This Is very Serious: John Kerry´s Hitler-like War-speech Performance

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John Kerry´s speech on the video below is the most disgusting war speech I have heard since WWII. This is a Hitler-like performance.

The moral indignation of a foreign minister of a country which has brought unspeakable suffering on so many peoples is preposterous.  He is outraged at the [1] unverified  false flag Ghouta gas attack[2] - which came 4 days after US, Israeli, and Jordanian Commandos had invaded southern Syria to establish buffer zones acc. to [2] Le Figaro and [3] DEBKAfile

He even has the insolence to state as his proofs of the attack which he states will be punished by Pres. Obama, the [4] notorious liar of the Syrian Human Rights Observatory in London - and Doctors without Borders - who had their information from reports from 3 Hospitals in Damascus. Doctors without Borders have not seen the victims! ([5] The Star 26 Aug.2013).

[6] Doctors without Borders 24 Aug.:  Since 2012, MSF (Medecins sans Frontieres) has built a strong and reliable collaboration with medical networks, hospitals and medical points in the Damascus governorate, and has been providing them with drugs, medical equipment and technical support. Due to significant security risks, MSF staff members have not been able to access the facilities.
“Medical staff working in these facilities provided detailed information to MSF doctors regarding large numbers of patients
This is the Illuminati way ( Kerry is Skull and Bonesman as both Pres. Bush) to start a big war.

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