Remember Lenin: “Probe with a bayonet: if you meet steel, stop. If you meet mush, then push.”

The following is plea, to protest against a sneaking totalitarian coup d´etat  in the EU now.
I know that some people are sceptic to Avaaz (see below)

If you are afraid of signing Avaaz´ petition - use the Danish Petition by Danish journalists and average citizens.  Fill in the formula below on the petition: Name, surname , town, email address, is your signature (underskrift) to be public (offentlig) : click ja (yes) or nej (no). Click: Skriv under på denne underskriftindsamling (Sign this collection of signatures.
An email  will  be sent to you after  your signature. Just click the link therein to affirm your signature (underskrift).


Avaaz (a global protest site): Parts of a new bill (§ 22, 24 and 27) named “Freedom of Information Act” (”Offentlighedsloven”) are threatening Denmark’s, and potentially other countries’, democracy at its core.

If the bill is passed, the Danish public, the media and even opposition Members of Parliament will no longer be allowed to monitor vital parts of the government’s paper trail, effectively blanketing the Danish government in a cover of darkness. Illegal activities within the administration will be able to be freely hidden from the general public, the media and even the parliamentary opposition. This will set the stage for an uncontrolled government, and the death of Danish democracy.
Denmark is already known within Scandinavia for its secretive traditions and practices within the state administration. The government openly admits that recent scandals would not have been revealed under the proposed new law.

Leading international watchdogs are already concerned. The IPI (International Press Institute) is warning that this new move may encourage other countries to do the same. The internationally acclaimed Canadian Centre for Law and Democracy is calling the law “Unacceptably weak for a country that praises itself for being an open democracy”. Denmark needs your help to stop this direct assault on democracy dead in its tracks, before the third and final vote to pass the bill, and before this dangerous law spreads its democracy-hostile agenda to other countries.

A Danish Petition has been collecting protest signatures for months - and has now achieved 83.000 signatures against the Danish “Offentlighedslov” (FOIA). (organ of Danish journalists) writes: The government receives severe criticism from Professor Tim Knudsen, Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, for its “Freedom of Information Act”. He believes that the controversial section 27 paragraph 2 indicates that “they do not understand what a parliament is and the respect you have to have for a parliament.
In some items relating to the control of the peripheral parts of the public sector, the new law does give increased insight. But it seems as though they have only increased insight into everything that is far away from Parliament. In this way we can all help Parliament keep a tight rein on all the others. But when it comes to Parliament itself  there is increased secrecy” . Professor Tim Knudsen called the addition of section 27, paragraph 2 of completely idiotic.“. This is the clause that exempts documents from public access, when they are exchanged between ministers and MPs in connection with matters relating to legislation or other similar political process.

It’s not just ordinary citizens who become discouraged, it is also your (journalist) colleagues of the press. It even worsens by the fact that there are secrecy provisions in a number of other laws that do not appear in public law.

Then there is such a thing as that they can close the case if one considers the case as one of harassment and trouble-makers.

They will be able to reject requests for freedom of information if it leads to disproportionate work and if they think there is harassment against an authority. It opens a wide door for interpretation. Actually, I do understand that they do not want to send it into (public) consultation. Of course you can say that it confirms that they are not strong advocates of openness.”


Please, sign a petition for the sake of your own democracy. Denmark is just the guinea pig. If this attempt on democracy succeeds the way is open for high-handed treatment of Europe´s citizens.

I don´t care who sees my protest. I just want to rid myself of a moral guilt. We have no alternative to protest. We have kept silent much too long. According to The Guardian: “Avaaz is only five years old, but has exploded to become the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network.”In 2008, Canadian conservative minister John Baird labeled Avaaz a “shadowy foreign organization” tied to billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

Another conservative Canadian, Ezra Levant, tried to make a link between Soros and as an indirect supporter through MoveOn, but the article was later retracted as baseless and an apology was offered to Soros.