Syria: “Our” Western Leaders Are Today´s Don Quixotes with Bestial Esquire

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[1] The Daily Mail 1 July 2013: Franciscan Father Francois Murad was beheaded on 23 June 2013 by jihadists in Syria, so it is claimed - and his death was confirmed by the official Vatican news agency. That he was beheaded, was not confirmed. However, the man in the video wearing a brown robe is filmed sitting apparently bound with his legs crossed and his hands tied. He is pulled forward, his face pressed down on the grass, as the crowd shout Allahu Akbar and take snapshots. He is then beheaded, with something that looks like a dull kitchen knife.

Our “Politicians dare not mention God or Jesus Christ. What do they care about a Christian priest being beheaded in Syria because of his faith? They  go on supporting these “rebels”/imported  Jihadist warriors, although they have not told us  why they want to get rid of Pres. Assad by all means. I warn against the most bestial scene you may ever have seen? A Muslim butcher cuts (probably) father Murad´s head off with a dull kitchen knife.

I am angry with “our” hypocritical leaders who not only disregard their own “human rights” by supporting these beasts financially, militarily and with advisers.
Fortunately, Pres. Assad states to stand just before the final victory over these beasts ([2] ANSAmed 3. Juli 2013). Let’ s hope that is true.

Why do  “our” politicians support cannibals ([3] video in The Daily Mail) and barbarians beheading Christians in the most appalling and primitive butcher´s way?  [4] “Our” hypocrites support people hallal-butchering human beings, whom the Koramn calls Apes and swine (Koran sure 2:65, 5:60)  - or do “our” politicians also not see Christians as humans any more?

Why do they let  people of a religion hailing such a religion that [5] persecutes us Christians and [6] here, hating us to the extent that they practice such barbarism,  into our countries in ever increasing numbers?

Well, I know: Because “our” politicians are  [7] corrupt robots, many of them [8] brainwashed in the [9] Tavistock system. They are being [7] bribed and [10] here to fulfil the [11] demands of the NWO of destroying Christianity and nation states and to buy the support of the Muslim world [12] for EU´s super power status. Remote controlled by their [13] paymasters and their central banks, intimidated by those [14] paymasters´media and clubs like the US and European [15] Council on Foreign Relations, the [16] Bilderbergers and [17] here, The [18] Trilateral Commission and the Club of Rome (and of Madrid and of Budapest) into [19] consensus.
The elitists´means are primitive: [7] Bribery, simple words like “conspiracy theory”, “nazi”, “antisemite” - but never “communist” - although communists, not least Stalin and Mao, have killed many more people than Hitler.

“Our” leaders hail religion or laïcitè outwardly, as their populations´sympathies are - but a good deal of them are Luciferian Masons ([20] Obama/Prince Hall). Their[21] secularism is Satanism. Their tolerance of evil is amorality which always ends in evil immorality.

They pretend to be noble humanists who want to help poor Muslims militarily in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria - for they fight “brutal dictators”, and it does not matter that only 10% of the Syrian population are against Pres. Assad - and [22] 70% for him. They are today´s Don Quijotes

Of course, they know that they are supporting Al Qaeda/Al Nusra - the backbone of the “rebellion” against Assad - in a  [4] rebellion which “our” US/NATO leaders have promoted and even instigated from the start - although the [23] US has declared Al Qaeda to be the enemy in WWIII/The war on terror - and although the US has founded Al Qaeda to be its most useful ally/scapegoat for [24] US false flag operations like [25] 9/11.

Of course, “our” leaders know that their “rascal states” are those [26] without  a Rothschild central bank.

Of course “our” leaders know about the Koran and its commandments to cheat and kill infidels (e.g. sure 9:1-5) and to emigrate and thereby conquer Christian countries and houses (sura 33:27).

And of course they know the savagery of the Muslim warriors - from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc.

The lies and hypocrisy of politicians are shameful. Our accept of their lies is a disgrace.

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