He asked the interviewer, “Aren’t you bored? Ain’t you been talking to [by politicians] year after year, listening to their lies, their nonsense, but the problem continues?? “

Later he made ​​a show at Cambridge, admired by beautiful women and students. He strode across the stage, hyperactively jerking his limbs. He crouched, jumped up and down, did masturbatory gestures. How they laughed. Then what was his message? He is considering anal sex with his cat! He also told minutely how the fast-food king, Ronald McDonald, is raping boys - so detailed that Brand could be assumed to have seen it!

In another show, he interviewed two Baptists, did his worst to jokingly belittle their faith in the teachings of Christ. The audience was completely on Brand´s side! He points carefully at the brand of his trousers “Obey”. This is a satanic Baphomet in a pentagram - produced by his friend Frank Fairey who supports the Occupy movement - as does Rothschild agent George Soros - and made the Hope-logo of Obama´s campaign. Russell is greeted by the Queen and prince Charles.

In view of his diagnoses : ADHD,  bipolar disorder, bulimia, and a former period of  inflicting self-injuries, one wonders: why promote such a mentally ill, antichristian role model for our youth?

I find only one reason: The Illuminati want to destroy our youth, making them adopt such a satanic life!
Dictators always want weak, conformist obedient subjects. So does the NWO.


Psychologist Jacques Ellul: “The cult of the hero is the absolutely necessary complement of the massification of society…. This exaltation of the hero proves that one lives in a mass society. The individual who is prevented by circumstances from becoming a real person, who can no longer express himself through personal thought or action, who finds his aspirations frustrated, projects onto the hero all he would wish to be. He lives vicariously and experiences the… exploits of the god with whom he lives in spiritual symbiosis.”
“When it comes to waking up the masses, which to me is the most vital thing to do right now, Russell (Brand) has emerged as a mystical force of nature, a radical prophet, a true divining rod  (”Love letter” to Russell  [2] by David de Graw, founder of the Occupy movement).


The llluminati have an astonishing success in promoting [3] Adam Weishaupt´s satanic 6 commandments: 1) Abolition of the Monarchy and all ordered government. 2) Abolition of private property. 3) Abolition of inheritance. 4) Abolition of patriotism. 5) Abolition of the family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children. 6) Abolition of all religion.

The decisive consequence was the formation of ideologies which have  infested the world since 1776. In particular the [4] Pharisaic - [5] ideologists of the Frankfurt School - after the spadework of [6] Rockefeller´s Mental Hygiene - sent the West reeling into a cultural, moral and religious vacuum in the [7] 1968 communist and antireligious revolution. Their weapon: “Political correctness” in demoralised, [8] brainwashed, decadent populations. Not least, its [9] radical feminism paved the way for the nearly total lack of the teachings of Christ in western societies through the materialistic  “[10] fatherless societies“, the woman-ruled welfare societies, which introduced disastrous endless tolerance.

In such a spiritual vacuum an original instinct in man seeks something to believe in outside himself. The Illuminati have discovered rock stars as the most efficient missionaries for their god: Satan. The latest addition to that army is British Russell Brand. He is an NWO promoted figure to further break down western norms to adapt mankind to the physical and in particular mental Hell on earth and in afterlife eternity.

Who is Russell Brand?

[11] Russell-satan-horns

Russell-brand om the move

He is a sick British stand-up comedian with a traumatic childhood. [12] Wikipedia: His parents were divorced, his mother got 2 cancers, he was sexually abused, his father took him to prostitutes. He has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and [13] bipolar disorder (manic-depressive). He has also suffered from bulimia and went through a period of self-harming. Brand has shown interest in the Hare Krishna Movement. In a 2013 New Statesman editorial he wrote: “Through Transcendental Meditation, twice daily I feel the bliss of the divine….”
Brand is known for his heroin addiction and alcoholism. He has had numerous run-ins with the police, having been arrested 12 times.


The above video shows how Brand points out his “OBEY” pendant with the upward pentagram. Here is much [14] more on Brand´s associations with the Illuminati.

What the Obey clothing means is seen on this following video: Subliminal Satanic Illuminati/Masonic message: Do as you are told. Submit to our mind control Obey Baphomet/Satan and do exactly as you like.
[15] Frank Shepard Fairey makes the Obey clothes and [16] here. He is a master of propaganda and [17] made the “Hope” poster which became the Obama campaign logo. He is also [18] involved in a new Orwell “1984″ Hollywood film, which teaches, resistance against NWO is impossible. He is a fan of Russell Brand and of David de Graw, one of the forces behind  [19] Rothschild agent George [20] Soros, who  funded the  [21] Occupy Wall Street movement with 3.6 mio. dollars.

[22] Perrykitty56xy

For 14 months, Brand was married to [23] sex-kitten Kate Perry (right). More about Satan´s [24] sex kitten messengers here.[23]

This video shows Kate Perry´s backmasked satanic Illuminati message to the world:

The Daily Mail 2 Nov. 2013
: Russell Brand is seen by the bien pensants of London as a leftist cultural battering ram with which to create a mood of despair and anti-democratic (you could almost say Marxist) nihilism.

