USA Decision on Syrian Intervention or Not Near. “Veterans Today”: Israel Using Small Nuclear Weapons in Syria. Obama under Heavy Pressure: Attempted Military Coup

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Abstract: In Syria, the situation is growing more threatening the more the foreign U.S. / NATO backed Al Qaeda /ALNusra jihadists are being forced back by the Assad troops supported by Iran, Hezbollah and Russia.
On 22 July, the New York Times published the Syrian intervention plan of the Pentagon -  read by the Chief of the  Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, to Congress.
It included proposals for a no-fly zone and a buffer zone in Syria. According to an 11-point plan of the Mossad-outlet, DEBKAfile, Pres. Obama will take a decision on such an intervention in Syria - or not - shortly.

Already, the U.S. CENTCOM. Supreme Command Centre in Amman, Jordan, for general Wight and his staff has been completed.
According to the plan, a 40 km wide buffer zone in southern Syria up to the outskirts of Damascus as well as a no-fly zone in the area - but including Damascus - is to be established. The buffer zone is to be occupied by 3000 “fighters”  under the command of Jordanian special forces, who are under U.S. leadership and with air support from the Israeli Air Force. Deraa in southern Syria, where the U.S. inspired rebellion began, is to  be proclaimed the capital of the liberated Syria.
U.S. land forces in Jordan and U.S. Air Force bases throughout the Middle East are roperative within 36-hours after a given order .
General Dempsey currently operates pendulum consultations on Syria in the Middle East with Israeli and Jordanian political leaders and generals.

However, General Dempsey has called the decision to use violence as “nothing less than an act of war”. Now, he says, “When we intervene, we are also prepared for what comes next.”
Also, Brookings (prescribing US policy for 70 years) comes up with this limited U.S. intervention plan without on the ground!? (NATO specialist consultants are already there) as possible, stressing that the current U.S. policy cannot continue.

On 16 Aug., U.S. Secretary of State Kerry said: “Many al-Qaida leaders are now active in Syria, we must accelerate all of our work to find the conditions for a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis.” Hypocritical - but may it remain there!
Veterans Today now reports that Israel has used tactical (small) nuclear bombs 4 times against arsenals in Syria, that Russia has supplied Syria with 8 (small tactical?) nuclear weapons - and that Israel is willing to use its 5-megaton nuclear bombs against Syrian cities. Russia has also shown preparedness for war with huge snap military maneuvers - and rejects any interference in Syria from outside.

It is to be hoped that Pres Obama will go on being reluctant. However, he is under enormous pressure from the military-industrial complex, which is supported by the largest arms dealer company in the world, Carlyle, with the two former Presidents Bush, George Soros, and the Bin Ladens as main participants.

After the Uriah- murder of the American ambassador to Libya, there was a failed military coup, and Obama has placed spies in all U.S. military bases worldwide. The military-industrial complex is dissatisfied with  Obama´s military restraint and the irregular firing of generals who tried to save the CIA arms dealer, the Ambassador to Libya (who had just been revealed) before he was murdered in his Embassy by “Al Qaeda”). He reportedly knew too much and would have to be made cold, in order not to make Obama’s election campaign a failure. Other generals had to go, as well - including CIA chief Petraeus for untenable grounds.


Bizarre rumours are fluttering around about Syria. [1] Russian military and navy have left Syria and Tartus, acc. to Putin in expectation of coming events.  This was denied by the Russian Defence Ministry –  but [2] no naval activity has been reported there since Jan. 2013.

I will give you a survey of what is being reported - and hope it is just castles in the air .

Russia has recently  made warning [3] snap check maneuvers on an unseeen huge scale in peace time.

[5] DEBKAfile 13 Aug. 2013: Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey (left-right) arrived in Israel Monday, Aug. 12 for critical talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense minister Moshe Ya’alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz (right-right), followed by parallel talks in Jordan. T[6] he New York Times confirms the visit is due to the Syrian war.
Debkafile reports he has come to lay the ground ahead of President Barack Obama’s final decision to embark on limited US military intervention in the Syria civil war.

