The Jerusalem Post 10 Sept. 2013: Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama discussed the idea of placing Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal under international control on the sidelines of a G20 summit last week, Putin’s spokesman said on Tuesday.

Russia Today 10 Sept. 2013: President Obama is willing to “absolutely” put on pause a military strike on Syria if Bashar Assad accepts Russia’s proposal to hand over control of the country’s chemical weapons to the international community.
HAARETZ 10 Sept. 2013: Obama says no Congress vote on strike in immediate future (and one can almost hear Obama´s sigh of relief that his Freemason brother saved his face from a humiliating defeat in Congress!)

ANSAmed 10 Sept. 2013: France will present on Tuesday to the United Nations a ‘draft resolution which asks Damascus to make its chemical arsenal public’, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told a press conference in Paris.

Mossad´s outlet
DEBKAfile 10 Sept. 2013: For Israel this is a fiasco. It is clear that Israel is the loser of this round. Netanyahu and Ya’alon must now decide... It will be much harder now that Obama has given Assad leeway for moving the stocks around from place to place to hoodwink secret watchers.

It leaves Israel exposed to a major threat, the “Iran Syndrome”: It leaves the Syria-Iran alliance intact. Bashar Assad’s chemical warfare capability which is left intact. It would need many months or years – if ever - to dig through a mountain of bureaucracy and build one and muster expert personnel for the task. By then, the chemical arsenal will be well distributed and hidden in inaccessible locations.


Russia Today (9 Sept.2013) reports its sources inform that a false flag attack by Syrian Rebels firing poisonous gas on Israel from Assad-occupied territory north of the Israeli border is to take place in the very near future - to trigger a very harsh response by Israel.

Russia Today 10 Sept. 2013: Handing over chemical weapons to the international community is not an obvious choice for Syria on account of its regional rivals and the US invasion of Iraq, Syrian political analyst Ammar Waqqaf told RT.

Ria Novosti 9 Sept. 2013: Bashar al-Assad warned the United States and its allies against military intervention in Syria: not only the government in Damascus, but other parties would fight back, the Syrian president said in an interview for CBS News.