Abstract: For 2 years, the Syrian Civil War is raging, a proxy war between very different powers and interests  - all against all. As in Libya, the figment of imagination, Al Qaeda, is  allied with the U.S. / West as are all radical Sunnis. The global war on terror, that is formally against Al Qaeda, is a war for NWO world government with a Rothschild central bank in all countries. Like all the other Arab Spring revolts, the whole mess was instigated and organized by the CIA, the U.S. Congress financed NED and The Freedom House through NGOs funded by Soros’ Open Society, Purpose: The U.S. will rule those countries  by dividing and ruling on behalf of their bankster ringleaders.

Now Al-Qaida/Al-Nusra rebels, who are dependent on NATO and the West, are in big trouble. Assad, who has the support of 70% of his people, is about to do the rebels (10% support) finally in. In order not to lose their war, the NWO puppets, the U.S., the EU and NATO, have to act . Long ago, Pres. Obama laid down a red line: the use of poisonous gas. Now, to get the opportunity to intervene, the United States has supplied the rebels with sarin. It has been used only by the rebels but not by Assad according to the UN. But the U.S. & Co. are  blaming it on Assad. The gas have probably killed 100-150 people, while conventional weapons have allegedly killed 90,000 (from the start, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights - an integral part of the UK Ministry of Defence - wildly exaggerated). Obama regulation and U.S. law call anyone who works with Al Qaeda, a terrorist. Since Obama is now supplying Al Qaeda  not only with money and advice, as heretofore, but now also with weapons, he and the Pentagon meet Obama´s own definition of a terrorist. Worst: Obama has no ideo of how to replace Assad with anything but rivalling secterian terrorist groups, i.e Chaos.

From the background,  Rothschild-purchased Tony Blair is once again calling for R2P - Responsibility to Protect - as in Libya. He wants more wars aka Libya - just like the Republican U.S. war hawks. Just as hypocritical as before the Iraq invasion,  he is again referring to weapons of mass destruction (not found)!

Therefore, Obama has now declared his intention to supply the rebels with weapons - which they can then use against us later to cause more Chaos. According to the Wall Street Journal,  the program also includes a 40 km wide no-fly zone.
Russia forbids any military intervention, including no-fly-zones, and would not put up with it. Russia now wants to deliver Syria ts latest missiles, which will make it impossible for Israel to bomb in Syria. Therefore, Israel has announced that it will bombard those missiles already in the collection phase. According to the Daily Mail, the Syrian conflict has within it the germ of WWIII.


Pres. Putin told Merkel, if you oust Assad  a vacuum comes up. “It will be filled with terrorist groups. How will you avoid that?”
Hadi al-Amiri, Iraq’s transport minister, told Reuters it would be impossible to “sit idle while the Shi’ites are being attacked,” while the United States and Western allies arm and finance the mainly Sunni rebels. (Reuters 22 June 2013).




Something very fishy is going on in Syria: Prof Chossudowsky, Global Res. 19 June 2013:  Al Nusra is affiliated to al Qaeda and has pledged loyalty to bin Laden´s successor, al Zawahiri.
The pro-Israeli lobby was also actively involved in lobbying in favor of aid to jihadist rebels.
Israel has supported Al Nusrah militarily in areas adjacent to the occupied territories of the Golan Heights.
The State Department has issued a “prohibition against knowingly …supporting … al-Nusrah Front. Al Nusrah is financed by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel in close consultation with NATO and the Pentagon.The Obama administration has openly confirmed its support for the Syrian rebels with most of this aid channeled to Al Nusrah.
According to the US Justice Department: The Patriot Act imposed tough new penalties on those who commit and support terrorist operations, both at home and abroad.”  The terror threat emanates both from “the terrorist who pays for a bomb as by the one who pushes the button”. Comment: Thus acc. to his own definition, Pres. Obama and the Pentagon are terrorists”

Syria is part of the Arab Spring instigated by the Serbian OTPOR (Tunisia) in cooperation with the CIA, MI5 and MI6 (Libya) and George Soros´”Open Society”. US Congressional NED and Freedom House were the brains behind it. This method of instigating chaos is not new. Russian Pres. Dimitry Medvedev knew – well founded from the CIA inspired riots in 1979 supported by the agents of Western intelligence and the Muslim Brotherhood and here. I have previouesly described the participants and here

