Globalist Horror Propaganda.

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These latest days have brought alarming statements indicating famine is en route. Are these warnings real?

In 1972 the [1] Club of Rome (re-initiated at [2] Rockefeller´s Italian villa at Belaggio 1968) was short of a mission. What to do? They gathered a team made up of 17 researchers from a wide range of disciplines and countries, led by Dennis Meadows.   Their book “[3] Limits to Growth” was shortly produced based on computer models. It was severely criticised as scientific and undocumented nonsense.

Club of Rome´s horror book "Limits to Growth" predicting [4] Apocalypse in the 21. century due to resource shortage - unless the world populatin is reduced by whatever means - sold in 12 million copies and was grist to the mill of the supporters of free abortion.

Insofar, the contents of the book was not new. Already [5] Thomas Malthus (died 1834) had predicted exactly the same development based on sheer speculation.  
And knowing the experiments with paramecia in a closed system any one can predict such a development for life on this globe. Only, you cannot predict the exact time for it to happen.

The Club of Rome is a very dangerous  [6] part of the illuminist New World Order, former EU Commission President, Jacques Delors, the man behind the Euromediterranean monster, being a Club of Rome [7] honorary member (like Gorbachev)
But since "Limits to Growth" environmement became religion – reinforced by the [8] Brundtland -UN report of 1987 and Gorbachev´s, Steven Rockefeller´s and Maurice Strong´s "[9] Earth Charter".
Now the globalists apparently try to reintroduce this “Limits to Growth- scenario” at this point of time to reinforce their horror-success of man-made climate change and the fight against a Muslim terror the globalists have staged and are staging themselves through their unlimited import of Muslim Jihadists. Another horror staging with AIDS, BSE and bird flue failed to scare the wits out of us Behind all of this is an attempt to make us see that national countries, even the EU, are not capable of handling the threat to all life on this globe. We need a world state.

[10] The[11] World Economic Forum (WEF) is an interesting organization in itself. It meets annually in Davos, Switzerland, to settle world economy and more!
"We are striving towards a world-class corporate governance system where values are as important a basis as rules”.
It strives towards the Utopian - and therefore ideological - globalist Paradise with [12] few problems for mankind

It was founded by globalists like maybe future EU President, now [13] J.P. Morgan´s Rothschild´s and Rockefeller´s man and Bilderberger (1993), Tony Blair,  Josef Ackermann (Bilderberger 2004, 2005, )  President Klaus Schwab (Bilderberg 2003, 2007) and former UN-secretary General , Kofi Annan. The WEF is a [14] partner of 
The Carbon Disclosure Project
which is [15] Rockefeller-financed  and the [16] Chicago Climate Exchange –which is [17] financed by Rothschild.

Before its 2008 Meeting the WEF has issued an interesting forecast on  “[18] Global Risks 2008” 
Besides financial crises energy shortage, climate change and possible interruption of supply chains they predict food shortage as a major critical factor for world stability: ” The price of corn in late 2007 was 50% higher than 12 months previously. The price of wheat was double. Global food reserves are at their lowest in 25 years and, as a result, world food supply is vulnerable to an international crisis or natural disaster.

[19] Famine always existed periodically in Europe, permanently in Africa and other world 3 areas. It seems the EU and the USA are aggravating it now - accompanied by a population explosion in Islamic countries. See below  

In 2007, food and drink prices rose at their fastest rate in 14 years, at 4.7%  –  partially due to increased acreage devoted to corn to make ethanol (and a bad harvest).

In China, average incomes have barely risen while food prices have soared: by 17.6% overall.

In March, thousands of Mexicans demonstrated against the four-fold increase in the price of flat corn. In September, Italians organized a one-day strike against rising pasta prices. In October, in West Bengal (India), food riots erupted as a result of disputes over food rationing.

The United Nations has predicted the global population will rise above 9 billion by 2050, placing additional pressure on the global food supply.

The use of crops to manufacture biofuels is increasing globally – often with support of governments aiming to reduce carbon emissions or to reduce dependence on imported sources of energy. Biofuels are on course to consume up to 30% of the US corn crop by 2010.”

So, crops are vital for the survival of mankind in stability. But does the EU care?
On Jan. 14, 2008 the [20] BBC News tells us: “Europe's environment chief (Stavros Dimas) has admitted that the EU did not foresee the problems raised by its policy to get 10% of Europe's road fuels from plants.” Recent reports have warned of rising food prices and rainforest destruction from increased biofuel production. The EU has promised new guidelines to ensure that its target is not damaging. … He said the EU would introduce a certification scheme for biofuels.
International Institute for Environment and Development's Forestry and Land Use Programme: "We hope that any new certification scheme for biofuels considers the distribution of costs and benefits of the scheme, especially to poorer producers and consumers."

In short: The EU- and the USA intend to increase the production of biofuel from corn, wheat and wood – introducing a new bureaucratic, probably profitable certification system, which will make corn prices even higher. All to secure their [21] very profitable CO2-trade, which is very useful for the EU(rocrates?) economy to finance its Euromediterranean Empire – but [22] has no influence on the climate
Just see what the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) says about that trade:" [23] EREC argues that a trading mechanism will simply strengthen the grip of incumbents and oligopolies on the EU energy market, since small and medium-sized firms do not possess the necessary capital to invest in the "huge upfront cost and investment risks inherent to such a complex trading system, fueling speculation that large energy firms are behind the push for GO trading." "According to Christian Kjaer, EWEA Chief Executive Officer, the Commission "seems to be driven by ideology rather than by any greater industrial interest or desire to meet the target of 20% reduction of CO2 emissions."  The "incumbents and oligopolies" are [21] Rothschild and and Rockefeller firms:The Carbon Disclosure Project (41 trillion dollars) and the Chicago Climate Exchange where Al Gore is a participant.

But the madness does not stop here: “[24] Europe Takes Africa’s Fish, and Boatloads of Migrants Follow” 

Fishingboats without fish - filled with illegal hungry migrants to islamize Europe - due to EU fishery limitations in Europe

The New York Times reports that huge fleets of European, Russian and Chinese trawlers have vacuum cleaned the sea off Africa´s coast so that the indigenous peoples cannot have enough protein any more. Consequently they flee as illegal immigrants to Europe. Last year roughly 31,000 Africans tried to reach the Canary Islands, a prime transit point to Europe. About 6,000 died or disappeared, according to one estimate cited by the United Nations.
“As Europe has sought to manage its fisheries and to limit its fishing, what we’ve done is to export the overfishing problem elsewhere, particularly to Africa.” The coastal stock of bottom-dwelling fish is just a quarter of what it was 25 years ago, studies show.
And who controls the New York Times? [25] Rockefeller and his Council on Foreign Relations: The Carbon Disclosure Project (43 Trillion dollars) where Al Gore is involved (Generation) and The Chicago Climate Exchange.

Are these globalist horror prophets helping fulfil their own prophecies about famine?
Do they just want to scare the wits out of us to promote their illuminist goal, to make us ready for their dictatorial world state? [26] The EU has just declared itself illuminist - and the US government always was. Or are they just as stupid as they seem to be?
Biofuel in stead of food, overfishing on Africas coast, thereby creating many more illegal refugees to be fed by us? Doing what they can to stifle African farming by demanding [27] increasing European agricultural export to Africa, much to the annoyance of African leaders, who denied to sign a due treaty at a summit in Lisbon in Dec. of 2007.
For a long time the EU has helped to ruin European agricultural stricture, so that fields today are woods, e.g..

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