[25] Russell brand

Last week, Brand was anointed as a public intellectual — nothing less than a political saviour — by the New Statesman magazine.
A snapshot, which was published in the magazine, was arranged like Leonardo’s Last Supper, with Brand in the midst, a veritable Christ figure.

[26] Russell-brand-revolution-of-consciousnessThat stunt, in turn, earned Brand a prized interview slot on BBC2’s Newsnight.

When he had a chance to explain his ideas he was entirely incapable of doing so.

In an interview with BBC´s Paxman (video below), Brand scored: so far 10 mio. You-tube views!  [27] The Guardian 5 Nov. 2013: In last week’s Newsnight interview, Brand asked Paxman: “Aren’t you bored? Ain’t you been talking to [politicians] year after year, listening to their lies, their nonsense, but the problem continues? “. The Guardian and I find that Russell has a point here.

Russell Brand was performing last Saturday in Cambridge.
He strode across the stage, hyperactively jerking his limbs. He crouched, jumped up and down, did masturbatory gestures. How they laughed.

[28] Brand-with-queen

In a high-pitched, manic whine, Brand ranted about revolution, religion and sex. Photographs of Gandhi, Che Guevara and Adolf Hitler decorated the back wall, along with several of Brand himself. The audience, many of them pretty, 20-something women, sighed with pleasure. When Brand used the F word — which he did a lot — they cooed in pink-cheeked wonder at his brilliance, his daring.

This was the latest gig on Brand’s Messiah Complex stand-up tour, which is being marketed with  an image of Brand wearing a Star of David and a swastika.
Tickets cost about £50
— but Russell, for all his talk of socialism, is as financially rapacious as a privatised-utility chief.

[29] Brand-with-charles


Brand´s message
Brand, rolling a suggestive tongue round his overbite, whipped himself into a little rhetorical climax as he fantasised in obscene terms about having anal sex with his pet cat. The audience almost wept with laughter, undergraduates’ eyes blazing with adoration as they watched their hero.

Next, Brand went into a very detailed descriptionof the fast-food mascot Ronald McDonald raping young boys.

During his interview with Jeremy Paxman,  Brand was given extensive airtime in which to promote a ‘socialist egalitarian’ revolution. An embarrassed Paxman did mutter that Brand was a ‘very trivial man’.

But the very set-up of the interview was designed to raise Brand to the level of Important Person.  Brand and Paxman were presented as two Olympian intellects.

Here is a funny interview by an Antichristian, satanically looking and charming Russell Brand and 2 Christian Baptists: The audience is entirely on the side of the buddhist Antichrist.

He declared that ‘profit is a dirty word — wherever there is profit there is deficit’. Revolution was ‘totally going to happen’. He called for ‘spiritual revolution’ . We should include everyone, judging no one, without harming anyone’.


[30] Pave-benedict-satanstegn-thumb1

He is an adroit self-publicist and he has a charisma that is lacking in most of our politicians.
A better informed population might realise that this twit has little to offer.
In a Britain changed by [31] Labour’s immigration policies, a religious revolution may be under way, and it has more to do with Islam than Christianity.

I happen to suspect that a moral revolution may well be around the corner. Historically, puritanical purges tend to follow periods of the sort of amoral decadence that encourages the advancement of goons like Russell.”

[32] MadonnashomagePop-idols like [24] Rihanna and [33] Madonna and [34] here (paying homage to Baphomet/Lucifer (left)) as well as cat-clad Illuminati sexkitten [35] Lady [35] Gaga (right below) making the [36] one-eye Satan symbol of Horus/Lucifer (see pyramid capstone above from 1 dollar note) with an S for Satan are worshipped by our youth, which is thus easily won for the destructive Satan culture associated with rock culture: drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, develish rituals, brainwashing and a void of intellectual and spiritual activity - and opposition to the NWO.

[37] Gaga-one-eye

Another  Illuminati stooge to corrupt mankind is the Irish U2 Rockstar, Bono (Paul Hewson). He is presented as a Christian wanting to save the world – and highly respected by politicians (which is already suspicious). In [38] his biography, we find this: Bono has dipped his toe into the literary world, writing the intros for American economist (and [39] CFR member)  Jeffrey Sachs’s 2005 book “The End of Poverty”

His capacity for action, his unwavering belief in the potential for individuals to change the world, and his extraordinary powers of persuasion when faced with those hostile to his cause remain unrivalled both within and outside of the music industry. His life has been, and still is, a remarkable example of the triumph of optimism in the face of cynicism and indifference, not to mention how to resist the rock n’ roll cliches. Wow!
But [40] The Whale has another picture of him:

[41] Bono-satan-eye

[42] Bono_bush_foreign_aid

[43] Bono-satan-hand-sign

[44] Bonu-satan-sign

[45] Bono sarcozy mason hand shake

Right: Bono gives Sarcozy Masonic handshake . Bono  accepted the Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in March 2007. ([46] Free Mason)


Brand, Bono, sex kittens and their ilk, politicians, clerics are manipulated machines, to be pitied - but also to be feared. They are dangerous because they have satanic demagogic gifts. They have the task to obliterate man´s conscience and consciousness of man´s real mission: to become a reflection of his creator and saviour. Their success  is the reason why increasing parts of the world are beginning to resemble more and more an image of eternal Hell - as we have seen so often before in history.


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