The Syrian civil war has the potential to develop into WWIII (The Daily Mail 13 June 2013). Especially since the US leadership is desperate facing losing Syria to Assad, whom they want to get rid of for not declared reasons - although only 10%  of Syrians support the foreign “Al Qaeda” rebels who have infiltrated Free Syrian Army acc. to NSA boss James Clapper  - and 70% support Pres. Assad (World Tribune 31 May 2013). Nevertheless, these rebels are US allies said by the US to represent the Syrian people! and nonetheless also serve as as pretext for war on terror/WWIII). Much more about Al Qaeda and its affiliates like Al Nusra and the LIFG who are also US/NATO allies. here. But as the Council on Foreign Relations states: “Whatever al Qaeda’s threatening rhetoric and occasional nuclear fantasies, its potential as a menace, particularly as an atomic one, has been much inflated” and here.

Who is behind the civil war in Syria?

The Wall Street Journal 13 June 2013: Asked by the White House to develop options for Syria, military planners have said that creating an area to train and equip rebel forces would require keeping Syrian aircraft well away from the Jordanian border, (a no-fly-zone) stretching up to 25 miles into Syria which would be enforced using aircraft flown from Jordanian bases and flying inside the kingdom, according to U.S. officials.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov calls such a No-fly-zone a breach of international law. Acc. to Reuters 17 June 2013,  Russia will not permit no-fly zones to be imposed over Syria, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Monday.

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Activist Post 21 June 2013: Putin: Syria will be armed with weapons that have never been seen before [in the Middle East] including computer guided smart missiles that never miss their target. (Skean 5 ground -to-sea missiles that are capable of hitting and sinking any target up to 250 km off the Syrian coast. S400 anti-aircraft missiles. State-of –the-art 24-Barrell rocket launchers which have a range of 60 km. SAM 300 are installed.
Vladimir Putin believes in Russian military superiority. He has no qualms about going to war if he finds it necessary to the long-term interests of Russia.

Suddenly Turkey has closed the routes of weapons deliveries to the rebels via Turkey- out of fear of Russian retribution, this weakening the rebels in falling Aleppo. Now the US is building up troops in Jordan.

Iran is now sending 4.000 more republican Guards to Syria - in addition to al the Hezbollah warriors also swarming in - acc. to their leader, Nasrallah, who wants war with Israel, US and Sunnis.

The US/NATO allied “Al Nusra”- by the UN designed as Al Qaeda warriors - are losing the war in Syria.
This makes it impossible for Pres. Obama & CO. to go to the negotiating table now. NATO is under pressure to act - also from the EU who has sold its soul to a Muslim Euromdeiterranean future.

The Guardian 15 June 2015: Britain should arm the Syrian rebels and consider imposing a no-fly zone over Syria to prevent “catastrophic consequences”, Tony Blair has said.
Even before the Iraq invasion, Mr. Blair spoke of weapons of mass destruction. In 2011 he demanded more wars aka Libya. During the Kosovo war in 1999 he formulated the “Blair-Doctrin, which became the right / responsibility to protect of the UN. Blair was purchased by Rothschild agent, JP Morgan and is/was the favourite of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild.



Abstract of deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, Ben Rhodes´Press Release on lethal help to Syrian rebels in the New York Times 13 June 2013. Full release here.

The CNN 13 June 2013: Syria has crossed a “red line” with its use of chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin gas, against rebels, a move that is prompting the United States to increase the “scale and scope” of its support for the opposition, the White House said Thursday.

“The intelligence community estimates that 100 to 150 people have died from detected chemical weapons attacks in Syria to date; however, casualty data is likely incomplete. Rhodes later told reporters on a conference call that the president has made a decision about military support for the rebels but stopped short of saying the U.S. government would put weapons in the hands of rebels.
The president has previously said he did not foresee a scenario with “American boots on the ground in Syria.”
Rhodes also said no decision has been made by Obama over whether to institute a no-fly zone in Syria.

The administration believes that al-Assad’s government maintains control of the chemical weapons and that there is “no reliable, corroborated reporting to indicate that the opposition in Syria has acquired or used chemical weapons,” Rhodes statement said.

The US is likely to seek to reverse the rebels´ recent losses before entering talks so they can negotiate from a position of strength.

