Abstract: In 2005, all countries of the world signed the paper, the “Responsibility to Protect”. Under this noble guise, the world is stealthily moving into the final stages of WWIII.

R2P is based on 1.  every State has the duty to protect from war crimes, 2. a commitment by the international community to help states meet their responsibilities, and 3. the preparation of the countries to take joint measures in the framework of the UN Charter, when a state manifestly fails to protect its population. Military intervention requires the following: 1) Proper authority: the UN. If the United Nations fails to assume its responsibilities to cope in conscience-shocking situations, concerned states may not rule out using other means. 2) Threshold of just cause: A. large scale loss of life, actual or Feared. B. “Ethnic cleansing, expulsion, terror or rape (3) right intention: to stop or prevent human suffering (4) Last resort (5) proportionality of the means (6) a reasonable prospect of success, willingness to rebuild…

A precursor of the R2P were the NATO raids in 1999 on Yugoslavia, justified by provenly mendacious, invented stories  - particularly by the German defence minister, Sharping, about Serbian genocide against the culturally destructive Muslim, al Qaeda-backed intruders in Kosovo. NATO was in permanent contact with the Al Qaeda rebels.

Well, stronger forces urged him: NATO. Pres. Clinton said in 1993: “War with UN if possible - if necessary without it.  NATO is to create decision-making criteria for the UN - not vice versa.”
In 2008, NATO forced weak UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, to accept an agreement that NATO was to be the future military arm of the UN.

Kosovo was only the beginning of future wars. The Commander of NATO in Europe during the Kosovo war, Wesley Clark, learned before 9/11 that the United States intends to overthrow 7 governments: Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Erythrea Sudan and Iran.

Gradually, the R2P developed in the “right to protect” - when it is in NATO´s / U.S. interest.

In cooperation with the US government, two Illuminati, Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State, and Richard Williamson have taken the R2P under the microscope and find it important for the leaders of the U.S. role in the world. Although R2P has seriously damaged the image of the U.S., the U.S. wants to  appear to be the world champion of justice - if it is in the geo-strategic interests of the U.S..

Pres Obama has now set up a Board for Bowing of Atrocities with participation of the National Security Council at the White House. This council will then decide where and when R2P cases occur - and whether intervention should take place.
The Board shall provide the President a regularly revised list of persons to be Killed - and the President then decides who quietly is by e.g. a drone attack to be put to death - in the U.S. and abroad.



The world may be on its way into the end phase of WWIII due to a slogan which is merely  a blind for global ambitions of western big powers.

I have previously written on the “War on Terror” as  WWIII  and its subsequent rationalisation,  the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) accepted by all states of the world at the UN World Summit in 2005. This responsibility has more and more taken the character of a NATO member “right to protect” to promote their own global power ambitions. The principles and elements of The Responsibility to Protect doctrine were elaborated in the 2001 report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS) at the request of UN Secr. Gen. Kofi Annan. R2P is a fine principle - but it has been abused in Kosovo, Iraq and Libya.

R2P is based on three mutually reinforcing pillars: 1. the duty of every state to protect its people from these war crimes, 2. a commitment of the international community to help states fulfill their responsibilities, and the 3. preparedness of countries to take collective action under the UN Charter when a state manifestly fails to protect its populations. Its primary aim is to prevent genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity. The Council on Foreign Relation´s “Foreign Affairs” on 20 March 2011 writes of  of “the folly of protection”!

Six criteria were identified for defining when a situation is appropriate for military intervention
1) Right Authority: The UN. If the UN fail to discharge their responsibility to protect in conscience-shocking situations, concerned states may not rule out other means to meet the gravity and urgency of that situation. 2) Just Cause Threshold: serious and irreparable harm to human beings, or imminently likely to occur: A. large scale loss of life, actual or apprehended, with genocidal intent or not B. large scale ‘ethnic cleansing’, actual or apprehended, forced expulsion, acts of terror or rape. (3) Right Intention - The primary purpose of the intervention must be to halt or avert human suffering.  (4) Last Resort  (5) Proportional Means. (6) Reasonable Prospects of success. A readiness to rebuild must be accepted.

Here is a discussion on the CNN with one of the chief architects behind the R2P, Prof., former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans on i.a. Kosovo

One precursor of the R2P was Kosovo
The  WDR video below, which was broadcast on German TV1, the ARD,  documents: In 1999, We were told of unspeakable atrocities committed against the poor Albanian Muslims, whose only offence was to have invaded Kosovo by stealth over the years, displacing the original Serbs, and destroying the ancient Serbian Christian culture, burning churches etc.

German Defence Minister, Rudolf Scharping, invented and reinterpreted immense lies to win the population for this halfmoon-crusade in defence of the Muslim invasion of Christian areas. Rugovo was presented as an immense massacre of cilvilians – although the photos showed a big number of UCK- Albanian rebels in their characteristic uniforms. That this was the consequence of a regular fight with Serbian troops was not mentioned in the media – although secret German defence   ministry documents from then report that. Also a German general Loquai and a leading police officer (OSCE) who were the first witnesses of the corpses told  Scharping that this was no massacre of civilians. A stadium was appointed by NATO to be a concentration camp – although a Kosovarian neighbour with a full view of the stadium testifies that there never was a camp there. The Kosovarian Liberation Army was intertangled with Al Qaeda - trained by  the US (as in Libya and Syria) and in steady contact with NATO, even had the cell phone number of NATO General Wesley Clark for contact. OSCE witnesses testify  that the postulated cruelties against civilians which NATO used as the excuse to wage war on Serbia never took place.

