Beware! Your Smart TV Camera Watches You at Home. Obama and EU Investing huge Sums in “Shaping Your Behaviour” by Brain Wave Modification

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[1] CNN Money 2 Aug. 2013: The NSA is spying for [2] Big Brother on you at home and in public by many methods - today many more than the[3] 41 I previously described. I don´t know what is reality and what is fiction any more.

The ways of the [4] NSA & Co to spy on every individual (nearly) worldwide are inscrutable with [5] Bill Gates´and Microsoft´s help: While you are saying ugly things about your government, reading forbidden literature, doing in front of your smart TV things - that can be used to politically blackmail you, its video camera snoops on you and can tell it to Big Brother via the [6] FinFisher system, e.g.

Your computer web camera can do the same trick - and worse.

The following is just a small [7] fraction of NSA tools of the US  STASI State, to spy on its own and the world populations.:

[8] The Guardian 31 July 2013: The NSA boasts in training materials that the program, called XKeyscore, is its “widest-reaching” system for developing intelligence from the internet. In a statement made to the Guardian, the NSA denied neither the use nor capabilities of the system, they just sought to defend their use of it.

“I, sitting at my desk,” said Snowden, could “wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email”. One presentation claims the program covers “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet”, including the content of emails, websites visited and searches, as well as their metadata.

[9] Exkeyscore

Training materials for XKeyscore detail how analysts can use it and other systems to mine enormous agency databases by filling in a simple on-screen form giving only a broad justification for the search. The request is not reviewed by a court or any NSA personnel before it is processed.

Under US law, the NSA is required to obtain an individualized Fisa warrant only if the target of their surveillance is a ‘US person’, though no such warrant is required for intercepting the communications of Americans with foreign targets. But XKeyscore provides the technological capability, if not the legal authority, to target even US persons for extensive electronic surveillance without a warrant provided that some identifying information, such as their email or IP address, is known to the analyst.
The purpose of XKeyscore is to allow analysts to search the metadata as well as the content of emails and other internet activity, such as browser history, even when there is no known email account (a “selector” in NSA parlance) associated with the individual being targeted.

[10] Extreme Tech 31 July 2013: [11] Obama’s BRAIN project appears to being paying dividends, as other recently leaked documents reveal a “nudge squad” program being developed to employ new, sophisticated narrative propaganda aimed at “[12] shaping Americans’ behavior.

This corporative manipulation in the wanted direction was invented by Sigmund Freud´s nephew, Edward Bernay, who was a diabolical master in appealing to people´s desires and greed. As long as that trick works the rulers are allowed to do anything to mankind.

Neural dust

The system  called “[13] neural dust (nanoparticles) works to “monitor the brain from the inside.” Inventors are attempting to overcome the hurdle of how to best implant sensors that can remain over the course of one’s life. Researchers at Berkeley Engineering believe they have found a novel way to monitor the brain waves from inside - and then translate the EEG waves into thoughts

The investment in neuroscience has received a $100 million dollar commitment via Obama’s BRAIN project, while Europe has committed $1.3 billion to build a supercomputer replica of the brain in a similarly comprehensive and detailed fashion as the


Human Genome Project mapped DNA.

Furthermore, scientists have been successfully [14] implanting false memories in mice.

But that´s just the beginning: [15] PLOS: Now a command from a human to a rat brain has been telepathically  transferred from man to rat. This opens up for telepathic remote control  of people.

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