Abstract: The following is based on an interview by the chief editor of the CNSNews, Terence Jeffrey, with  Stephen C. Meyer, a Cambridge-trained scholar of the philosophy of science.
Dr. Meyer is working with the DNA molecule and sees like almost all scientists that DNA has codes written in it that are crucial for the development and characteristics of every living organism.
Darwin’s theory of positive selection and survival of the fittest by mutations  could - according to the Darwinists - explain evolution, but even Darwin said it did not account for where the first living cell came from.

Says Dr. Meyer, the DNA molecule composition is biochemically exactly the same in each cell of all living organisms - including the most primitive cells and the first cell, which came into existence - and thus initiated life.
The coding is different, however - and the codes are written with a different order of the 4 base pairs: cytosine, thymine, adenine, and guanine - like by letters in text. DNA has codes for proteins. A blueprint for the proteins in different cell types, and how different types of cells are arranged to form different types of tissue, how tissue is disposed to form distinctive organs and how such organs are arranged in the so-called body- plans-whole architectures to form concepts - that seems not to be completely controlled by DNA. We have little explored information layers that control the cell.

Dr. Meyers software engineer and architect-level programmer with Microsoft, who
writes code for employees, with which they collaborate with molecular biologists in the simulation of how they can express the genetic information so that they can build proteins. One day he said: “I have got the eerie feeling, when I see what is going on in the cell, that someone invented this before us. It is the design pattern. We have design logics for processing information, for correction, for distributed data retrieval and their assembly as well as for hierarchical organization - we have files in folders like on your desktop, in the hierarchical file system. All of these design patterns are inside the cell, except that they use design logics that´s like a 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 version of ours. It’s the same basic logics, but it’s more elegant.” This gene network is tremendously complicated.
Bill Gates says: “DNA is like a software program, but much more complex than anything we’ve ever written.” Richard Dawkins acknowledges that it is a machine code.

Dr. Meyer now logically says the DNA has the hallmarks of intelligent design - because these acc. to our experience codes can only be derived from a superior intelligence. Since the first cell already had the DNA encoding with instructions for its development and survival functions there must be an intelligent designer behind it - as the chief editor of CNSNews noticed.
To the same extent the DNA is expressing biochemical intelligent design, the Shroud of Turin, which is by the Italian Academy of Sciences, ENEA, called “supernatural” because of its real 3-dimensional negative of a Roman-crucified man with all evangelical characteristics of Christ - from a time very long before the invention of the photographic technology - is the physical feature of a super-intelligent designer.

You can think about this as you may. But the rule is: Where there are laws, there are also legislators. The burden of proof of the rejection of Dr. Meyer’s conclusion rests on the deniers. There is no alternative evidence among scientists to intelligent design of life - and more and more scientists recognize this. Scientists only uncover fantastic design in the lab of the greatest scientist of all times. That’s good to know in a time where life is increasingly being threatened by mad total deniers of the Creator - people who even consider themselves to be his equals!!.


Where there are laws there is a legislator. Without a legislator there would be Chaos.

Where do we come from? No one knows for sure - and yet:

CNSNews 10 July 2009Interview by Editor in Chief of the CNSNews, Terence Jeffrey,  with Stephen C. Meyer, a Cambridge trained scholar in the philosophy of science. He is director at the Discovery Institute’s (DI) Center for Science and Culture and Senior Fellow at the DI. He has an explanation for how life on Earth began: the DNA in every cell of every creature shows unmistakable evidence of having been deliberately designed by an intelligent being.

Dr. Stephen Meyer states that DNA has the same chemical composition in all living beings. But in the Watson-Crick spiral ladder of the DNA molecule differing information codes are written by means of the 4 nucleic acids:  which function like letters that can be written in different sequences.

While Charles Darwins theory of evolution through the survival of the fittest may explain the development of the first cell –  it does not explain how the first cell was created. There still is no scientific explanation for that. Many scientists share this view.

But we’re also learning that there’s information stored at higher levels within the cell, and the term of art for that now is ontogenetic information, and the DNA has the information for building the small level parts, the proteins.

Meyer: The blueprint for arranging the parts, how the proteins are arranged into distinctive types of cells, how distinctive types of cells are arranged to form distinctive types of tissues, how distinctive tissues are arranged to form distinctive organs, how organs and tissues are arranged to create what are called body plans–whole architectures, blueprints – that does not seem to be entirely controlled by DNA.

Signature in the cell

We have layers of information that are controlling the cell. I have a software engineer friend. Brilliant architect level programmer at Microsoft.  He’s writing code for us to–working with our molecular biologists to write a simulation of how genetic information is expressed for us to build proteins. So, we’re having an artificial-based, computer-based simulation of what’s called the gene expression system. He walks into my office one day, throws a book down on the table. It’s called Design Patterns–standard textbook for computer design engineers–and he says, “I get the eerie feeling, when I’m looking at what’s going on in the cell, that’s somebody’s figured this out before us.

And I said, “What do you mean?”

And he says, “Well, it’s the design patterns. We’ve got design logic for processing information, for doing error correction, for doing distributed data retrieval and reassembly, and for hierarchical organization – we’ve got files within folders, like on your desktop, you know, in the hierarchical filing system. All those design patterns are inside the cell, except they’re using a design logic that’s like an 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 version of ours. It’s the same basic logic, but it’s more elegantly executed.”

