In July of this Year, Jesuit Pope Francis I celebrated an unchristian mass for “our dear Muslim brothers and sisters”, i.e. Muslim immigrants, scolding us for not immediately welcoming anybody wanting to settle down in Europe,  (to be nourished lifelong by European tax payers and contribute to conquering Europe for Islam). This attitude is in complete accordance with his declared pupils, the leaders of the EU:

How a Jesuit thinks
PeterBalleisBerkley Center 19 July 2012, Peter Balleis, Director of The JRS, Italy.
There’s a fundamental dishonesty involved in saying that people shouldn’t be able to move to where there are opportunities, goods and money to be found and to where the economy has created an incentive for those in-migration of cheap labor.

In particular the Germans are starting to hear whispers of go-it-alone-ism, we mustn’t let that mindset come back. Speaking of fear, there’s been a global upsurge of conservative religion – and I’m not speaking exclusively of Islam here. (Conservative religion is the teachings of Christ - discarded by the Jesuits)

For my generation and the one before us, Vatican II was a welcome opportunity to ditch the traditional garb (The teachings of Christ made superfluous by the New Catholic Cathechism Art. 841!).

Luckily, migration is going on and will go on, and it changes countries (just look at what’s happing in the U.S. right now with Latin American immigrants). As people move about, it changes regional and national consciousness.
Another thing the Church can offer is a model for the creation of a multinational/ supranational identity.



Left: Pope Francis welcoming Muslims on  Lampedusa. Right: His “dear Muslim brothers and sisters praying  in a street of Paris to the absolute opponent of Jesus Christ

In that Ignatius Loyola´s meditation, we’re meant to imagine ourselves looking down on the world from God’s perspective. Then, we’re supposed to “witness” the decision of the Godhead to send the Second Person [Jesus] into that whole messy world out of love. Doing that meditation regularly naturally gives you a “global” perspective and informs your mission as being one for the good of all humanity. (That is to say: the Jesuits do not work for the exclusive Christ but for the “Prince of the World”!)
By definition, a nation-state has only one ethno-national constituency that it has to make decisions for; the Church doesn’t have that luxury - is global. That’s  good practice for building a “globalized” and co-operative mindset. There was a time for nationalism, but that time is gone. Now, we all need to work as intentionally and effectively as possible at imagining communities at supranational level.

A Jesuit Refugee Service Europe ( JRSE) has assumed the task of promoting free access of immigrants/refugees to Europe. The Jesuits are the supreme rulers of the world alongside the Illuminati by means of Freemasonry.


Jesuit Refugee Service Europe EU member states must embrace immigration from outside the immediate borders of the EU. It is imperative that both migration-producing states and the European Commission make it easier for people to migrate to Europe easily.
esettlement of refugees from countries outside the EU has to be encouraged. (Europe needs no Muslims! On the contrary, for acc. to this imam, they are an obstruction to progress)


The Jesuit Refugee Service Europe 3 Oct. 2013 about the Lampedusa wreckage: The Italian government should immediately ask the European Commission to activate a humanitarian channel to Europe by the EU Border Agency, Frontex, to secure forced migrants fleeing war and persecution can safely seek asylum in Europe.

is against refugee detention and defines alternatives to detention as any policy, practice or legislation that allows asylum seekers and migrants to live in the community with freedom of movement and safeguarded all humanitarian needs and the right to voluntary compliance with a return decision.


Spiegel 9 Oct. 2013: This is what Europe can offer these illegal Muslim immigrants who cannot be used in the labour market. Their only , and certain hope is to obtain an early age pension, at the cost of Western social welfare for native Europeans, where poverty is now catasropically increasing.