So, the US must help Al Qaeda once again  - like in Libya and here
DEBKAfile 18 June 2013
: In the last 48 hours, Europeans and NATO have delivered to the Syrian rebels shipments of the long-demanded anti-air and tank missiles as well as recoilless 120 mm cannons, partly from NATO stores in Europe, Pres. Obama having been pressed to promise lethal equipment to the Syrian Rebels - i.e mainly the Al-Nusra affiliates of Al Qaeda. And these weapons have stopped the Assad troops acct to General Idriss.
So, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, just pleaded for bombing the Syrian airfields on the “news” of Assad using poisnous gas, to prevent the US/NATO from losing the war. Fortunately he was stopped by the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

But is there evidence that the Assad government has used sarin against the Rebels? Russia says no. The UN says no and Israel Yes , as does the US gvt. The Washington Post 21 June 2013: The Obama administration’s case for arming Syria’s rebels rests on unverifiable claims that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people, according to diplomats and experts.

Russian Pres. Putin tells Prime Minister Cameron that both sides are to blame in Syria, and that he should hardly support people who kill their enemies and eat their organs” (See The Daily Mail 13 May 2013). See the second  video below

The Council on Foreign RelationsA UN team of experts, headed by the Swedish scientist and Iraq weapons inspection veteran Ake Sellstrom, forward-deployed to Cyprus in April but never received permission to enter Syria and carry out its mission. In the meantime, Dr. Sellstrom and his team have been busy collecting information from sources outside of Syria. British, French and American officials are known to have briefed Sellstrom on their findings. “The amount of detail disclosed so far does not provide a sound basis for making an independent evaluation of this latest assessment.”

The last time a dictator used chemical weapons against his own people — Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in 1987 and 1988 — the world turned a blind eye. We cannot let that happen again.

Ron Paul strongly warns to embark on intervention in Syria: The evidence that Assad has used  poisonous gas do not convince - and evidence points in the direction of the rebels using the gas. Besides, tintervention means confrontation with Iran and Russia - and is not in Israel´s Interest.

Lew Rockwell  June 13, 2013With Scandals Raging At Home, Obama (Conveniently) Discovers Chemical Weapons Use in Syria.

Obama has entere on Mass propaganda - or is he trying to soften the Rightist McCain und John Bolton with harsh rhetorics?

Global Res. 14 June 2013, Prof. Chossudovsky; The Department of State has amended the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) and Executive Order (E.O.) 13224 designations of al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI) to include the following new aliases: al-Nusrah Front

Confirmed by various sources including CNN, the Western military alliance has not only made chemical weapons available to the Al Nusrah Front, it has also sent in military contractors and special forces to train the rebels: Some of the contractors are on the ground in Syria (CNN, December 09, 2012).

This video is said to show a rebel chemist producing poisonous gas which he tests on rabbits (Syria Tribune 6 Dec. 2012). The man swears to kill all Alawites by means of this kind of nervous gas. Rebel or government propaganda?

The official statements suggest a close contractual relationship of the defense contractors to the Pentagon. The forbidden truth, which the Western media has failed to reveal, is that the US-NATO- Israel military alliance is not only supporting the Al Nusrah Front, it is also making chemical weapons available to its proxy “opposition” rebel forces.
According to Turkey’s state media agency Zaman, the Turkish General Directorate of Security (Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü): [Turkish Police have] ceased 2 kg of sarin gas in the city of Adana in the early hours of yesterday morning. The chemical weapons were in the possession of Al Nusra terrorists believed to have been heading for Syria.

In late May 2013, the UN Security Council added Al Nusrah to the UNSC “Al-Qaida Sanctions List. Nevertheless, Britain, France  and the US continue to provide military aid to the Jabbat Al Nusrah Front, in defiance of international law and the UN Charter.


Washington’s “Go Between” is the Head of the FSA Supreme Military Council Brigadier General Salem Idriss [right], who is permanent liaison with the Al Nusrah military commanders. He is the head of the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council. Now he says: Despite the White House’s public announcement Wednesday that it would provide “military assistance” to the Syrian rebels, Washington has yet to communicate with the rebels about that assistance.


Meanwhile,  Senator John McCain “entered Syria [early June] from the country’s border with  Turkey and stayed there for several hours …  McCain met with assembled leaders of Free Syrian Army units in both Turkey and Syria.”
Right: John McCain together with General Salem Idriss) The Contradictory Role of the United Nations Security Council.

What is going on in Syria is western power policy to expand the Rothschild central bank system and here, as it happened in Afganistan, Iraq, Libya.
Now the mendacious argument of weapons of mass destruction known from Iraq 2003  is being produced once more as an argument for an attack.
The postulate that Assad has transgressed a red line has no substantial evidence - even acc. to former presidential hopeful Ron Paul.