LATEST: The Independent 20 May 2013: Labour has moved a same-sex marriage bill in  Parliament - with the support of Jewish-rooted Prime Minister, David Cameron. The bill was passed.

Henry Makow 20 May 2013 has a description of a very popular TV gay-show callled “Queer as Folk” from British and US TV. The description and the quotations are so disgusting that I will not repeat them here. I have only one comment: Sickening - worse than Sodoma and Gomorrah - if possible. These people have room for nothing but sex in their minds - God is dead in this horror scenario - which includes a priest!

Previously, Whitsun was celebrated in the West for the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples to make them capable of bearing witness among the peoples about Jesus Christ - and to guide us to Christ. But as we say in Denmark: Where the Lord has placed a church, the Devil has placed an inn beside it. Now the churches have abolished themselves and here and here and here by becoming a henchman of the NWO, readily marrying homosexuals. The neighbouring whorehouse inn thus has no competition any more - not  on Whitsun Day, either. So, this Day  now  belongs to “the Prince of the World” (John 14:30) for a short while.



The most fatal effect of the fusion of Mental Hygiene and the Communist Frankfurt School Revolution of 1968 was radical feminism and its total tolerance for all NWO norms - or rather lack of norms. Through it, the Illuminati behind Adam Weishaupt´s 6 point plan to make a godless, Communist world has been nearly completed: Boys being educated like girls - girls as power greedy amoral/unmoral creatures - manipulated by very male Illuminati forces without maybe even knowing it.   Not for naught does the Bible describe godlessness to be derived from females (Gen. 2:2-6,  2. Timothy 3:6-7, Zach. 5:7-11).  Now, in spite of 3. Gen.  18:22, Rom. 1, 26-27; 1. Kor. 6:18-19,  2. Tim. 1: 6-9,  2. Peter 2:6-12 these NWO beings are advocating rewarding homosexuality on behalf of their “Prince of the World”.

Deutsche Welle 18 May 2013: French President Francois Hollande has signed same-sex marriage into law after the country’s Constitutional Council dismissed a legal challenge to stop it. It follows months of political debate and public protests.

EUObserver 17 May 2013 Fourteen member states  on Thursday (16 May) backed a petition urging the European Commission to do more for the rights of sexual minorities, with the last major initiative several years ago.



Left: Danish politicians queue to participate in homo parades. Left The Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt in a homo parade. Right: Every Whitsun Copenhagen is a centre for Whitsun carnivals celebrating the goddess of sex. The city is then polluted by excrements etc. It has now banned this pigsty from the centre of the City.

But the gender equality ministers - among them the Hindu-”Dane”, Manu Sareen - pointed out that the Commission needs to do its bit, too. Practical policy options include funding (with our tax money), encouraging progressive campaigns and the dragging all member states up to the highest (i.e. lowest) standards by directly comparing national policies.

Homoday-internationalHomo-sodomaThe political pressure on EU rights commissioner, Viviane Reding, came on the eve of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia on Friday.
This is an NWO organized religious movement, a public revival of Sodoma and Gomorrah - not a private matter any more. In a forced manner, the women of EU politics emphasize the abnormal as normal.

“There is no excuse for not acting,” (female) Dutch education minister Jet Bussemaker told this website. Some of the issues affecting LGBT people are touching legal areas where the EU has real powers, such as ensuring free movement of people. Kathleen Lynch, Ireland’s equality minister, noted that EU action is needed to provide “structure,” while Malta’s Helena Dalli said “the point of this exercise is to make the Commission act.”
With over 90,000 respondents from all 27 member states and Croatia, a report documents the discrimination and harassment experienced by LGBT people across all countries, with Lithuania emerging at the worst end of the scale.

The most striking statistics concern intolerance in the schoolyard, however. An average 91 percent of the EU’s school pupils have witnessed negative comments or conduct towards another student perceived as being LGBT. The highest score was in Cyprus at 97 percent, Latvia had the lowest with 83 percent. See the list here.

Terrible - as seen from the NWO point of view

But why all this protection for homosexuality?  Why is it a public cult and not just a private matter? The NWO is modern day Pharisaism, aiming at ruling the world. So, the homosexuality cult is promoted by the US Jewish elitist organisations like the Antidefamation League. For, as the ethnic Jew, now converted Orthodox Priest, Brother Nathanael Kapner, says: Homosexuality is for the Goyim  (Goy population reduction) - Jews have to procreate to spread the Jewish race and power! Homosexuality between Jews is despicable!