False Flag Operation? Unverified Gas Attack at Ghouta now Pretext for Imminent Regional War

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[1] Survey
DEBKAfile 25 Aug. 2013:
Three Syrian hospitals told the humanitarian group Médecins Sans Frontières Saturday that they had received around 3,600 patients suffering from symptoms related to a poison gas attack. Of these, 355 had reportedly died. It is, however, completely uncertain whether 1. a poisonous gas attack has taken place and 2. who would have committed such an unverified attack.

[2] New_world_order_warning_answer_1_xlarge

According to debkafile’s sources, Western demands for proof of the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons before taking action have been countered in the last few hours by the discovery that the forensic evidence will be all but impossible to obtain in view of the special mixture contained in the gas shells. Only tiny quantities of sarin were blended in with a large quantity of riot control agents, a formula developed by Iran to camouflage the use of chemical weapons. [3] The Guardian 25 Aug. 2013: David Cameron and Barack Obama moved the west closer to military intervention in Syria on Saturday as they agreed that last week’s alleged chemical weapon attacks by the Assad regime had taken the crisis into a new phase that merited a “serious response“. [4] The Guardian 25 Aug. 2013: Syria will fully comply with UN Inspectors. But the [4] US refuses.
[5] Reuters 24 Aug. 2013: 25 percent of Americans (as of 19-23 Aug.)  would support U.S. intervention if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces used chemicals to attack civilians, while 46 percent would oppose it.

So, a Ghouta attack - real or fictitious - is indispensable for Obama under so heavy pressure by the [6] military-industrial complex and his masters in the real US government, the  [7] Council on Foreign Relations.
And in his 2. period he already gives his people an  Orwellian damn. Besides he has st a red line in case of an attack.  The risk is a military confrontation with Russia


You cannot start a big war without convincing people of it being justified. I have previously written about the [8] anatomy of false flag operations : 1. The [9] Lusitania- world war I.  2. [10] The Reichstaggebäude fire in Berlin - the nazi regime 3 The [11] Gleiwitz-affair - world war II. 4. [12] Pearl Harbour - the US participation in WWII. 5 [13] The 2. Tonkin Bay incident - the Vietnam War. 6. K[14] osovo7. The 9/11 [15] inside job and [16] here - the “[17] War on terror” also called [18] WWIII - by means of a phantom constructed by the USA and used to promote its NWO expansion: [19] Al Qaeda. 8. The non-existing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 9. The cruelties of Libya´spopular Gaddhafi . 10. Now Ghouta, a name we shall long remember

[20] Now they´re gassing our children

Others have apparently learned or been taught the the trick –  and much indicates that the Syrian “Ghouta Massacre” on 21 Aug. 2013 (so far the only ”proof” was given by the [21] notorious liars of the Syrian Human Rights Observatory which seem to be the only source western politicians and media quote as for casualties in Syria. [22] Western intelligence services have made a preliminary conclusion that Assad´s troops are guilty.  Mossad´s [23] DEBKAfile 24 Aug. 2013 even states the attack was carried out by Assads 155 brigade led by Bashar´s brother Maher Assad –  and foams with trigger-happiness and anger that the west does not attack.

When they show photos of killed children you know that they are appealing for your approval of something really big!
Western powers like the UK and France as well as Israel now also maintain that the massacre was perpetrated by Assad´s troops –  and the same powers now call for an attack on Syria –  as does the almighty US Council on Foreign Relations. So a seemingly unwilling Obama has held urgent war councils on attacking Syria.

So, much indicates that the Ghouta “massacre” could be the cause of a western intervention in Syria to oust Assad –  a man who does not submit his country to the [24] Rothschild central bank system –  the only cause of NWO wars together with the protection of the petrodollar –  and therfore by definition is a rascal in a rascal state - although  70% of Syrians  are for him  and only 10% against him - [25] acc. to  NATO. Since such intervention carries a definite risk of confrontation with Syrias ally, Russia, this may be the beginning of the [26] hot end phase of WWIII - under the slogan [14] Responsibility to protect (R2P).

Therefore, it is crucial  that we all know the truth about the Ghouti massacre. I don´t. I dont like Assad, I dont like the Jihadists fighting him, I dont like the western NWO powers trying to oust  Assad –  and I dont like Putin.  But I will try to be the Devils advocate –  without any hope that the Illuminati and their flunkeys will stop up and examine my words. For Ghouta may be a name to remember often in the time to come.

