Lucifer is at large. “If you eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge you will be like God (Genesis 3:5)”, the Illuminati imagine that the sepent told Eve in Paradise. But the serpent added… “to distinguish between good and evil” . However, to the  Illuminati and their offspring good and evil is the same thing. The Illuminati despise and combat God - thereby staking on and loving  Lucifer (already the loser since Golgatha), because he helped Adam and Eve escape “captivity” in Paradise, so that their off-spring elite could develop into  God´s equals themselves here on Earth. This is the definition of Luciferianism: Selfmade Apotheosis!

I.e. few of them have brains for anything else than to cheat you and me of our money. But with that money they can buy very clever scientists to develop their plans to create a “paradise” of their own - populated with bizarre plants and animals - bred out of their own sick imaginations. They started with gene splicing and built Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta etc. to pester the Earth and poison us.

Even worse than genetic manipulations, however, is the inevitably coming “singularity”, i.e. the time when machines become smarter than their creators and are being implanted into humans to give them artificial intelligence allowing to learn a foreign language within minutes. Scientists believe that within 15 years from now on, humanity will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. This automatically leads to remote control, too, i.e. man has ceased being human and become a soulless robot under the control of his Luciferian, elitist masters, the perfect slave. Those who refuse are lost - except for God. And you may be certain that they don´t stop distorting God´s creation until he intervenes and stops them (Matth. 25, Jeremia 25, Albert Pike).

Acc. to the Georgia Guidestones, the US Illuminati  only want 500 mio. “posthuman” soulless remote controlled robot slaves in their “paradise”/Hell. See this video “Age of Transitions”

This Lucifer´s Laboratory has already started to experiment with new technical modification of man and with even edible brain chipping, as wanted by Nicholas Rockefeller, and killing them when necessary  (video below)- but most uncanny are genetic modifications like fragmental DNA lobotomy of troublesome dissidents and man-animal monster hybrids.

Now a new Luciferian masterplan is emerging, called “Synthetic Biology”
initiated by 3 biohackers calling themselves Kickstarters, who promise us a future without electricity: Glowing plants

What the next steps will be is only limited by imagination - as they say. What about glowing eyes - a flaming body, human trees etc.?

Create GLOWING PLANTS using synthetic biology and Genome Compiler’s software
Now it’s up to us to create and deliver the Glowing Plant, the Kickstarters say.

You can keep following us through our official blog , with regular updates and discussion on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Supported by transhumanist Ray Kurzweil and The Singularity University
which was founded by Genentech, and  CISCO,  and e-Planet Capital, Autodesk, Kaufman, Google, Nokia

NWO-antitheisis agent Ricken Patell´s AVAAZ once more collects signatures against this monstrosity. You can sign here, if you feel inclined. You can also sign at Indiegogo. I have signed.

I just received word through the ETC Group, who helped us with the Stop GMO in Mexico petition, that some biohackers in the bay area of California are planning to send out irregular GMO seeds; they are produced through “synthetic biology” technology, which has been called “GMO on steroids.” It is more dangerous than GMO and is so new it is not even regulated.

The sequence is laid out on a computer and then printed on a DNA synthesizer, and this sequence is then spliced into a seed. The DNA sequences are even more novel and artificial than that found in GMO products to date.

This would be the first-ever release of an organism produced through synthetic biology anywhere in the world. There is a strong international consensus that synthetic organisms are too poorly understood and their environmental impacts are too uncertain to be released into the environment.

KickstarterFor the last month, the crowdfunding website Kickstarter has hosted a project by these 3 biohackers who are associated with the private synthetic biology company, Genome Compiler Corporation. They asked the public for money to carry out a project to bioengineer a common weed to glow in the dark. What is most alarming is that they also promised to send 100 seeds of their bioengineered weed to anyone who backed the project with $40. To date, they have more than 6,000 backers who have given more than $40 – that’s 600,000 synthetically engineered seeds to be sent! – and have raised more than $400,000.

One-hundred and sixteen Civil society organizations have called for a moratorium on any release of synthetic organisms. The UN Convention on Biological Diversity has urged countries to exercise precaution. Even the US President’s advisors have cautioned against environmental release. Yet, incredibly, the Kickstarter biohackers have said they will … intentionally evade oversight, assessment and monitoring.

Phys.Org: The MIT Center for International Studies and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars are collaborating on a $233,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help realize potential benefits and to address potential ecological effects of synthetic biology.

The grant will fund development of an interdisciplinary research agenda to improve understanding of potential ecological effects of commercial uses of synthetic biology. The research agenda will be developed through consultations among synthetic biologists, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, and environmental scientists.
The project is expected to be completed in one year.