Syria: Obama Prolongs US Martial Law. Western/Israeli/Turkish Clash with Russia´s Missile Servicemen Likely. Netanyahu & Assad Allies!

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Abstract: Pres. Obama’s spokesman has just declared in Congress that the situation in Syria makes a continuance of martial law in the U.S. necessary. Earlier, this martial law was introduced as part of the 3rd World War on Al-Qaeda terrorists - who were established by the U.S. and today still are US partners in Libya and Syria. Then the situation around Libya and later around Iran was taken as a pretext. But already after the inside job on 9/11, the US government  took strong control of the U.S. population.

Russia’s Putin has strongly warned against any further attacks on Syria and said, this would lead to a military confrontation with Russia, which is now about to deliver modern SS300  and nuclear capable Iskander missiles to Syria. Israel’s Mossad thinks that this will inevitably lead to a clash between the West / Turkey / Israel and the Russian military personnel in Syria. Turkey has just announced “measures” for two bomb attacks - allegedly committed by a Syrian government-group - and Turkey is supported by the U.S. and NATO.[1] Russian tacticians reckon that Erdogan now has no choice but to attack Syria - unless he will [2] lose face in the Turkish population. Putin will now create a Mediterranean navy with nuclear-armed submarines.

The American and Russian foreign ministers just agreed to a peace conference on Syria. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry promised Assad’s fate were to be decided not by him but by the Syrian people. However, the very next day he said, much to the annoyance of his Russian colleague, that Assad has no place in a transitional government! Even the Syrian rebels - who have no reputable leader - have played down the conference.

The would-be one world government, the U.S. Jewish Council on Foreign Relations, reported that Netanyahu and Assad are secret allies - Israel wants peace with Syria - only wants to prevent the passage of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Now the black flag of Al Qaeda flies over the Syrian city of Raqqa, where  gangster extremists supported by the West, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel, are terrorizing people with their Shariah - just as in “liberated Libya”.


Incredible things go on in NWO war:

1. Pres. Obama is steering the US into total dictatorship by fictious excuses: In 2011, he introduced the National Defence Authorisation Act ([3] NDAA) - allowing the military to detain US citizens in the US indefineitly without trial) - with the excuse that the US were to fight[4] terrorism waging WWIII on Al Qaeda - The  Al Qaeda fabrication was[5] created and funded by the CIA via the [6] Pakistani Intelligence Service, the ISI and is an offspring of the [7] Muslim Brotherhood - now taking over the Arab world. Then on [8] 9/11 within hours and without investigations, Al Qaeda was blamed for this insider job [9] under false flag- which required technical skill and coordination, which the primitive 200 Al-Qaeda warriors  were unable to master. Today the[10] US is closely collaborating with Al Qaeda in Syria and Libya, using them as scapegoats for their own crimes. In the beginning of 2012, Mr. Obama signed an executive Order on [11] US Emergency “due to the danger from Iran”. Now, Syria is being used as an excuse. Obama uses every pretext he cancreate.

2.  Vladimir Putin will resist militarily any further air attacks on Syria - but will this threat stop the Illuminati-enemies of Syria from - but will that stop Western/Turkish, Israeli [12] Illuminati from[13] enforcing a Rothschild national bank in Syria?

Recently, Russia´s [14] Putin threatened Netanyahu not to attack Israel, which would lead to a military confrontation. Now  [15] Putin has invited Netanyahu to come to Moscow. However, Netanyahus chances to prevent the delivery  of advanced  SS300 anti-aircraft-missiles and  nuclear-capable Iskander missiles are = 0, after Cameron and US Foreign Minister Kerry have in vain tried to dissuade Putin. [16] DEBKAfile 11. Mai 2013 now sees  the danger of a clash between Israel/the West with Russian councillors/servicemen in Syrien. Putin will resist any further airatacks on Syria - will by no means see another Libya.

