From the Muslim Website The Persecution: Lenin, speaking about moving a cause forward, once said: “Probe with a bayonet: if you meet steel, stop. If you meet mush, then push.”

LATEST: Jyllands-Posten 25 May 2013: “The reckless muslim macho youth culture that the troublemakers and thugs of the night originate from knows no boundaries and does not worry about whether Danish or Swedish is spoken in the neighborhood. It unfolds where it does not meet significant resistance. (Mecca in 622 AD was bullied to submit to  Islam by just about 3% Muslim thugs). In this light, Sweden is a paradise for the masked thugs. The problem is not material, but cultural. It stems from an abysmal difference between the mentality that created  rich and well-functioning Sweden, and the foreign mentality that the aggressive part of immigrant youth exhibit. It is time to recognize the truth.”


Denmark has similar problems: Jyllands-Posten 25 May 2013 reports that in the Danish town of Slagelse, 6 buses and one car were set aflame last night. In 2008 Noerrebro/Copenhagen ravaged by fire and riots for several days and the police was relegated. Fire and riots time and again - last at Noerrebro on 11 May 2013 (right). Every day brings new Muslim violence.

Abstract: Time and again, Muslim immigrants show us their hatred and contempt - by serious acts of violence and crime - according to the commandments of their Koran.
The reaction of our politicians is to invite more and more Muslims, to call protesters disgusting racists and tighten the grip of the police state. In this article,  information  by politicians and media - as well as statics are given, which  clearly show this chaotic development is aimed at paving the way of the NWO at the cost of the old order. This is about the greatest betrayal of mankind by its political class in history.
The underlying program is the Euro-Mediterranean Process - which is by and large unknown to the public due to the NWO bought/intimidated mass media.

In Boston 2 Muslim brothers bombed a Marathon on 15 April 2013.

Machete-murderer-londonIn London, 2 Muslims run over and attack a British soldier with their car - then hack him into pieces, even beheading him in front of scores of terrified eyewitnesses. Then swinging a machete, they cried out :”‘The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers. You and your children will be next”

A Swedish female integration chief held her hand out to shake hands  with her new apprentice. But alas, he was a Muslim and took offence by shaking hands with an infidel woman - so he denied to take her hand. Then the female chief told him that if he could not shake hands with men and women alike - he could stay away. And the municipality? It gave the female chief a warning - and the Muslim


30.000 SKR!!

Right: one of the two London killers, Michael Abdolajo, was mad with Islam - having listened to a famous hate preacher and here and here- who so far could not be expelled from the UK for judicial reasons!!!

A  Christian former Muslim vicar was refused to give a speech in a Danish Church, because his attitude that Islamists and Christians cannot go together to religious meetings” This is in contrast with the opinion of the Danish Church!”, said the chairman of the parochial church council. But in another Danish Church, a radical Islamist Imam, a converted Dane, was invited to give the Whitsun sermon! (Kristeligt Dagblad 22 May 2013).

In Stockholm´s suburbs, for the 4. night in a row, “youngsters” - i.e. descendants of Muslim  immigrants -

are vandalizing the districts, burning cars and restaurants - throwing stones at firemen and police. Last week the police had to shoot a machete swinging 69-year-old


immigrant (Jyllands-Posten 23 May 2013).


The politicians only react by increasing Muslim immigration, scolding protesters to be disgusting racists and by tightening the police state to stop indigenous peoples from rebelling - knowing that the above is just in accordance with the commandments of the “Holy Koran”. In London, the assassination comes at a very opportune moment: Last month, a “snooper charter” bill allowing access to surveil all telephone and internet communications could not be passed.  Now the entire political class demands this law!!   This is an affront by politicians to their own constituencies. The world is insane - or is there a very evil and dirty plan behind? Yes, there is, as. we shall now see. And the Evil spirit behind it all is Chaos is the NWO and its Euromediterranean Process. Due to this process, the EU has imposed tight censorship on the MSM.

The number of asylum seekers in Denmark may rise to the highest figure for 10 years (Kristeligt Dagblad 16 May 2013), viz. up to 7000. And it has a diabolical reason - as declared by ministers, parlamentarians, high ranking officials and public statistics. The latest is the confession by Lord Peter Mandelson. I will bring/reiterate  the confessions and statistical proofs below.

Peter-mandelson1. The Daily Mail 14 May 2013: Labour sent out ‘search parties’ for immigrants to get them to come to the UK, former Labour cabinet minister, Lord Peter Mandelson  has admitted.

Right Peter Mandelson (former EU Commissioner and Nathaniel Rothschild´s intimate. He was not the only one to  brain drain developing countries: The EU established “job centres” in e.g. Mali in 2008 to entice 56 mio. Africans (+ their families) to come to Europe - where unemployment among indigenous Europeans is rocketing.

Between 1997 and 2010, net migration to Britain totalled more than 2.2million, more than twice the population of Birmingham. ‘We have to just realise… entry to the labour market of many people of non-British origin is hard for people who are finding it very difficult to find jobs, who find it hard to keep jobs.

2. 22. Juni 2012 former EU Commissioner, Chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP, Bilderberger board member and honorary chairman of The Trilateral Commission - now migration chief of the UN, Peter Sutherland, said that the EU “should do its best to undermine the” homogeneity” of its member states . He called on EU states to


stop targeting” highly skilled “migrants, arguing that “everyone should have the freedom to choose which country he will work or study in”!


