2. Egyptian Revolution USA - NWO Manipulated

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Abstract: On 8 June, a probably  crucial incident took place in Cairo: Supposedly 42 demonstraters were shot in front of the Republican Guard barracks. The Muslim Brotherhood claims the demonstraters were peaceful - the military that they tried to storm the barracks. Whether a false flag operation or not, the Brotherhood had just called for an uprising - and the shooting spurs the Brotherhood supporters, while the military has just got even more problems: Egypt is facing a civil war. Furthermore, Egypt is [1] facing bankruptcy and can only hope for Arab help.

No matter who held power in Egypt, the United States won so far. They pay 1.5 billion  vital dollars annually to the Egyptian military. After the debacle of the Brotherhood government, the U.S. had their allied military, which takes its orders from Washington, oust its long-standing ally and London City-related helper, the Brotherhood, from governmental power through a military coup to prevent anti-US Salafist circles from taking power.
From the beginning of the 2. revolution, the Egyptian military commander-in-chief and Defence Minister, al-Sisi, the ringleader of the coup, were in constant contact with the Chief of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dempsey, and the U.S. Defence Minister Hagel, respectively.

Immediately  the military wanted the comrade of Rothschild agent Soros and Brzezinski, ElBaradei, as caretaker prime minister. However, it did not succeed - and ElBaradei is now supposedly to become Vice President.

Motif of the uprisings in Egypt is the poverty that is inherent in Islam and accelerated in particular by  IMF austerity measures since 1991 to a catastrophic scale. But the insurgences were/are organized and incited by  U.S. governmental NGOs and  Soros’ Otpor (1. revolution). Since the beginning of the Arab Spring, the U.S. under Muslim Barack Obama has been trying  to replace secular governments in the Middle East and North Africa with Islamic governments that are U.S. submissive. Mubarak refused to accept U.S. military in Egypt.

Perhaps Putin’s spokesman is right: Democracy is unsuitable for non-Western countries, including Muslims, the beautiful ideal of whom is the dictator Mohammad.


The 2. Egyptian revolution is well orchestrated to secure a parachute landing for the USA who is the winner no matter who governs Egypt.


[2] ANSAmed 8 July 2013: Egypt has never been so close to a civil war as this morning. The army at dawn opened fire against a group of supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi who were demonstrating in front of a Presidential (Republican) Guard barrack. At least 42 people died, according to the latest toll. Morsi’s Freedom and Justice party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, has called for a popular uprising.
Two soldiers on Monday morning were abducted by Morsi loyalists and forced to make a public statement against the army, which ousted Morsi last week after mass protests.
The Islamic Nour party, which had supported the coup, announced it was withdrawing from negotiations to form a transition government after the slaughter.
Comment: Was this a [3] false flag operation? [4] The army said a “terrorist group” had tried to storm the barracks - also stated by interim pres. Mansour.
The army would not profit from shooting peaceful demonstrators - on the contrary. The Brotherhood had just called for insurgence - and this does spur its supporters.

[5] Global Res. 4 July 2013: The Muslim Brotherhood had been spearheaded into the government with the support of Washington as a “replacement” rather than an “alternative” to Hosni Mubarak, who had faithfully obeyed the orders of the Washington Consensus from the outset of his presidency.
Comment: Not quite right: [6] Mubarak would not allow US bases in Egypt (against Iran).

While the Armed Forces have cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood,  the Coup d’Etat is ultimately intended to manipulate the protest movement and prevent the accession of a “real people’s government”.  The overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi by the Egyptian Armed forces was not carried out against US interests, it was instigated to ensure “continuity” on behalf of Washington. And very much in the interest of Israel, the [7] Egyptian army now resuming cooperation with Israe

Western intelligence agencies have a [8] longstanding history of collaboration with the Brotherhood. 1954-1970: CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood ally to Oppose Egyptian President Nasser. Rothschild used the Brotherhood as (unsuccessful) assassins against Nasser, who then arrested them for years. These covert  links to the CIA were maintained throughout the government of Hosni Mubarak. The leadership of the Brotherhood are globalist [9] Freemasons.
[9] Robert Dreyfuss quotation: The real Muslim Brothers are those whose hands are never dirtied with the business of killing and burning. They are the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchical elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.

By allying with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans are not merely buying into a terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful and worldwide financial empire that extends from numbered Swiss bank accounts to offshore havens in Dubai, Kuwait and Hong Kong.


[10] Soros-obama-rothschild

[11] WND 4 July 2013: “ElBaradei ( Left, former UN nuclear watchdog/IAEA chief and friend of [12] Rothschild agent George Soros) is our first choice for interim prime minister,” a source close to the military high command, which selects the transition president, told Reuters. ElBaradei was also a longtime member of the ICG board alongside Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was national security adviser to Jimmy Carter; Samuel Berger, Bill Clinton’s national security adviser; another ICG member is Robert Malley,  on a shortlist for the post of deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs.
[13] Acc. to Ahram, ElBaradei would be interim vice president and El-Din Prime minister - However, the Salafists are said, not to be willing to participate after the shooting.

The ICG is one of the main proponents of the international “[14] Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. In 2011, Soros claimed the Muslim Brotherhood’s “cooperation with Mohamed ElBaradei … is a hopeful sign that it intends to play a constructive role in a democratic political system.”

From the outset of the “Arab Spring”,  the Obama administration’s objective was to [15] undermine secular governments in the Middle East and North Africa and install a model “Islamic State”, which would serve US geopolitical and corporate interestsThe protest movement against Mubarak in early 2011 was in response to the devastating impacts of  IMF reforms initiated at the height of the Gulf War in early 1991.
Morsi’s accession to the presidency was conditional upon his acceptance of IMF “economic medicine”.

In 2012, a new IMF package of (deadly) macro-economic reforms was launched with a view to “managing Egypt’s political and economic transition”.
Known and documented, the mass movement has been infiltrated.  Sectors of the opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood government are supported by the National Endowment for Democracy ( [16] NED) und [17] Freedom House). The Kifaya civil society movement, is supported by the US based International Center for Non-Violent Conflict.


The objective  of the military takeover is to ensure that the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood government does not result in a political transition which undermines US control over the Egyptian State and military.

Egypt’s top brass ultimately take their orders from the Pentagon.

Defense Minister General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi (right), who instigated the Coup d’Etat directed against President Morsi is a graduate of the US War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

General Al Sisi was in permanent liaison by telephone with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (left together with Al Sisi) from the very outset of the protest movement. Press reports confirm that he consulted him several times in the days leading up to the Coup d’Etat.  It is highly unlikely that General Al Sisi would have acted without a ‘green light” from the Pentagon.

Egypt is the largest recipient of US military aid after Israel. The Egyptian military is controlled by the Pentagon.

As disturbing as it may seem, the US is playing a double game - or Hegelian dialectics - in order to control the masses of the Middle East. Divide and rule, as the Romans said.

And maybe [18] Puskov is right: Democracy is unfit for Muslims, whose beautiful ideal is the dictator Muhammad. I don´t believe the fine words of US presidents  about starting a crusade to spread democracy abroad. Their  agenda was/is to launch their war on their [19] homemade terror in order obtain world hegemony and to introduce Big Brother surveillance and dictatorship at home to avoid protests - now about to result in a domestic US revolution by Constitutionalists

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