I. Has there been a poisonous gas attack in Ghouta on 21  Aug.?
The main argument in our media for Assad having something (guilt) to hide is that he will not allow UN inspectors to go to the site of the crime: Counterargument: How can he? He does not control that area - but is fighting hard to conquer it. [27] The Daily Mail 24 Aug. 2013:  The Ghouta attack was concentrated on a heavily built-up area largely controlled by the rebel Syrian Free Army, with at least seven districts hit.

There are urging  questions : 1. Why did the [28] The Daily Mail 29. Januar 2013 write an article in which it documented by intercepted e-mails that the US had planned a poisonous gas attack in Syria –  to blame on Assad? 2. Why was that article deleted a few days later  – preserved, however,  in the [29] Wayback Machine? 3. Why was the [30] Houla massacre immediately blamed on Assads troops –  only later to be [31] blamed on the “rebels” as well by the UN. And why was Assad accused of using sarin nervous gas - whereupon a UN investigation stated on 5 May 2013 that [32] not Assad - but the rebels used sarin4. What did the US deliver, when they started delivering “lethal” weapons to the rebels?  The [33] US had already then been delivering poisonous gas to the rebels –  who apparently said they would kill all infidels like their test rabbits (see video below). 5: Who has the benefit of this postulated gas attack? Who has the political damage. 6: Why was the “attack” made right under the nose of the UN-inspectors? 7. [34] Resurrection-of- the-dead-ghouta Among the postulated corpses, I have seen no women. Just young able men and a few sweet children! Peculiar! Also, it is peculiar that few of the “corpses” have the paleness of death. In one case, one may even see the resurrection of the “dead” –  and a tanned man holding his hand the way no corpse would (right). I have seen a few cases with death spots (livores) –  but as a rule they cannot be seen. 8. I can find no photos of burial ceremonials or graves of the many postulated victims at Ghouta. Why? When the bodies could be taken to the morgues they could also be buried!!! - and what a propaganda effect that would have had!

Below: The rebel chemist swears to kill all Alawites (
[35] Syria Tribune 6 Dec. 2012). I do not know which side published this.

II: The staging of violence in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood for propaganda purposes
[36] Activist Post 8 Aug. 2013 brought a bizarre video showing staged propagandistic violence against Muslim Brotherhood demonstraters in  Cairo. The whole video can be seen on Activist Post. I do not know which side tried to cheat the world public –  but it clearly does show that propaganda machinery is twisting the truth!

III. The many videos of the postulated gas attack on Aug. 21 were published on Aug. 20.
Infowars 23 Aug. 2013:
As PBS reports, “At around 3 a.m. (on August 21st), patients started streaming in from neighborhoods in suburban Damascus like Zamalka and Ain Terma,” following the alleged chemical weapons attack. A playlist of videos entitled ‘Alleged Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta August 21st 2013‘ contains 159 videos – every one of which was uploaded to YouTube on August 20th. (Comment: what a lot of people starting filming at the same time, disregarding their own and others´ safety - whom they could have removed instead.)
The time stamp attributed to uploaded videos applies to the country in which they were uploaded, meaning that the videos were uploaded in Syria on August 20th.[37] Fake-video-ghuta

This caused the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich, to say this represents evidence of a “pre-planned” provocation. Lukashevich labeled the accusations “another anti-Syrian propaganda wave.”
However, [38] The New York Times 23 Aug. 2013 writes: “As YouTube has previously confirmed, its computers automatically assign a date to each video based on the current time in California when the upload begins, which can differ from the date in the user’s time zone. Given that California is 10 hours behind Syria, that means that any clip uploaded to YouTube before 10 a.m. on Wednesday was stamped with Tuesday’s date.

I think the NYT is right.

IV. There are doubts cast about the veracity of the videos by several chemical weapons experts [39] (more here).

the people that are helping them are without any protective clothing and without any respirators….In a real case, they would also be contaminated and would also be having symptoms”. “…the foam seems to be too white, too pure, and not consistent with the sort of internal injury you might expect to see, which you’d expect to be bloodier or yellower”.victims of asphyxiation are shown, which is not consistent with the use of mustard gas or the nerve agents VX or sarin”.



Left: The Email from [28] The Daily Mail 29 Jan. 2013

I cannot tell 1. if there really has been a Ghouta attack or 2. who in that case perpetrated it. But I am sure western intelligence services are know whether the country they have so long been [40] undermining by Soros´ open Society and OTPOR as well as [41] proxy war and plan to attack is guilty or not. For the CIA knows whether the plan published in the Daily Mail 29 Febr. 2013 (left) is the Ghouta plan or not. And the CIA knows that only the “rebels” and the NATO powers have the advantage of the Ghouta attack –  after [42] NATO declared that Assad has won the war –  unless western intervention takes place.

It seems the world is on its way into another big war based on[43] Illuminati deceptions.

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