The above documentary by the Westdeutscher Rundfunk has an interview with a former adviser to the US government. He had access to secret government papers. Mr. Wayne Merry  tells that in 1993 Pres. Clinton said: “ Wage war with the UN if possible – without if necessary. NATO is to establish decision criteria for the UN – not vice versa!”
Kosovo was just to be the beginning of future wars. So, in 2008 NATO forced the UN Secretary General, weak Ban Ki-moon, to an agreement that NATO was to be the future military arm of the UN.

See the Video interview with then Supreme NATO commander for Europe, Wesley Clark, who learned that NATO would take out 7 governments – for reasons unknown . Among them Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia , Sudan and finally Iran.

Responsibility to Protect  (R2P) revisited - Madeleine Albright & Richard Williamson.
This is a survey by 2 Illuminati and here on  the status of the R2P based on a group work  by US government officials, academics, foreign policy experts, political consultants, and media professionals. Jointly organized by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Brookings Institution.

Madeleine Albright is a former US secretary of state, seen at a Bilderberger Conference (although she frantically denies it) and a director on the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations which will rule the world by means of David Rockefeller´s Studies Program

The intent of these recommendations is to enhance U.S. ability to provide global leadership and to advance the collective capacity and will of the
international community to fulfil its obligations under the responsibility to protect. U.S. global leadership will suffer if the United States is not seen to be taking an active role in trying to prevent atrocities.
The United States has been, and should remain, a firm advocate of bringing individual perpetrators to justice for crimes against humanity  (ICC, except US Americans who are tabu). War crimes tribunals for Rwanda, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and the former Yugoslavia were US initiatives.

One of the problems in the R2P is the use of private soldiers paid by the West and who are only regulated by themselves

Only when a government fails or refuses to live up to the responsibility of sovereignty does it run the risk of outside intervention. Even then, R2P’s implementation is to be done in accordance with the UN Charter. When that does not happen, the first recourse will ordinarily be to diplomatic, economic, and other measures.

The civil war in Syria, like the strife in Libya, grew out of the Arab Spring protests. President Bashar al-Assad’s refusal to accommodate demands for political reform, coupled with brutal repression on the part of his security forces, prompted calls for action in connection with R2P.  The terrible carnage in Syria illustrates that the international community’s embrace of R2P is not sufficient, in itself, to prevent a ruthless dictator from inflicting grievous harm on his own citizens. Our collective challenge is to minimize the likelihood of such situations through persistent diplomacy.

Given the potential for deadlock in the Security Council, the United States and other countries should retain the responsibility to assist endangered populations, especially when such an endeavor is supported by well-established regional or subregional organization.

In April 2012, President Obama announced the creation of an Atrocities Prevention Board (APB).
The new board, based in the White House and led by a senior director on the National Security Council staff, is bringing officials together from across the government to help identify threats, guide responses, and enhance our institutional capacity to predict, prevent, and respond to mass atrocities.

Pres. Obama regularly gets a revised death list of persons wide and near whom he alone  can choose to have killed by drones or otherwise. Is Edward Snowden on that list, perhaps?

These Illuminati remark that the Syrian civil war grew out of the Arab Spring. They do not tell, of course, that this spring was a subversive CIA/US governmental project, incl. poisonous gas delivery to its Al Qaeda friends in Syria by means of  NGOs , the NED and Freedom House as well as Soros-supported Otpor and other NGOs - see Wikipedia on OTPOR. In Syria, a  brutal   proxy war is being fought to oust Pres. Assad – who controls his country´s central bank. They do not mention that only 10% of Syrians being against Assad – 70% are  for him acc. to NATO. The war is now fought by mainly foreign Jihadists as the strongest forces (The Guardian 13 July 2013). But the Jihadists are fighting each other and the FSA. That may be one reason why they just lost Homs


The Arab Spring never ends. This photo is from a 2. round in Tunisia, where the Muslim Brotherhood is said to have shot an opposition leader.

It is interesting that the report time and again mentions Kosovo and Libya as successful examples of how the R2P has saved many innocent even though so many were killed – and that Syria is one more example of “failed” states where brutal dictators abused their peoples.
In 3 of 4 (Iraq, Libya, Syria)  cases, strong leaders were disapproved by “The international community”. They - as well as Afghanistan - were all states  without a Rothschild owned central bank .
The USA is firmly in the hands of Rothschild´s bankster cartell. In Iraq and Libya, the petrodollar had been banned - a cause for war in itself.

However, the Saudi and UAE rulers who run disgusting Sharia-rules and whoe peoples need the R2P are never stamped as the bad guys they actually are.

These 2 Illuminati  become mealy mouthed when they face cases where there is no UN accept to attack such  “rascal states”. They speak of courageous presidents who decided what was right on their own and acted accordingly - and that there are “other options” than UN approval.  And they state, that R2P is not necessarily an exclusive means for responding to the threat of mass atrocities. Own interests can be pursued!
They have not forgotten Bill Clintons motto: With the UN if possible – without if necessary!

God save the world- for  “our“ leaders do anything they can to destroy it.