Debkafile’s Washington and military sources reveal its 11 high points:
1. US, British, French, Saudi and United Arab Emirates will establish a no-fly zone over central and southern Syria, stretching from the Jordanian-Israeli borders up to and including Damascus.
2. The Israeli Air Force will provide these forces with air cover from Syrian air space.
3. A 40-kilometer deep military buffer zone will be drawn from the Jordanian-Israeli borders up to the southern and western outskirts of Damascus. The military units controlling this zone will hold the entire area of the capital within artillery range.
4. The southern Syrian town of Deraa, where the Syrian uprising sprang up, will be declared capital of Liberated Syria.
5. President Obama has determined that there will be no American troops in the buffer zone or anywhere else on Syrian soil, only special Syrian rebel forces.
6. Those forces will consist of 3,000 fighters trained in Jordan by US military instructors. They will be headed by Jordanian special forces and operate under US officers based in Jordan.
7. To host them, the US Army has just finished building in the Hashemite Kingdom a huge training camp and logistical system. All the weapons and equipment required to train and arm the rebel force are already stacked there.
8. The American operational command center for the Syrian operation is already in place in Amman led by US Brig. Gen. John Wright.

9. The US air force units for imposing the no-fly zone over Syria are already in position at Middle East locations and ready to go at 36 hours’ notice.
10. A Druze unit trained by US military instructors will be a key component of the special rebel force.They are situated in a commanding position overlooking the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle.
11. US forces deployed in the Middle East, especially in Jordan and Israel, will stand ready for possible syrian reprisals against American, Israeli, Jordanian or Turkish targets.

Comment: This sounds like the usual DEBKAfile war rhetorics –  but other sources corroborate that such a plan is, in fact, being elaborated.

Another Jewish outlet, [7] The New York Times 22 July 2013A decision to use force “is no less than an act of war,” General Dempsey wrote. The Pentagon has provided chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carl Levin  with its first detailed risky and very expensive  list of military options to stem the bloody civil war in Syria.  The options, which range from training opposition troops to conducting airstrikes and enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria, conducting limited missile strikes; setting up a no-fly zone; establishing buffer zones, most likely across the borders with Turkey or Jordan; and taking control of Mr. Assad’s chemical weapons stockpile.
General Dempsey added: “Once we take action, we should be prepared for what comes next.
Mr. Obama has shown no appetite for broad military engagement. in Syria, and, if anything, General Dempsey’s letter underscores the president’s reluctance.

[8] Veterans Today 9 Aug. 2013: Experts on arms control policy, confirmed by multiple independent sources, indicate that Syria has been hit, in recent days, by at least four tactical nuclear weapons.
Acc. to an August 5, 2013 article by Jon Snow Snow’s source, it is highly credible that Israel stood ready to deploy its arsenal of five-megaton thermonuclear weapons against Syria’s cities. The chemical weapons were traced to the Republic of Georgia and delivered to Israeli-led Al Qaeda forces inside Syria by units of the Turkish Army.

Last week, IDF Military Intelligence told their American counterparts that Russia had delivered eight  (tactical?) nuclear weapons to Syria as a deterrent to further WMD attacks by Israel.

Israel then reached out to Saudi Arabia, asking them to promise Russia a payment in excess of $1 trillion to abandon both their interests in Syria and to work to isolate Iran. There has been no leak from Kremlin sources as to the position President Putin will take.

The visit to Israel by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is an effort on behalf of the Obama administration to curtail what sane voices in Washington see as an attempt to begin a nuclear conflict that would inexorably engulf the planet.
Israel has instructed India to begin border clashes with Pakistan and to put its nuclear forces on high alert. Only Pakistan could meet an Israeli attack with an overwhelming nuclear response. It is India’s job to tie Pakistan’s hands. In fact, since 5 Aug. a[9] war of words has erupted over Kashmir

Coup d Etat attempts against Pres. Obama by the [10] US military industrial complex –  i.a. for his David and Uriah role in the Benghazi murder.

Obama has already survived one military coup attempt
[11] Dave Hodges Common Sense Show 9 Aug. 2013 brings a terrifying report: In the fall of 2012, it is now clear that President Obama survived an attempted military coup. My sources tell me, that Obama is fully aware of the fact that key elements of the military want him gone. It is difficult to believe that there aren’t more military coups waiting for the right moment to strike. So Obama has placed CIA spies in US military bases around the world.