‘Katholiek Nieuwsblad’
‘Katholiek Nieuwsblad”We are all Jesuits’. He was referring to those prominent European leaders with whom he is developing the architecture for the future Europe. ‘It creates unbreakable ties. So there is a ‘Jesuits International”. Who are those people that Van Rompuy, himself schooled by the Jesuits at Sint-Jan Berchman College in Brussels, was talking about? First of all, there is José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. Secondly, there is Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime minister of Luxembourg and Chairman of the Euro group. Van Rompuy also mentions the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, who was schooled in the Roman Jesuit College Instituto Massimiliano Massimo. The Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and his Spanish collegue Mariano Rajoy have also been shaped by Jesuit colleges, Van Rompuy cheerfully added. - See more at: 9 Oct. 2013: This is what Europe can offer all these illegal Muslim immigrants who cannot be used in the labour market. Their only , and certain hope is to obtain an early age pension, at the cost of Western social welfare for native Europeans.Pope Franciscus I works for more paganism an trouble for Europeans through his call for Interfaith-immigration.Here is a long series of links to increasing serious criminality by young immigrants in EuropeSpiegel 9 Oct. 2013: This is what Europe can offer all these illegal Muslim immigrants who cannot be used in the labour market. Their only , and certain hope is to obtain an early age pension, at the cost of Western social welfare for native Europeans, where poverty is now catasropically increasing.

Poverty in Europe
increases in proportion to Muslim immigration

Sheep-in-cityWhat the Jesuits demand is that we are to 1. be just as poor as their “dear Muslim brothers and sisters” 2. become just as dechristianized as they are after their Black Mass in the Vatican, indeed, since their founding and role in the Inquisition. They want to drive us sheeples (left) to help them speeding  European Sharia due to demography with persecutions of Christians as in all Muslim Countries.

According to a study by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC ) in the “Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten” 11. Oct. 2013, the number of those that must be supplied with food increased by 75% in the past three years in 22 European countries. 43 million people can no longer afford their food, 120 million are at risk of poverty. The costs of living are rising faster than wages , especially for food and energy.


Right: From a soup kitchen in Berlin

In the Balkans, France , Italy and Portugal,  a new group of people who need to ask for help is reported: Working families who cannot afford to eat at the end of the month. In Germany, the middle class has shrunk from 65 % in 1997 to 58 percent in 2012.
Despite social security, almost 600,000 Germans had to ask for for additional help in August 2012, and 1.22 million Germans can not live by their work alone.

Jesuits are not the soldiers of Christ - but of his antagonist. And they ignore 2. John Epistle:7-11.


Left below: Graph from the  Rockwool Foundation. More here

The Guardian 26 Oct. 2011: Young black men make up 4 in 10 in Youth jail.
Islam versus Europe : Nearly 70% of criminals in Berlin are of foreign origin
BT 17 Sept. 2012:
1,439of 4095 detainees in Danish prisons are foreigners  or their descendants

Den Korte Avis 14 April 2012: The number of reported street robberies ranges from 653 reports in 2008 to 980 reports in Parisriots12009. A quick review of police reports from the turn of the year onward shows a marked preponderance of ill-doers with another ethnic origin than Danish when it comes to street robberies.

However, The Municipality of Copenhagen hold their hands before their eyes and ears and do not want to see the ethnic lopsidedness
Antallet af anmeldte gaderøverier svinger fra 653 anmeldelser i 2008 til 980 anmeldelser i 2009. En hurtig gennemgang af politiets døgnrapporter fra årsskiftet og frem viser en meget markant overvægt af gerningsmænd med anden etnisk herkomst end dansk, når det gælder gaderøverier.
Men Københavns Kommune holder sig for øjne og ører og vil ikke se den etniske slagside


Gatestone Institute: 40% percent of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands between the ages of 12 and 24 have been arrested, fined, charged or otherwise accused of committing a crime during the past five years, according to a new report commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Interior. Most of them born in Holland.

Pravda 24 July 2013 over 13 percent of the population in the UK are immigrants.
Members of ethnic minorities are more often checked by the British services, especially black youths - ofrtn jailed for various crimes. Fictitious marriages are one of the ways to stay in the country. Illegal immigrants enter into thousands of marriages with British. !90 “students” have come to the UK. Many enter fake marriages, thereby obtaining the right to stay and have a decent income
Immigrants are using all possible tricks to stay in Britain for good, but it causes plenty of problems. Approximately 47 percent of the British said that they strongly opposed immigrants from countries outside of the EU.