F.William Engdahl Global Res. 4 June 2013: On May 31 world media headlines read similar to this from Reuters: “Monsanto backing away from GMO crops in Europe,” stemming from the German leftist daily TAZ. However, Monsanto Deutschland refuses: “Currently, the media are teeming with the news that “Monsanto has stopped marketing genetically improved seed in Germany and Europe.That’s not true …. But basically it is true that Monsanto in Germany and Europe is focused on the breeding and sale of conventional GM seeds and pesticides. “

Most alarming for Monsanto and the GMO cartel was the fact that the March  against Monsanto was the first such demonstration not organized by anti-GMO NGOs such as Greenpeace or BUND or Friends of the Earth. In Germany where this author (Engdahl)  participated as a speaker in one of the events, it was all organized by concerned activists via facebook. But the NGOs who formally oppose GMO were reportedly nowhere to be found as sponsors or even reportedly as active organizers. (See Occupy Monsanto).

All indications are that the timing of the well-formulated TAZ interview, notably with a left newspaper openly opposed to Monsanto GMO, was an orchestrated attempt to “manage perceptions” and take the headwind out of the sails of the growing anti-GMO sentiment in the EU and abroad. For the moment, Monsanto has gained a tactical victory in propaganda points as the broad public takes the retreat at face value. As one experienced opponent of Monsanto GMO put it, it bears all the hallmarks of a slick PR campaign.

Mice-GMO-food-tumours A damning independent scientific study of some 200 rats over a two year span showing rats fed GMO maize and Monsanto Roundup herbicide showed dramatically more cancer tumors, infertility, organ damages, and higher death rates, as compared with non-GMO-fed rats.

Monsanto by its own open admission has not ceased marketing its GMO products and herbicides in the EU. It has not ceased imports of its GMO soybeans and GMO corn into the EU, where it has managed to escape the EU GMO labeling law. Monsanto also states it is concentrating on building market share in eastern Europe, where often regulators are more “relaxed” and in the notoriously corrupt Ukraine.

A Monsanto precedent

(Left Monsanto ethics. From Monsantos 2012 GRI Report - see below) .

In 1999, after months of growing worldwide anti-Monsanto protest over the fact Monsanto had made a takeover bid to buy Mississippi company, Delta & Pine Land in order to acquire Delta’s patent on a radical new GMO technique known officially as GURTS (Genetic Use Restriction Technology) and popularly as Terminator technology. Delta has won a patent together with the US Government’s USDA for the Terminator. It would force a GMO seed or plant to “commit suicide” after only one harvest, forcing the farmer to return each year to Monsanto to buy new seeds regardless the price or availability.

The Terminator image threatened to derail the entire fledgling GMO project at the outset such that Rockefeller University President and GMO financial sponsor, Gordon Conway, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, made a rush visit to meet Monsanto’s board and convince them to make what was a tactical retreat in order to limit damage to a very fragile GMO campaign worldwide. Monsanto announced, deceptively it proved, to give up the project. The anti-GMO NGOs claimed a huge victory. But in 2006 Monsanto announced it was acquiring Terminator patent co-holder Delta & Pine Land. This time there was scarcely a peep from the anti-GMO lobby.

Monsanto praises its high moral values
Monsantos “Seeds of Evil” are being praised  in Monsanto´s 2012 Global Reporting Initiative Report as expressive of Monsanto´s high ethic values, altruism and help for poor farmers - as well as its ability to double the crops.

Unfortunately, In Denmark it was found - as in other studies - that Monsanto´s GMO maize yielded only 97% as compared to conventional maize,  and Monsanto speedily interrupted another 2 field trials to avoid being further humiliated by the naked truth.

Monsanto´s Chairman Hugh Grant tells in the GRI Report that Monsanto partners are the NWO World Economic Forum in Davos and Field to Market: The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture comprising the biggest corporations striving for world food market monopolies. Other partners are Bill and Melinda Gates, the Rockefellers - although they won´t even serve GM food in their own cafeteria for health reasons. Monsanto is in bed with the US government.
And, of course, Cargill, which acc. to the Guardian controls most of the world’s food commodities and Monsanto.

Monsanto-anticorruptionLeft: From Monsanto´s GRI-Report 2012 (see above)

Acc. to the New York School of Law, 17. 638 indian farmers committed suicide alone in 2009) because they were ruined by Monsanto. Super weed due to  Monsanto Round-up is a big problem - as are the Mafia-Gestapo-KGB methods of the Monsanto thugs, to force farmers in the US to buy Monsanto seeds.
Unfortunately, Monsantos praiseworthy  written business ethics in practice  represents essential sides of the NWO for which Monsanto works.