Jeffrey: And that logic is embedded in the DNA of the simplest living creature on the face of the Earth? And that same logic would be embedded in the earliest creature found ? Meyer: Yeah. 1. Either the information is embedded in DNA or 2. these other hierarchies of information that govern how DNA information is expressed. Jeffrey: But saying design presupposes that there is a designer. Meyer: No, not for the Darwinists. Darwin proposed a mechanism, natural selection acting on random variations. The mechanism is not guided or directed in any way, but it can produce the appearance of design, he claimed, without in any way being designed or guided. It produces new form, new structure.
Jeffrey: How? Meyer: Well, there’s a variation in the traits of an organism, we now would call them mutations, and then if those changes confer a functional or survival advantage on the organism that possesses it, it will by small incremental variations and changes out-compete other organisms that don’t have that advantage, and therefore will, by definition, pass them on to ensuing offspring.


Jeffrey: Did Darwin have an explanation for how the first life came into being on a barren planet?  Meyer: Oh, he most definitely did not. He was quite emphatic about this. We still have no explanation for the origin of life. Jeffrey: All right, so what do you, Dr. Stephen Meyer, what do you say caused the first life to have DNA that had this coding that would determine the shape and the destiny of this creature?

Meyer: Well, I think we’re looking at a distinctive hallmark of intelligent activity. Information, based on what we know from experience, always comes from an intelligent source. So, when we look, when we see that there’s information embedded in DNA, and we see that that information is necessary to the beginning of the first life, I think what we’re seeing is that there must have been an intelligence that designed the information.


Jeffrey: Well, are there scientists who contest that there is in fact information encoded in DNA? Meyer: No. Crick´s  sequence hypothesis–that these characters along the spine of DNA actually function like digital code is right.  It is digital code. Bill Gates says DNA is like a software program, but much more complex than everything we’ve ever written. Richard Dawkins acknowledges that it’s a machine code.

Leroy Hood, a famous scientist out in Seattle, works in the biotechnology industry. He calls it digital code. This is pretty well accepted. There’s only a few people that have tried to quibble about that. Right you see Hood´s description of a gene involved in the regulatory network of sea urchin development.

Jeffrey: To what degree do you think that the scientific community basically agrees with you and understands this point of view, and to what degree to they not agree with you? Meyer: Well, as I mentioned, there’s a lot of submerged, or suppressed, dissent about the whole Darwinian synthesis, and the materialistic understanding of biological origins generally. So we have I would say a growing minority of scientists who are very sympathetic to intelligent design.

I made a trip to Britain in the spring. I spoke at the city of Darwin’s birth to commemorate his anniversary, and before the meeting, we had a meeting of a number of British scientists, full professors of science, many very prominent British scientists have been following our work on intelligent design, and they told us they were entirely on side. Jeffrey: But do you have tenured professors at major American universities who are looking into this? Meyer: Oh yeah, yeah. They’re in the minority view. But I think what’s really interesting about the nature of the debate is the people who oppose us don’t do so because there’s, for example, no one says, “We have a better explanation for the origin of the first life.”

I have done research into human cataract lens energy metabolism and process of destruction and can assure you that it was also a very impressive  study into the design of a very superior intelligence.


The DNA is hallmark of intelligent biochemical activity. The supernatural   (ENEA/The Independent) - dimensional photographic negative on the Shroud of Turin from a time long before the invention of photo-technique is a physical hallmark of the same super-intelligent designer´s activity. The survival of the fittest through improving mutations is the rewriting of the genetic codes by the greatest ever existing scientist. All science does is is exposing his fantastic designs, indeed without them there would have been no scientists to peep into his laboratory - called creation. The physical laws necessary for evolution remain unchanged.

To me intelligent design is just logic But a massive brainwashing of mankind with Adam Weishaupt´s/Rothschild´s 6 leftist commandments, is making even highly intelligent people so blind that they often scornfully  mock both the fact about the origin of life they cannot logically refute or even explain as well as those who advocate it. “Quem deus vult perdere, prius dementat” (which I am too polite to translate).

So what is the origin of “the left”  and “right”- and why is the “left” so much in?

Henry Makow 20 Aug. 2013: The brothers G. and N. L. Butmir in their works, “Freemasonry and the Betrayal of the State and Jews in Masonry” correctly point out that, despite advances in science, the rabbis and Kabbalists Jews wishing to maintain their power over minds, devoted themselves to the “Kabbalah of the left”, i.e. to magic, demonology, the evocation of spirits, sorcery, spiritualism, all sorts of sordid excitement, in order to enslave the weak minds that have lost Faith.

Butmir rightly adds that on the Judgment Day, Christ places those who have followed his teachings on his right side - and those who rejected him and his teachings on his left side (Matth. 25).

The parties led by the Jews/Pharisees and here, the Masons or other Judaizing heretics call themselves leftists, to mark their fanatic and bloodthirsty hostility to Christ and their adherence to devil worship!” -

In the  Paris Commune in 1871, the revolutionary forces placed a guard outside the hotel to protect the Rothschilds. For the Rothschilds are the  Talmudic and sabbataean-frankistist, satanist masterminds of the left, which, wave his scarlet colour on 1 May in remembrance  of Weishaupt´s presentation of the  Illuminati to Rothschild on 1 May 1776 .

And the Communist Journal L’Humanite was founded by the Jewish multi-millionaires: Levy- Brahm, Dreyfus, Elias-Rodriguez, Salomon Reinach, Blum, Casewitz, Herr, Sachse.