The US military supported by the mighty Carlyle group of the military industrial complex want Pres. Obama removed because they don´t want Syria/Iran to be the next Vietnam after Afghanistan and Iraq. They also want to [12] save the petrodollar. ([13] The Carlyle Group is the biggest private investor in the world, deeply entrenched in the weapons’ sector, is a discreet group that cultivates dealings with influential men, including Bush father and son –  and George Soros and the bin Ladens).

Last fall, during Obama´s election campaign, US-Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and his Security staff were murdered by “Al Qaeda” warriors - although it was within the scope of the US military to save them. Two top generals tried to rescue them but were ordered back - and sacked by Obama, who omitted to ask Congress, which was his duty. Also, CIA boss Petraeus was sacked for infidelity to his wife!! (which is said to be everyday practice among generals and others - incl. [14] homosexual Obama! The real reason must be different). A swarm of additional US generals were subsequently also relieved of service.

The reason is stated to be that Ambassador Stevens was CIA´s arms dealer - delivering US weapons to “Al Qaeda” in Syria and Libya ( i.a. 2000 Stinger missiles). This was being revealed - and the track had to be made cold to save Obama´s election campaign.
[15] DaveHeadBluBkgObama is under immense pressure to meet this military industrial Complex.

The Common Sense Show is under the Umbrella of the [16] Republic Broadcasting Network. Its host is
[17] Dave Hodges who is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications.

Brookings is is an Institution which has for more than 70 years been [18] telling the US government what to do.
In a study, [19] Kenneth Pollack, Senior fellow at Brookings´Saban Center for Middle East Studies, writes:  Options for U.S. interventions in Syria:Training and equipping the opposition. Stopping the resupply of the regime in order to diminish its ability to generate firepower. Attacking regime infrastructure targets, such as military bases, power-generation plants and transportation choke points like bridges. Establishing and maintaining a no-flyzone. Engaging in a tactical air campaign against regime ground forces.
Pollack finds there are strong arguments for a US intervention –  and against it. However, the current US policy cannot go on. The above options  have little prospect of success acc. to Pollack. A regular, trained and well-equipped rebel army would have the greatest chance to oust Assad –  but it lasts too long and is too costly.

So the above plan reported by DEBKAfile, The New York Times, and Brookings, too,  seems more successful: No US –  but Arab boots on the ground in Syria –  and yet a US staged invasion and a  No Fly Zone guaranteed by Israel and a buffer zone. No doubt, Pres. Obama is under very heavy pressure to stage the above plan –  it even seems vital for him. Now he has even lost authority with the Egyptian generals he pays 1.5 bn dollars a year: [20] Coup leader general Al Sissi refuses to speak with Obama on the phone! The US Joint Chief of Staffs shuttles to the Middle East do indeed indicate that something is coming up.

The Snowden affair has made such an unbearable disgust worldwide that the US may have to distract attention from it through a big event.

But what I find most worrying is this: [21] Wall Street Journal 6 Aug. 2013: “The Central Intelligence Agency’s second-in-command warned that Syria’s volatile mix of al Qaeda extremism and civil war now poses the greatest threat to U.S. national security. Michael Morell says the risk is that the Syrian government, which possesses chemical and other advanced weapons, collapses and the country becomes al Qaeda’s new haven, supplanting Pakistan”.

Which means: The [22] US government and the  CIA have done all they could to support “[23] Al Qaeda” through its [24] proxy war in Syria to oust Assad –  the US even demands it. The US has waged this war  predominantly by means of “Al Qaeda” /Al Nusra –  and now says that if  “Al Qaeda” wins, the security of the US is threatened!!! –  although [25] NATO declares Assad has won the warUS Secr. of State, John Kerry on [26] CNS News 16 Aug. 2013: With many al-Qaida leaders now operating in Syria, we all need to accelerate our work in order to set the conditions for a diplomatic settlement to the Syrian crisis.”
In June, six months after his administration designated the Nusra Front an al Qaeda alias and terrorist group, President Obama decided to provide military support to the Syrian opposition.
Which can only mean the US wants intervention in Syria in any case.

On [27] 23 July 2013, the Danish Newspaper, Berlingeren, quoted Danish politicians as saying the Danish troops now withdrawn from Afghanistan would soon be sent into another war –  Syria was mentioned. “We als want to be in it”, they cried .NWO Politicians cannot wait to have our willing soldiers killed in war for the “great [28] common purpose“, the NWO.

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