A few days ago the Russian and Israeli Foreign Ministers agreed on a Syrian peace conference. Immediately afterwards, the Syrian opposition declared it to be useless - and this opposition has no leadership acceptable to the Assad government. Furthermore, US Foreign Minister,[17] Kerry, declared to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on 8 May 2013 that Assad´s destiny was for the Syrians - not him to decide! On[18] 9 May, however, Kerry stated that Assad could have no place in a Syrian transitional government! This was immediately slammed by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

[19] HAARETZ 12 May 2013: Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler said today that the car bomb attacks that killed 46 people and wounded 100 more in the Turkish border town Reyhanli on Saturday were carried out by a group known to the Turkish authorities and with direct links to Syria’s Mukhabarat intelligence agency.B ut Damascus swiftly denied the allegations.  Syria declines the accusation.

BBC 12 May 2013
: The US and Nato have condemned the bombs and expressed support for Ankara. The attacks now make it very difficult for Turkish p.m Erdogan to carry on staying out of the conflict.

[20] Al-qaeda-flag-in-syria

[21] Al-qaeda-flag-benghazi

Right: The black flag of al-Qaeda flies high over Syrian Raqqa’s main square in front of the smart new governor’s palace, [22] The Telegraph 12 May 2013. The town is now being terrorized by gangs of extremists, the allies of the West, Turkey  and Israel. Left:
The [23] Al-Qaida-Flag above the courthouse in Benghazi in “liberated” Libya 2011.

3. Israel has bombed Syria 3 times this year - and in 2007 [24] Syria´s al-Kibar nuclear plant: Netanyahu and al-Assad remain secret allies, nevertheless!

[25] Foreign Affairs (CFR) 10 May 2013 (Efraim Halevy): Since 1995, Israel has made 5 attempts to make peace with Syria.

[26] Assad-israel

In 2010,[27] Netanyahu offered al-Assad to withdraw the Israeli forces from the Golan Heights. And [28] Al Arabiya 20 July 2012 as well The HAARETZ 28 March 2013 ([29] described here) also describe secret alliance between netanyahu and al-Assad)

Israel’s most significant strategic goal with respect to Syria has always been a stable peace.  Israel will intervene in Syria when it deems it necessary. Israel has given no indication of wanting to intervene any further. Jerusalem, ultimately, has little interest in actively hastening the fall of Bashar al-Assad. For the past 40 years, they have managed to preserve some form of calm along the border.

Israel does not feel as confident, though, about the parties to the current conflict, and with good reason. On the one hand, there are the rebel forces, some of whom are increasingly under the sway of al Qaeda (Jewish-ruled USA´servant). On the other, there are the Syrian government’s military forces, which are still under Assad’s command, but are ever more dependent on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah, which is also Iranian-sponsored. Iran is the only outside state with boots on the ground in Syria. Iran wants  the passage of advanced arms from Syria into southern Lebanon to be allowed. The recent visit by Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Salehi to Damascus, during which he announced that Iran would not allow Assad to fall under any circumstances, further underscored the depth of Iran’s involvement in the fighting.

It is entirely conceivable, in other words, that a post-Assad regime in Syria would be explicitly pro–al Qaeda or even more openly pro-Iran. Either result would be unacceptable to Israel. The Israeli government would prefer to maintain neutrality in Syria’s civil war.

Minister of Defense Moshe Yaalon publicly stated that Israel’s policy was to prevent the passage of strategic weaponry from Syria to Lebanon. But parallel with that messaging, Israel also made overt and covert efforts to communicate to Assad that Jerusalem was determined to remain neutral in Syria’s civil war.

Israel believes that another international crisis is even more urgent: Iran’s continued pursuit of a nuclear program. Jerusalem has long believed that mid-2013 would be an hour of decision in its dealings with Iran.
Jerusalem does not feel like helping shape an adequate alternative to Assad.
And the [30] Pharisees rule the world.


The following video allegedly from a Syrian rebel lab ( [31] Paul J. Watson, Infowars 6 Dec. 2012) shows the rebels can produce a nervous poison (sarin?) by means of western and Turkish chemicals. But of course it might be Syrian government propaganda.

Despite the [32] findings by the UN that the rebels - not the Syrian government - have used chemical weapons in Syria, the [33] US  and Turkish foreign mininsters now  say they have proofs that the Syrian government has used up to 200 poisonous gas rockets, while innocent Al Qaeda rebels are unable to do so! (although they say the Al Qaeda were able to attack the  Pentagon and demolish the World Trade Center!).

The illuminati want their [34] Albert Pike WWIII.

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