On page 11, the UNICEF  Manual Climate Change and Transformation, talks about “to help children become agents of change.” The term “agents of change” is used five times in the Manual. In addition, it twice refers to “adolescents as climate change agents,” and describes “the role of youth themselves as change agents in sustainable development. For quality education to be transformative, we need to see changes embedded in district, village and school development plans. “The scaling up and mainstreaming of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction needs to be ensured throughout the education sector.”

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres told a press conference on December 3, 2012:  “It must be understood that what is occurring here, not just in Doha, but in the whole climate change process, is a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world. That does not happen overnight.”



The UN´s new “High Level Political Forum” for Sustainability” - accepted by 179 governments, persuaded by Rothschild agent Maurice Strong at the fatal Rio Conference 1991 -was inaugurated at the UN´s General Assembly  on 224 Sept. 2013. It is the government of the planned Agenda 21 world Communism ruled by a climate court of justice (Addendum) as agreed upon in Doha, Dec. 2012. The West pays for everything because of its “historic CO2–emission crime”.

Maurice Strong started at the local level . Local authorities are obliged to report progress to the UN´s ICLEI. The Danish Parliament long ago secretly introduced it in Denmark .
It is a sneaking coup d´état for Adam Weishaupt´s/Rothschild´s one world government. Already in Febr. of this year, EU Commissioner Potocnik announced the formation of the UN Environmental Assembly (UNEA), a world council on environmental affairs, something  Achim Steiner of the UNEP said would go down in history.
Agenda 21s aim is total population control and here- amassing people like battery hens in “smart cities” and severing their access to nature - as in China, where the Father of the Agenda 21, Maurice Strong, is a counsellor to the government.


The Forum is to replace the globalist “Millennium Goals expiring in 2015.

At the meeting´s conclusion the President of the UN General Assembly, John Ashe (Antigua), said some quite revealing words about this new NWO world governance body - a supplement to the G20 which rules since 2009 acc. to EU Council Pres. van Rompuy (video above): “Today, we confirmed that we are ready to implement the vision of Rio+20″. We committed to a Forum that ensures sustainability into global and  national decision making in post 2015.


He blabbers phrases known from any Communist speech: 1.universal human development, 2. healthy planet to future generations, 3. more equitable sharing of the earth’s resources and 4. more equitable and sustainable consumption patterns. 5. Poverty eradication 6. live in harmony with nature.  7. Gender equality is crucial. 8. Live in harmony, 9. ambitious, universal agenda, 10. high ambitions for a strengthened global partnership to address financing, technology and capacity building needs of developing countries. 10. Governments cannot do it alone 11.The forum to be a place for international action for development. 12. Embed sustainability into every aspect of our lives.13. The forum will be a home for the international community.


Then, and it is my firm hope and expectation that we, the international community, will embark on the next phase of our common journey, guided by an ambitious set of sustainable development goals.

In an EU Press Release 24 Sept.2013, José Barroso, expressed his full support for the HLPF and said: This UN enhanced coherence and effectiveness is a reflection of the broader strategic coherence we should seek.
“The European Commission will allocate 20% of our aid to human development and 25% to climate and environmental objectives.”

Comment: Now, this is so beautiful - as were all Communist radio speeches I have heard - that it can only be Christ´s new world –  or Adam Weishaupt´s/Rothschild`s new Antichristian, Communist NWO giving the follow-up on the words a damn. Given that  Barroso and his consorts are  Masonophilic Antichristians –  it can only be the latter option –  a suspicion supported by Barrosos call for his friends, the AGW liar-scientists and here.

United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform: The high-level political forum, consistent with its intergovernmental universal character, will provide political leadership, guidance and recommendations for sustainable development, follow-up and review progress in the implementation of sustainable development commitments, enhance the integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development (environmental, societal, economic).

The meetings of the forum will be convened every four years under the auspices of the General Assembly at the level of Heads of State and Government — for two days at the beginning of the General Assembly session and  every year under the auspices of ECOSOC — for eight days, including a three-day ministerial segment

The forum, under the auspices of ECOSOC, will conduct regular reviews, starting in 2016, on the follow-up and implementation of sustainable development commitments and objectives.



Rio + 20 The HLFP must have real and game-changing impact and encompass all aspects of sustainability - not just environment (also economy and and social system).
People need jobs, education, health. The World Bank and the IMF will participate.

The “Millennium Goals” does, however, seem to have done some good in the period 2000-2013: Deutsche Welle 26 Sept. 2013 The number of people who have to live on less than $1.25 a day has indeed been halved according to Malone.There are still some 900 million people suffering from hunger
The majority of kids are now going to school, but there are still some 60 million who don’t.
More than 90 percent of the globe’s population, have by now access to clean water - 2 billion more than in 1990. However, Malone admits that the progress is due to Asian economic boom.