Left: Peter Sutherland. Right Cecilia Malmström.

3. EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström: I’ve worked to eradicate the term ‘illegal immigrant’ from all commission docs. Malmström says migration is an opportunity - no threat! And brave Cecilia Malmström, pledges to do her best to protect multiculturalists (and their criminal acts) against terrorists - us!

Cecilia Malmström 9 May 2013Migrants and refugees have a pool of skills and talents which is untapped and we need to make use of it. (largely disproven over 40 Years, see below). (Immigration) breeds  a fertile ground for xenophobic and populist and even racist movements. This requires leadership. We do want an inclusive Europe.
Our demographic development is indeed a huge challenge for the future.  I am very happy that we will very soon have common rules and standards on how to receive people who are asking for protection. Let me stress that many of these people are skilled and they must be given a possibility to realize and fulfil their potential in their new countries. Comment: Will Ms. Malmström go to a Kabul educated doctor with her future diseases - possibly let him operate on her? Otherwise she is a hypocrite.

4. Vendsyssel Tidende 19-1-1975: Former editor, former assistant press and cultural attaché in Paris and the Danish representative in the UNESCO, J. Stenberg-Rasmussen:

Vi-kryber-for-islamSome time ago I was sitting in Parliament conversating with a parliamentarian (Johan Nielsen, Soc.dem., Faroe Islands). He said: “There is a line from efforts to reduce the Danish birth rate as much as possible using pills, abortions, etc., and from the attempt to destroy the Danish youth with drugs and further to call for tens of thousands of Asians and other completely strange people to an insidious halfway secretive work here in Parliament to make it easier to obtain Danish citizenship. The purpose is to provide a basis for a complete overthrow of the Danish society and to pull its roots in the historical past out.”

5. The Daily Mail 24 Oct. 2009: Andrew Neather, a speechwriter who worked in Downing Street for Tony Blair and in the Home Office for Jack Straw and David Blunkett, said Labour’s relaxation of controlsin the beginning of this century  was a plan to ‘open up the UK to mass migration’. Ministers hoped to change the country radically and ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’. But Mr Neather said senior Labour figures were reluctant to discuss the policy, fearing it would alienate its ‘core working-class voters.

And Labour´s treason against the British people is achieving its aim: The Daily Mail 11 Dec. 2012: Just 44.9% of Londoners are White British, according to census data. The Express 2 May 2013 reports the effect of Blair-saintdecades of immigration and claims that white Britons will be in a minority by 2066. (exactly 1000 years after England was last conquered - by William the Conqueror).

6. The European Committee of the Danish Parliament: In 2000 A.D.there were 12.514 family reunifications.

Kristeligt Dagblad 1 Febr. 2013: Since July, the number of family reunifications has increased every month - from 145 people in June to 510 in December. In the context of the new legislation on family reunification,   the Ministry of Justice in May assessed that the new rules would lead to approximately 1,000 additional family reunions annually.

In the year 2012, there were 6,196 applications for family reunification. But there were 57,982 non-Danish “students” from every possible and impossible countries registered in Denmark. In 2012, 3,170 permits for family reunification were granted - and 1,225 refusals given.

Rockwool Foundation 2009: Women from
Somalia gave birth to an average of 4.43 children, while the fertility rates for
women from Pakistan, Turkey and the former Yugoslavia were 3.10, 2.20 and 2.17 children respectively.  A Danish woman gets 1.75 children on an average.Dansk-Kultur-Folder-Barcelona-Euro-Mediterranean

Impoverishing countries through mass immigration

Aftenposten 19 May 2013: Each non-western immigrant costs Norway about 4.1 million NKR on an average in a lifetime. Meanwhile the profitable western immigration (plus 800,000 per Immigrant) is  zeroed by the unprofitable easteuropean immigration (minus 800,000 per Immigrant).

Indvandring i norge

Summed up, this means that the immigration of 15,400 non-Western people last year will cost Norway 63 billion NKR: “accrued and future net costs of non-western immigrants and their children who are already in Norway, are estimated at 1200 billion. If non-Western immigration continues at the level of the last five years, the total costs add up to 4100 billion net. It corresponds to the value of the Pension Fund and the State´s Statoil shares, “says Norway´s Statistics and the Finansavisen.
I have previously reported that  mass mmigration costs Denmark at least 100 bn DKR annually - and in 2001 amounted to 30% of  Denmark´s and Sweden´ state budgets

This means one asylum seeker will easily be multiplied by a factor of 3  after family reunification. And how many asylum seekers from non-western countries have just one child? The factual figure for reunified person is certainly much higher - probably nearer the figure of the year 2000, i.e. 12.500 reunifications + the immigrant in Denmark.

The above facts are verifiable NWO statements that the main purpose of the mass immigration is to tear down the old order in a sea of multiculturalism without boundaries. For just listen to the videos in the right margin of this blog: The Illuminati keep talking about their New World Order and world governance - acc. to EU Council President van Rompuy in existence since 2009 (video above).

Their success depends, however, on how soon they can replace us demographically and  culturally by multiculturalism - i.e. in practice Islam´s Sharia. They are really doing their worst to deceive us sleepers by stealth.